Fuck you - you really like that money
Fuck you - I bet you bet its funny
Fuck you - Your pillow full of nickels
Fuck you - As long as you can sleep at night

Fuck you - You truly are my best friend
Fuck you - Forever never ending
Fuck you - You love me like a brother
Fuck you - You rob me like a...

You got no spine
You live your lie
You hide your story
And even though its not the money
Its the pain
You spend in vein
Ill see ya sorry
Cause what you greed is what you get

Take it all

Fuck me - I cant believe I bought it
Fuck me - I would have never thought it
Fuck me - Your financial amnesia
Fuck me - Later when I see zure

Take! What? You cant hang on?
I cant take it What you want from me
You wanna watch me bleed
Pain pain go away
Fuck with me some other day

Lyrics submitted by Allanon_TWB

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    General CommentWell this is my first lyric and since this is a new artist besides i'd better add a comment lest it end up like many other artists on this place and have 20 songs with 0 comments.

    I can relate to this song personally, in a number of ways. For example, a friend of mine used to always get money off me, mostly just quarters and small shit like that. Up until one day I refused to skip class to break a five for a quarter, i was written a note saying 'Fuck you, Asshole'. As much as i wanted to tell the person off right there for abusing my friendship right there, i held it back, and I can relate this song to my situation quite well. The first 2 verses I would consider to me my retort to the person themself, and the one featuring the Fuck me's would be what i say to myself about it all. So now that I really think about it, I wouldn't think twice about singin this song right to that person.
    Allanon_TWBon March 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAllanon_TWB, I've read your lyric report about this song and couldn't understand it... Uh, explain again...

    SongMeanings Mod.
    Idanon March 13, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwell, i tend to write/type things out without reading it over much, and even then a lot of the time my concentration is so off that i can't even see obvious uhhh, 'irregularities' where it's hard to understand. anyways, to make it as short as possible, this song is, in my opinion, about someone telling someone else off for being abusive. hope that at least made some sense.
    Allanon_TWBon March 23, 2002   Link

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