"Fearless" as written by Tony Wood and Mark Harris....
So many little things followed me
So many little things that bothered me
But I found my answer
From all the chaos that followed me I have found my answer
I've told you before, don't follow me because I am not your answer

Don't follow me

But I found my answer

I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
These are the words I say to myself everyday
I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
Tell me what ritual I should have today
But I'm not alone
I've resolved so many things and set myself free

I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
The words I say to myself every day
I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
Such a stupid ritual to have to say to myself everyday
I'm not alone but I found my answer and set myself free
I'm not unhappy

I'm not alone and I'm not unhappy
Not alone and I'm not unhappy
I'm not afraid and I'm not unhappy

I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
These are the words I say to myself everyday
I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy I'm not afraid

I am not alone, I am not afraid, I'm not unhappy
The words I say to myself everyday
I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy
Such a stupid ritual to have to say to myself everyday
I'm not alone but I found my answer and set myself free, I'm not unhappy

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"Fearless" as written by Paul Harris Matt Schwartz

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    General CommentI am surprized no one has mentioned the "eleven point two" that is sung in this song. Who ever submitted the lyrics didn't include it.

    your answer for 11.2 is here:
    laurelinwyntreon October 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAt the beginning of the live version he says "There is only one purpose to the song 'Fearless'. Don't be afraid. This song is about letting go, losing your inhibition, and just doing whatever the hell you want to do. Because who gives a damn what your friends think? Why waste your time obeying the opinions of others?" I think that sums the song up pretty well. I love this song. =)
    FireAtWillon April 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHe's saying that he has always repeated this sort of mantra to himself, to keep himself alive and resisting. He is obviously looking for something, and needs strenght to keep looking, and finally finding it (his answer).
    Then, he says that he knows he's not alone, but he has found his answer now and so, he is free (and being free he doesn't really need anyone or anything else now, does he? A free man, with nothing to lose, and nothing to fear.) When he keeps repeating it, and screams it (the "I'm not afraid!" scream part), you realize that that is when he really starts believing.
    Everybody in his own kinda way is looking for an answer. He is one of the lucky ones who have found it. But one needs to find his own answer. I think that's what he means when he says "I have found my answer", "don't follow ME, because I am not YOUR answer". I have found my answer, but I can't find yours. That's sth we must do on our own, walking our own path. (nothing to do with that "I hate my fans, get the fuck away from me" thing some people mentioned here).

    And something else. This girl before me said, refering to the "eleven point two" line mentioned repeatedly in the song: "your answer for 11.2 is here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… ", which is very interesting, because it says 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity needed to leave the shitty planet we live in. This makes me think that he's found his answer and it is like escaping the earth, and reaching his absolute freedom (and happiness).
    Perhaps he's trying to say that he is free from this horrible world? ^^' (L) I love that idea. This song f*ing rules.
    Sphuxison July 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI personally love this song, the music itself kind of pumps you up, is perhaps a little self destructive as well. But my focal points are not going to be so much the beat, rhythm, or tempo of the music itself. The lryics are that of a shattered self confidence. It is obvious that he is disturbed by common human emotional plagues, the same ones that eat most of us away much like the browning of an apple after it's been cut. The difference between what he does and others is he turns those words "I'm not alone, not afraid, not unhappy" to a personal self anthem that "sets himself free" by not allowing himself to become chained down by being alone, afraid, or unhappy. Yes, it is a struggle to do this and after thinking about it, more like looking from the outside in, yes it is "stupid" because common general society will think little of someone who has to create his own confidences by somewhat fooling themself (confidences only come from experience or just being full of ourselves anyway!). Though this of course is looked down upon, it's what he needs to survive. Rather than letting this get him down too much, he uses it even more as fuel, rather than hearing all the discouraging thoughts he gives himself he screams and yells "his ritual" at himself, I judge him yelling this by how the music gets more intense later in the song). As for "such a stupid ritual I have to say to myself everyday" I think he does somewhat loathe himself for doing it, but it is something he simply needs, not only to win a battle of his common pains (alone, afraid, unhappy) but also against "such a stupid ritual I have to say to myself everyday." In effect, it does more good than harm, and eventually (hopefully) he will no longer need his ritual. I especially love the last part of his little self anthem, "I'm not afraid!" I believe that he will indeed not need his anthem anymore because of this, it is that single most important lryic that gives my idea credit, because in the end that is what he yells and focuses on, not being afraid would simply allow all other thoughts melt away, because he does not fear them at all anymore. Fear is broken as we become stronger, by means of our bodily strength, or our mental/spritual strength. Ther eis hope indeed within this. (Sorry for being long winded, I am afterall an American, and a proud one too).
    Elven Honoron May 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentCelebrity worship.

    "From the chaos that followed me, I have found my answer.
    I’ve told you before, don’t follow me because I am not your answer."

    He's saying that he has his own life to deal with, and is in the process of finding his own answers. He doesn't want anyone, specifically fans, to "follow him" or look towards him as the answer to solve their problems with his music. The way people swear themselves to their favorite musicians, it’s probably hard to have such an impact on the lives of so many people you never even met.
    RockNRollSuicideon June 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is exactly what I feel everyday; literally, I have to tell myself, ''I'm not alone; I'm not afraid; I'm not unhappy...'' It's kind of sad, actually.

    However, at the risk of offending RockNRollSuicide, I don't feel that it's just about celebrity worship; I think Mr. Harris values his fans too much to write a song like that, that pretty much says, "It's okay to love me, since if you didn't you wouldn't be here, but don't love me too much because I have my own life to deal with." :(

    For me it's about overcoming insecurities and fears, hence the name. :) It pretty much covers what I went through all my life, though I've gotten better lately: it re-enacts to me my feelings of hate for the world, literally needing to say in order to make myself feel better, "I'm not unhappy..."

    It gives me a bitter-sweet feeling to listen to this song; it makes me think about very negative feelings I have, but it also reminds me of my efforts to overcome them, and it lets me know that I'm not the only one who has felt that way. :D

    But that's just me. >_> (shrug)
    iChuneon July 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTo me it means trying to convince yourself that everything is well, and you are happy, but in a way knowing that you can't.
    Faust242on August 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYes, he tells himself he's not alone, afraid, or unhappy. This is something everone does. Only, he explains it in words. He goes trough this process everday, and i think most of us do. Perhaps most often subconsciously.
    Again, here is the message that one is never alone with one's emotions; we're all humans. Elven Honor's analysis covers the rest of the details pretty good.
    This is perhaps my favourite VNV Nation song contesting with Epicentre, Genesis and Beloved. They're such strong songs, probably because i recognize myself very often in them, and naturally because of the sound of the songs and the motivation of the singer.
    Now, Elven Honor, i'm wondering what exacly you're meaning with your parenthesis. "(Sorry for being long winded, I am afterall an American, and a proud one too)."
    What does Americans have anything to do with this? Is it characteristic for an american to be long winded? And proud? It seems like it's a bit taken out of the blue. Just curious, not offensive in any manner.
    Higurashion October 29, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmore agreeing and reinforcing what was said than actually saying anything new... this is definitely (to me) a song of the work in progress rather than of accomplishment... i feel a sense of "i've found the path and started on it, and eventually i'll be where i need to be... but right now, it's still a daily struggle, so i have to keep telling myself, reminding myself, that i am stronger than i think... i am -not- afraid, -not- alone, and -not- unhappy..." daily affirmations...
    ryuutenshion January 24, 2007   Link
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    15 page interview with Ronan Harris.

    HorsesMouthon April 04, 2007   Link

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