Melodic stanzas
Are symphonizing their way
Through your weary head

To feed your distrust
And fill it's mouth with the desire
To soulfully be one with your creation

Not a subject to control
You call upon a higher power
For help and inspiration

The crowd waits
And turns their faces
Towards you expectantly
You give them what they need
But their useless criticism
Makes you die
A bit more inside

Not a subject to control
You call upon a higher power
For help and inspiration

Oh, I swoon
While loudspeakers play soft music

Over your fortieth masterpiece
You must have loved
The colour of these violins

I wish I knew you
Your fit of insanity makes me sad

I wish you knew
Your music was to stay forever
And I hope

I have no clue
If you know how much it matters
And I hope

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Travel Lyrics as written by Franciscus T H M Fra Boeijen Anna Van Giersbergen


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    Song MeaningI met anneke last week, during an acosutic show with danny cavanagh in Brazil. I asked her about the lyrics of 2 the gathering songs and travel is one of then. She saids Travel is really about mozart and about her feelings and intentions to know what goes in his heart and in his mind. And she wanted mozart to know how much he and his thoughts matters for her. She said that's a very special song too. And she's extremely sweet and amazing with all fans that asks about her lyrics =)
    lcarvalho03on June 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentNever crosed my mind that this song might be about a relationship. To me all the lyrics point out that this song is a tribute to some music composer (probably classic music).
    Imagine that the first stanza refers to a man constantly preocupied by music, most likely his one, to the point of exhaustion.
    Look at the 4th stanza - imagine the man's composition going before a croud of listeners. They get what they've paid for but all they have to say about his work is pintless to him. Why? Look at the third stanza now - he's work is of divine inspiration therefor not a subject to control.
    Now the later part of the song becomes more personal as she relates to the man. She feels the desire to know this persona - it also hints us here that they are separated by ages and such a thing is but a fantasy.
    The very last part of the song makes it all very clear:
    "I wish you knew
    your music was to stay forever"
    What beter way to honour a genius musician than by claiming his music has standed the test of time. In a way i feel Anneke wishies this for herself so it's possible that this song is not about a long gone artis but about the gathering and their expectations for the future.

    I find this song to by by far the best song of the band, both lyricaly and instrumental. Quite frankly none of the other songs have this complexity and eloquence
    Yangon December 14, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe most beautiful The Gathering song.for sure.
    Y!!!on April 27, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI agree for the most part, but I still looove Saturnine.

    My favorite part would have to be "Leaning/over your fourtieth masterpiece/You must have loved/the colour of these violins" Everytime I listen to this song I ponder what these lyrics mean.

    Anyone want to enlighten me?
    LaDiabloon September 24, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"I" think, this song is about a breaking relationship. Where one partner doesnt care about the other anymore, while not caring and truly hurting the other one.

    "if you know how much it matters"

    "Your fit of insanity makes me sad"

    "To feed your distrust
    And fill it's mouth with the desire
    to soulfully be one with your creation"

    ...been in this situation and can prefectly relate these lyrics that way to myself.

    yumeemiruon April 16, 2006   Link
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    Song MeaningTo me this song is about a musician's relationship with fans and being on stage. Then on the "I wish I new you" parts, it seems to switch from the musician's perspective to the obsessed fan.
    fitofinsanityon June 09, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningOriginaly I thought this song must definitely refer to Mozart but then I thought of Antonio Saliery, the way he is portrayed in the film Amadeus and suddenly everything made sense. In the film Salieri is always in the shadow of Mozart's fame, despite his complete devotion to his music and feels that the crowds do not understand him and his music. He also claims to have written 40 operas. Salieri is also portrayed as a religious man who begged god to give him the talent to write great music to honor him (you call upon a higer power for help and inspiration). When Mozart gains all the fame, despite his rude, vulgar and immature behaviour, Saliery starts to believe that god is mocking him through his creation (mozart). If you want more on this either read the plot in wiki (…) or watch the film which is a masterpiece in any way. I still think it could refer to Mozart as well or even to both of them and the relationship between them.
    saehnaon April 10, 2010   Link

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