-Well, well, how are you?
-Um, who is this?
-Who do you think this is?
-Stop it, who is this?
-You know very well who I am, you almost got away from me, didn't you?
-Oh, my God, it can't be, it can't be!
-Oui, oui mon amour, cest' moi!"

Chapter One
I gave you my time
I gave you my whole life
I gave you my love, every dime
They told me it was... a crime

Do you remember?
Or did it all go in vain...

Chapter Two
I looked in the light, I sat in your coalmine
The promise they made, I should keep?
Make sure that we would never meet

I can´t remember
The promise I made so deep

Tell me that past times won´t die...
Tell me that old lies are alive

Chapter Three
Across darkened skies, I travelled without a light
I sank in the well of my mind
Too deep, never to be found

I can´t remember...
How could you be so vain...

Tell me that past times won´t die...
Tell me that old lies are alive
Love that expired too long time ago
Kills me, it thrills me...

Chapter Four
You have new love and
It looks good on you
I have never wished you dead, yet.

You can now have all the things I could never give to you
Look out the window "cest' moi"...

Chapter Five
I´m sorry, I am here
I´m not sure if it should bring you fear
I whisper in your ear
Why is he here?

Chapter six
While you are sleeping, I steal your ear ring
Light you one candle, this anger I handle

They said I won´t find you, but now I´m beside you
I´m not all that stable
You should know by know that you are mine...

Tell me that old times won´t die...
Tell me that old lies are alive

I tell you that past times won´t die...
I tell you that old lies are alive
Love due to expire too long time ago
Kills me, it will kill you too

Past times won´t die...
I tell you old lies are alive
Hate to conspire too long time ago
Kill me, please kill me before

Tell you that past times wont die...

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    General CommentThis relate the story about a man who was violent in his relationship (This anger I handle). His girlfriend was afraid of him so she had to make him go behind bars (I sat in your coal mine).
    Some time later, the guys finally get out and seek to be with her again. In his mind, he basically OWN her (You should know by now that you're mine).
    When he find her she's got a new life and a new relationship. He stalks her because he doesn't seems to understand what is going on (Why is he here?)
    He think he's rehabilitated but in fact he try to enter her life again when he's probably forbidden to (They said I won't find you). What he's about to do by the end of the song is probably kill himself (Please kill me before).

    A great song wich shows a new way of looking at difficult relationship, it is the point of view of the abusive person of some sort.
    mopion November 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI used to think that this song could be a sequal to Shy; he has become overcome by his obsession. The line "I sat in your coalmine" could also by a metaphor of the way she has involuntarily trapped him.
    burning_star_IVon April 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI dunno... I'm not completely agree with your versions of the song...

    I mean, I think there's more.. I think the lines in french could give us a clue.. Still dunno what it is...
    Elarienon July 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe line in french "C'est moi" means "It's me"

    I guess he wants to say that she can't escape him, wherever she'll go, he'll find her.
    mopion July 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe whole french line says "Yes, yes, my love, it's me." Nothing really uncovering there. Wow, learning french for 5 years did SOMETHING for once!
    hidanon September 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe piece is called "End of This Chapter" and is arranged into chapters, notably the last one fades out. Not sure who dies in the end, and that might be the point of the name. In any case the line "I'm not all that stable" pretty much confirms the interpetation of mopi. Except that there's really no indication of violent abuse, on the contrary "this anger I handle" suggests he IS handling it. Also I'm not at all sure on coal mine being allegory for jail, it seems to be chosen for "I looked in the light". Basically he's saying "I treated you like a queen and yu treated me like dirt", but as he himself says "I am not all that stable" so he's not got the best grip on reality and we can't judge the truth on the song alone. Interestingly Chapter Three does hint that it might've been losing the girl that made him "not all that stable".
    Another line of interest is "You can now have all the things I could never give to you", which does suggest at least in his mind the issue between their breakup was she wanted more (material) things than he could give (together with "how could you be so vain", also might give significance to stealing her ear-ring). In any case it's safe to say he's an ex of some sort and is now forbidden from contacting her. Ultimately I'm mostly wondering what was the "promise I made so deep" he refers to near the beginning.
    Other than that I used to know a girl who had a creepy stalker using the title "c'est moi" so mm-hmm.

    Anyway, given the above I would write it (from his PoV anyway) somewhat akin to:
    Chapter I: We were together and I gave you my everything.
    Chapter II: I was left with nothing but you and then you left me.
    Chapter III: Living without you made me lose my mind, and I was ordered to never meet you.
    Chapter IV: You got together with some rich guy and are happy now.
    Chapter V: I'm sorry, I found you anyway and am not quite sure what I will do.
    Chapter VI: So YOU write the ending of this chapter...
    Phew... Anyway you can read pretty much what you want behind this story, but this seems to be more or less how the person in the song perceives it, and that's all we have to go by. That being the case I think the idea is to take it at face value and identify with the person in the song. The "c'est moi" growl, "I'm not all that stable" and "you are mine" among others ofcourse speak against him, but they're a neccessary dramatic tool to represent things from both sides.
    So I wonder if that makes any sense...
    wolf76on October 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'd say this song fits in a long saga, including the first "Letter to Dana" (That one I'm not so sure about.) then "Shy", where he meets the girl. then "the End of this Chapter", where he is left and stalks her. Then "Don't Say a Word" where he confronts and kills her. and "It Won't Fade" from the new albumn Unia where he invents another personality to deal with what he's done.
    ForthesakeofRevengeon April 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentTony Kakko has said that the narrator in this song is Caleb from the Unia track.
    Tarciryanon July 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentActually, ForthesakeofRevenge, and to add to what Tarciryan said, Tony Kakko specifically said in an interview that "The End of This Chapter" is part of a trilogy involving only "The End of This Chapter," "Don't Say a Word," and "Caleb," which is the prequel. (He compares it to Batman Begins.)
    whiteunibrowon February 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMmmh I actually think that this song is about a man that stalked a girl and got caught and sent to jail.

    (I gave you my time
    I gave you my whole life
    I gave you my love, every dime
    They told me it was... a crime)

    Once he got out, he tried to stay away but couldn't, and is haunting her again.

    (The promise they made, I should keep?
    Make sure that we would never meet

    I can´t remember
    The promise I made so deep)

    Later, he finds her (The phone call in the beginning of the song), and again stalks her. He ends up entering her apartment, and finding a man there, thus being enraged.
    I can't understand. He kills her, or himself (or both).

    The possibility that he was her couple and mistreated her is possible. But from the way they talk in the beginning, it doesn't sound like that to me.
    More like a man playing psychological warfare in the girl for years.
    urikon June 16, 2008   Link

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