Pacified. Classified. Keep in line. You’re doing fine.
Lost your voice? There ain’t no choice. Play the game.
Silent and tame. Be the passive observer, sit back and look
at the world they destroyed and the peace they took.
Ask no questions, hear no lies and you’ll be living in the
comfort of a fool’s paradise. You’re already dead....

If you’re the passive observer, here’s a message for you...
You’re already dead. Afraid to do what you know you should do..
You’re already dead. The world’s at the edge of nuclear
destruction, but you’re too afraid to make the connection.
You still believe the system’s there for your protection...
You’re already dead.

By letting it happen without a fight…You’re already dead.
With your endless debates about wrong and right...
You’re already dead. Nothing’s going to change if you’re not
prepared to act, there’s no point complaining after the fact,
content to be a number, branded X and neatly packed...
You’re already dead.

Four hundred thousand people marched for CND...
They’re already dead, unless they’re willing to act on what
they see… They’re already dead. If each and every one of us
was prepared to fight for more, to stand against the system
that creates the need for war, the elite would have to run like
it’s never run before... They’re already dead.

We don’t need organising or politicians being patronising.
We don’t need leadership, trendy lefties being hip. Don’t need
their condescension or their back to the roots pretension.
We’ve heard it all before, politicans saying ‘no more war,’
pulling wool across our eyes. We don’t need their dangerous lies.
We won’t accept capitulation, it’s just manipulation. They want
The smooth without the rough, but words and gestures aren’t enough.
We’ve got to learn to reject all leaders and the passive shit
they feed us…They’re already dead.

If you think moderation’s going to pave the way to peace...
You’re already dead. What good is moderation ’gainst the army
and police? You’re already dead. We’re not promoting mindless
violence, keep that for the fools, we’re simply saying be
prepared to break their laws and rules, let them know the bigger
they come, the harder they will fall... They’re already dead.

If they’re going to play it dirty, so are we...
They’re already dead. They can keep their lies about the land of
the free…They’re already dead. We’ve allowed them too often to
use their iron fist, but there’s one little detail they appear to
have missed... You don’t have to be PASSIVE just because you’re a
PACIFIST... They’re already dead.
They’ll try to sell their system like it’s some kind of age-old
wisdom, but we’ve been had like that before. It’s just the rich
exploiting the poor. Well here’s an honest confession, we think
it’s time they learnt a lesson. They’ve tried to hold the people
down, but we’ve simply gone underground, moving in the darkness
looking for the light, looking for a future and ready to fight.
Looking for the freedom that’s been denied, fast to attack and
fast to hide. In a world where the people can’t make it. They’ve
simply got to learn to break it and if the wealthy aren’t
prepared to shake it…OK, we’ll simply have to take it...
You’re already dead.

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    General CommentThis song represents a shift in the Crass ideaology from one of somewhat romantic idealism (not that there's a whole lot wrong with that) towards a somewhat more confrontational, agressive stance against government and oppression. Where before the group's members had previously utterly rejected violence, maintaining that it was merely a tool of the state, this song seems to argue for more of a direct action approach. Steve Ignorant later completely rejected pacifism, stating that there are circumstances in which violence is the only choice.

    The band recognized this shift in their ideas, and interpreted this as becoming bitter from the process of activism. They decided to split up, though the Crass Collective still remains today, and the band remembers still remain in close contact and occasionally play together.
    tomorrowsasheson November 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThey should listen to their song "bloody revolutions". but mabye im just a young idealist.
    itsacorporatethingon May 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI wouldn't say they are abandoning pacifism with this song. The line "You don't have to be PASSIVE just because you're a PACIFIST" says it all. There are ways of fighting back that aren't physically violent. But it does show a shift from a kind of "we'll do our thing, they'll do theirs and eventually we'll win" thinking to a more proactive approach.
    kinkedmooseon February 22, 2009   Link

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