"Push" as written by and Robert James Smith....
Go go go
Push him away
No no no
Don't let him stay
He gets inside to stare at her
The seeping mouth
The mouth that knows
The secret you
Always you
A smile to hide the fear away
Oh smear this man across the walls
Like strawberries and cream
Its the only way to be

Exactly the same clean room
Exactly the same clean bed
But I've stayed away too long this time
And I've got too big to fit this time

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"Push" as written by Jon Cooper

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    General CommentThis song was TOTALLY life changing to me. It's about Robert Smith wearing a dress and traveling on a train (listen to his intro on Live In Orange). I heard this song when I was 18 and I could not believe my ears. I am a transsexual and hence I instantly bonded with Robert. My life has never been the same since and Robert will always be my one and only inspiration. Thank you Robert.

    "Go go go!
    Push him away
    No no no!
    Don't let him stay..."

    :: push away the man inside

    "He gets inside to stare at her
    The seeping mouth
    The mouth that knows
    The secret you
    Always you"

    :: he will become her inside the train in the lonely mirrored room

    "A smile to hide the fear away"

    :: oh how i know this fear (and excitement)

    "Oh! smear this man across the walls
    Like strawberries and cream
    It's the only way to be"

    :: there is NO other way to be

    "Exactly the same clean room
    Exactly the same clean bed
    But I've stayed away too long this time
    And I've got too big to fit this time..."

    :: outgrowing everything (literally and figuratively)
    michellecatson June 17, 2003   Link
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    General Commenti have a third take on this song. for me its about pushing your depresion away. i feel that robert is personificating depression (the man) and when he says to smear him accross the wall, i think he means to just get up and get rid of your depression. i love how this song is so happy, and it really reminds me of "doing the unstuck", which for me has the same meaning as this song.

    it just goes to show you that you can really take any song and make it fit your life, and the meanings can change completely depending on what your going through in your life.
    saturnineon November 12, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis song feels so good to listen to. The intro pulls you in with an infectious riff and then the vocals grip you. I think the song is about doing what you want. If you listen to the in orange concert Robert says "this song is about when i used to wear a dress and travel on the train" but he very could have well said "this song is about when i used to skip school and eat ice cream "

    just go for it is the theme.
    fuckoffanddieokon February 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song portrays the inside urge to free oneself from a relationship. When the point comes in a relationship, when the person knows its over, but has no where else to go its hard to say the final words. Unfortuanatley it has to be done, and then you have to push your fear of solitude away, and just do it. that is why i believe the song incorporates the sense of confusion, like:
    "Go! Go! Go!, push him away", but then its "No, No, No" (perhaps because even though its love, its one that never would work out.)
    mingoesbuenoon January 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI have a completely different take on this song. I think it is about a girl pushing someone away from having sex with her. It is however difficult to tell if anything happens as it tends to be a lot of contradicting messages which leads me to believe that some of it is just dreaming(the end of the song especially points this out).

    The intro verse pretty much says don't let him stay(the man and his unit)...there sort of is a sarcastic tone to it all by say NO NO NO! Like if it would be such a crime for "him" to stay.

    The 2nd verse from the the perespective of the man's genitals(the mouth) is pretty much fantasy..the secret you seems to be the unseen area.

    The 3rd verse starts up with more fantasy imagining that she'd be scared and trying to hide the fear away with a smile. But then when the act comes forth strawberry's and cream(blood and cum) are all over the walls.

    The 4th verse comes back full circle to reality. Nothing took place because it is "the same clean room, the same clean bed" And then he is pretty much giving up because he can't hold out forever.

    I could be way off but that's how I always viewed the song.
    Nailerkon November 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYeah, i think this song may be about rape. I love the progressive sound this song has. And the long intro.
    spokexxon February 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI can't say what Robert's intentions were with these lyrics but I always think of it as a psychological abstraction of an abusive relationship, which the victim is still haunted by.
    pason May 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about a couple separated by distance, and now that the man has returned home, the woman is pushing him away. He still knows the "secret her" that has not changed, but she has a fear because she no longer knows him. But she smiles and pretends to be okay.
    Then at the end he acknowledges he changed, as he "got too big" for his old life (while on tour in a rock band maybe....hmmm).
    voodoodollyon November 14, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningNO NO NO!

    The beauty of this song is its lack of clear meaning...

    And how instead its packed with pure passion...

    For me...

    This song is about growing up... or more accurately ... transforming - metamorphosing even.

    Let's examine it closely:


    (as the butterfly 'pushes' from the chrysalis...)

    Go go go, go go go!

    (run / fly away)

    Push him away

    (push 'him' away so as to free yourself if you can't escape)

    No no no, no no no!
    Don't let him stay

    (get rid of this guy!)

    ... He, this guy is the 'old' you, the 'you' built by those who educated and made you 'you' but who also hid the real 'you' ...

    He gets inside to stare at her

    (this is probably a reference to some form of 'sex' - in how the world is mostly sexually repressed in one way or another
    its a very obvious way in which we mostly all are not our true selves)

    The seeping mouth

    (a mouth from which something trickles / oozes slowly ...)

    The mouth that knows

    (perhaps this mouth is slowly telling you the truth)

    The secret you

    (about yourself - your real self - your true self ... your secret self)

    Always you

    (and the mouth trickles nothing else... it just whispers on about you)

    A smile to hide the fear away

    (this I think plays on mouth - but this time is yours - smiling despite your inner most thoughts of distraction, discomfort, frustration and feelings of being trapped - feelings of fear with regards to the truth about yourself)

    Oh smear this man across the walls

    (kill this man)

    Like strawberries and cream

    (destroy him utterly - smash him to bits)

    Its the only way, its the only way, to be

    (life is yours for the taking and you're going to have so much fun as your true self!)

    (its the only way to be.... yeah)


    Exactly the same clean room

    (this refers to your state of living .. the same as ever .. cos you haven't changed - still a child - still 'in your parents house')

    Exactly the same clean bed

    (its time to take a risk- to leave the shelter of your upbringing and become your true self)

    But I've stayed away too long this time

    (now you've come home - like after a big trip - a gap year or something - and ... )

    And I've got too big to fit this time...

    (you've outgrown it - so move on - change your circumstance)

    This song is massive and by that I also mean - very important.

    it advices you to get away from your situation... and specifically from the you that you have been made into by everything...

    your parents, the t.v., the radio, films, books, teachers, friends, family etc. etc.

    And stay away for long enough...

    So that when you get back you will see how you no longer fit...

    BECAUSE you will have destroyed your 'sculpted self' and found the inner / secret you deep inside all the layers.

    Now - live your life from here - with truth by your side and FUN in your heart.
    Rossettion January 30, 2012   Link
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    My OpinionI don't really pretend to know what the song is about - all I know is that it's the song that got me into The Cure... I'd previously heard some of their other songs, liked "Lets Go To Bed" but thought "Love Cats" was silly. But then I heard "The Push" on commercial radio, twice (can't understand why, it was never released as a single) - and after that second hearing, I rushed to a record store (in 1985) and bought Head On The Door. Bought every single Cure album ever since.
    I guess this song demonstrated what a f--king brilliant musician Robert Smith really is - this song is kinda "epic" in proportion.
    Probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite Cure song (A Forest) is now my favourite...k
    daniel1154on March 06, 2015   Link

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