Hey, golden girl, with your hair swinging down
All of this love you have going round
What will you do when the gold turns to grey?
Have you thought now
Well, what the hay, give us some

Cover yourself with the safety of lies
You'll find it's easier 'til you face dying
Oh, sweetest smile in a confident come along
All of this longing you will done

Up and out, goes to your heart
And you will make yourself higher up, little fool
And love and go down and pay to go on
We'll lie on water, and oh
On the way back I slip on the ceiling

Caught you just then, hands were in the cookie jar
How can we share when you sneak up and go?
I've no intention of losing by beard
How they design and then we go again

Oh God, them horses were racing
And, oh, bring me down
Could put Humpty Dumpty back together again
Now the wall won't hold anyone
I walk in the slide
Wait and reach your lady
This is the short one
Short way to lay in

Oh, let her leave my hand I've given up
Whoa, how is too late now

Oh, free, just...
Were you lying?

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    General CommentI think people have a fear of being the first comment or something. Anyway, come talk about this song! I know I've heard this b4 but I can't remember it right now and I can't focus to interpret right now so someone else do it PLEASE! Thanks :)
    thinkitbeiton July 06, 2002   Link
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    General Commentok well no one did and I'm back....I can't believe he they recorded it instrumental on Busted Stuff. I dunno I just wasn't expecting that. I love it tho...it has so much energy. I still can't fcus enough to think about this, but it sounds like she's lying about loving someone and maybe is cheating?...I dunno
    thinkitbeiton July 22, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis was like #34, had words, then recorded instrumental. Talk about back to basics for DMB! Okay, so meaning, i think there's a chick who's very fake in waht she does. She's superficial, and her appereance, and all that jazz. But he's like, 'what's gunna happen when you don't have all these material things anymore, and your beauty fades?' see she will be left with nothing becasue her whole life has been built on lies.
    Maybe (:
    Lissy Ratzon July 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI loved this song live!!! I saw them July 23rd.. WHAT A NIGHT!!!
    SheaTayon August 20, 2002   Link
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    General Commenthahahahahaa i watched it on july 23rd also!!!!!!!! hahaha. thi song is awesome and has a ton of energy. very very cool. i dunno why they would've done it without lyrics. maybe didn't have time to finish writing them or somtehing? no clue. but good nonetheless. =)
    shadynuton August 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentok. well, first off. there's not too much of a point to comment on these lyrics because they change LIKE WHOA every concert. at one of the shows i went to (7/31/02) nothing about a golden girl but instead about a little brown mouse leaving little brown lumps everywhere.
    but these lyrics i guess where from LS so this is what people wanna comment on.
    dpu2002on March 11, 2003   Link
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    General CommentIf anyone has the lyrics to the "Plastic Asshole" version, posting it would rock! Even though it sounds silly, the lyrics really are great and meaningful. :
    "why not believe that a good God'll save us all?/ Cause then we won't save ourselves and that's the only way to go!"
    Lissy Ratzon April 08, 2003   Link
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    My InterpretationHey golden man with your head hangin' down
    Oh pretty pretty love (too late?)
    and I wish I was (your sign?)
    Come bear it all
    play with wonder in your eyes
    (no color?/don't cower?) away from me
    I'll be your big surprise

    Don't you smell
    watch that growing/glowing in the air
    I'm out of (loathing?)
    I'm folding again
    I'm growing used to the filth in the air
    Ain't just so proud of it
    and makes us (affairs?)

    And only this I dreamed that
    I was all climbing (upthrown?)
    and counting the stars
    they were laughing
    and they kept on counting
    this all greatest dream
    I could be some kindof superhero
    and then i would wear my plastic cape
    with a great big bouncing
    glowing painted zerooo

    A mounted assault
    on everything that busts through
    I roll my (grass?) all far into
    the middle of what (you don't toke?)
    oh dearest prayers to the great
    big plastic god
    plotting us love through the
    I suck (bear this rather bone?)

    If all is all
    I would swoop through the clouds
    like an angel
    and I would smile my plastic smile
    and I would save it if
    (back to fall back in here?)
    oh no no
    Maybe we all
    my arms swear they are not from here
    if all from way the beyond
    why do I sometimes have a (coffee?)

    But not a name
    (said?) over why
    your head
    in the cloud now
    fly fly fly
    from (fright?) oh
    now I'm far away
    this all
    watching me one more
    plastic star falling

    These are the lyrics for the version on the gorge album. May not be the exact version your thinking of but are most likely performed very close to eachother, because of Dave's extensive use of the plastic motif. The lyrics are a rough draft, and meant to be worked on and added to. I have trouble making out the words sometimes
    cellordoreon February 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHey golden boy with your hair hanging down
    Oh such a lovely world if you're wearing a crown
    What will you do when the gold turns to grey?
    Wear all the wigs that you find to hide yourself away

    Sometimes desire to be hidden away
    Away from the screams and of the voices of the day
    Wouldn't deaf be nice, to be quiet like a church mouse
    All looking for cheese and all you find is holy wine

    I have a dream to be a plastic superhero
    And I would wear my plastic cape and I'd flap along
    A big old zero
    When I walk no forces would win against my proton plastic power
    And all, and someday I'd wave my plastic asshole and I'm over

    All know the song, your hands in the cookie jar
    What all of later wait, you get what you can now
    Oh but don't complain when the cookie jar echoes thin
    No more sweet treats for you and I will solve this all again

    Oh and I would love
    I dream to be a spaceman in a chair, oh
    And I would blow away all the dark forces
    And I'd wear in front a big zero
    All night long oh I desire
    And go fast as the speed of light travel,
    And no enemy could withstand the plastic powers would save us all over
    SolSedanoon March 24, 2010   Link

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