He awakes to the dull light trying to force it's way in around the edges of the blanket. He's thrown up in front of the window. The room's painted a somber yellow-gold. In the dark it goes a soft, formless shade of nothing. He thinks this is where I'm coming from. The dark suits me.

A disaster of clothes, books, papers, food, and blankets greet him wherever he moves. It makes him nervous. He's only ever comfortable in his car and he hates driving. Rock and roll will never die, he thinks. Rock and roll will never die. "But my god, it deserves to."

He wonders what's been going on? The same shit.. New show but the same script. The party rages on he's sure. Now that she's gone it's probably gotten a little easier. A little worse for the wear perhaps but he's alone at last. He's alone at last. Alone at last. He's the last.

He used to be on top of his game. A real scene stealer. A ravenous baby-eater. Now at a 5 and dime, he's a glorified counter-top cleaner where nobodies remember his name.

So much so she loves him, so as it only seemed to hurt. Her devotion only made matters worse.

"Well you can caress it if you want to..." But as we've all come to find out, it may take more than love to keep the poison down.

She's someplace now as he's sweating it out- living low, high and dreaming of their forgotten, misplaced schemes. Where in the night to no one within reach, he screams, "Life takes you where it goes. Life takes you where it goes or so it would seem."

Confiez-moi une journee de silence.

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The Great Salt Lake/Into the Lavender Crevices of Evening the Otters Have Been Pushed song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is fucking amazing guys.
    HyperGlitteron September 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI know it's a different band, but earlier tonight I wrote my thoughts on Kevin Is Gone by Shiner (fellow DeSoto band!). That song seems to be about somebody who is ditching his life, setting out for the great beyond. This song... or it's not exactly a song... this narrative seems to be Kevin, a year or so later. He had a crazy party life before, but he did away with it because he was sick of living like a college student. "He's alone at last"; he had to distance himself from everybody he knew in order to grow up, mature, or become a responsible adult. But he doesn't seem to be doing so hot. He worries a lot, he's completely alone. Is he proud of his isolation? He has accepted it, but it may not be everything he'd hoped it would be. If this is Kevin, this is a defeated Kevin. He set off to be the best person he could be on his own, but maybe the best person he's capable of being he is incapable of being on his own.
    SpooktheHerdon April 09, 2006   Link

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