"They Say Vision" as written by Martin "doc" Mckinney and Santi White....
I wanna try that pill that people take
Make you believe all the things that people say
Sick of shuckin' 'round with a screwed up face
With my heels dug in trying to leave a trace
Now come on put me down somehow
How you lose your faith
(just take my hand and lead me where you wanna)

Pay no more mind to what you think you've seen
It's as they do only
Say what they say
'Cause there's only one way
They-Say Vision
It takes you back to just where you want
Like when you ain't know no way

Industry's down think I've died and I've flown away
So so long to them thieves who came and took all the things to say
I play the joker sometimes but then those moments slide back my way
'Cause for real I'd give my soul away
Give it all away
(so take my hand and lead me where you wanna)


I know where they all go find someplace
Where they don't mind loafing about the waste

They-Say Vision takes you back to where no conscience
Free from how you really see

And if you think that you know
Take the back road
They got you where they want
They got you

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"They-Say Vision" as written by Martin Mckinney Santi White

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    General CommentForget the lyrics for a moment. The drums and bass!! Holy crap. I'm a drummer. The very first time I heard this song I was in a club in Baltimore, and they had the volume cranked. Within about 30 seconds, all I could hear was bass, bass drum, snare, and hi-hat. I got that little tingly feeling in my eyes / nose, when you hear or see something that is just so good. This song...it's as if the bassist and drummer, together, are saying to the rest of the band "THIS is where ONE's goin, and we're keeping him there. You can follow, or be left behind, but it is NOT budging." In music, there's nothing more beautiful than simplicity executed perfectly.

    As to the meaning of the lyrics... yeah, I hear conformity as being the theme. The first 4 lines establish a sort of "the world vs. Res's individuality" theme. The "screwed up face" line implies that she's in some way different from everybody else, unique.(The point of the song may be, actually, that EVERYBODY is unique and different.) So she feels the tugs of "real" world, and she can feel herself being pulled towards it, but she's trying to dig her heals in and leave a trace of the independent Res.

    The chorus is brilliant, and I don't think any other poster has yet quite touched on it as a whole. I could write a small book on those words.

    I need to go to bed now, and hope that someone else will come and offer their thoughts on it so that you all don't have to listen to my 10,000 word ramblings.
    scottp1182002on July 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's about how you shouldn't conform to people's standards of normalcy, and to always be yourself.
    WittySarcasmon April 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwho knows what this is about? anyone?
    silverpuppiezon April 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentWhat this song is about (I think) is society and how it imposes on us to conform. Altering your views and opinions to coincide with what "everyone else" is doing and saying. The character in the song is talking about how they have been having so much trouble with being themself, that they've decided to give in and go with the status quo... "Take my hand and lead me where you wanna..."
    Archeron April 16, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"They Say Vision/It takes you back to just where you want/Like when you ain't know no way"
    I think that perticular lyric is about remembering something that everyone else says isn't true, but it gives you hope. You know, like remembering something iggnorant that you did/said in your childhood. I also got this sort of conspirital creeping up my neck when I read this.
    "They Say Vision takes you back to where no conscience/Free from how you really see"
    Free from your conscience. Like someone telling you to kill an animal for sport, but you don't believe in that. Over all, the whole song is sort of about a idendity crisis and people leading you in the wrong direction. Very interesting and original point, with a fantastic beat and a stark point of reality.
    gillianmaybeon May 22, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song. sometimes you don't know what a song means, its still good to keep listening, one day it'll come to you when you're not even trying to figure out what it means. I think it is about the media and how they try and tell you what you're supposed to dress like, act like, be.
    angeleyes07on June 19, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhat happened to her? It really seemed like she was on the verge of being pretty big.
    pumkinhedon May 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentcheck out the robbie rivera remix - it is unbelievably awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    yoTIMyoon March 07, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI love this song and its profound message. You may think that she is condemning societal conditioning. However when I hear the song I get this feeling that what she is talking about the possibility of feeding into the conditions and being in the "in crowd". She want to be in the main social circle if just for a moment. She tired of being the misunderstood as well as critiqued harshly due to her individualism. An individualism she has taken upon herself because she has always strived to be different, in a way that would be notable possibly one day to the point that her mark would be set in stone for future generations to mimic. She losing her drive as well as her faith and is about to give up her quest and give into sins conditions. She is being sarcastic. She does not really want to give up on dreaming and hope. She just wants to know where and how one comes to believe in disbelieving. She is well aware of how much society has lost its drive for faith and hope. She believes all the ways to make most of dreams come true has been stolen by the corporate tycoons and industrial gurus. Thus leaving us little to see to make us believe we can still achieve our dreams. She believes this is where they want us all to be in order to harness and control our conditioning. And so we bend to a truth of these dreams dreams being not reachable and give up.She says pay no mind to what you think your looking at because what you see is not really what you get. It is all frotch and frills to dress it up to make it seem so beautiful and reputable. However, observe what come out of the seemingly perfect effort. What comes out of it is what you were really looking at. Observe the fruits of the effort then you will know what was planted. Also she saying listen to them carefully so you can recall their exact words for comparison in the end. Was this fruit what was to be expected by the efforts initially taken on? Or was it foreign to the details spoke of concerning the effort. Moreover she is suggesting that vision nurtures a persons ability to preserve themselves. She believes vision to be a fountain of youth of a sort and is toying with the possibility of prolonging ones youth as well as preserving their innocence. Vision renders you timeless. This makes anything possible. So she wants to just see what makes them choose to stop dreaming and be led like a puppet just for a moment. But pills do wear down.......
    Demiccion June 12, 2012   Link

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