"Me And My Charms" as written by and Kristin Hersh....
You can come back when you want to
Just know that I'll be here
I haven't left this step
And when the lights go out
I pick the angel up
I only have two hands

Is she here? is she here right now?
Drive her off; don't bother to call
I'm checking out today

Me and My charms
When I kiss the angel I have a taste of you
When I take the angel I have a piece of you
I have a piece

You can come back
I haven't left you yet
And when the lights go out
I pick the angel up
I only have two left feet
All I have in my hands, me and my charms

When I kiss the angel I have a taste of me and my charms
Me and my charms down on the ground
You can't leave me now
I haven't left you yet

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"Me and My Charms" as written by Kristin Hersh


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    General CommentI absolutely love this song. I have listened to it countless times over and over. I was chilling at my loft one day watching the Bravo channel when the movie "Foxfire" was broadcasted.

    This is a very cool independent flick that I immediately added to my DVD archive. The end of the movie pans away from the main actress actually walking high above a bridge in Portland, Oregon with this song playing as the scene fades to ending credits.

    A gr8 song.
    NobodyHereon July 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm glad you like it, but do you have any idea as to what she's trying to say? Because I don't. If I take it one verse at a time, I suppose it makes sense, but I don't see how "me and my charms..." and the rest of the corus even fits in. What does it mean? Does anyone know?
    JamieLou007on May 03, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a woman whose man is leaving her, despite all she's offering him, all her charms are useless in convincing him not to leave.
    DevastatorJr.on August 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've always thought the song was an allusion to female masturbation.

    Lights go out...pick the angel up..only two hands..Kiss the Angel...have a taste of you...

    I dunno...I just picture the woman has lost her lover (possibly Sapphic) and the charm is a way for the dumped to remember her time spent with her former lover....

    which is why she keeps saying she will still be there if her lover wants to come back...

    I have been wrong before though
    jazzmojoon January 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt might be in her lover's perspective?
    vicarious016on September 16, 2008   Link
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    General CommentBest song
    circavicariouson July 23, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's possible an angel charm was on her lover's charm bracelet. The line "I pick the angel up" could suggest a fight/break up, as in.. a fallen angel. She holds onto the angel because that's the only piece of her lover she has left to physically touch. All in all I think the angel represents a relationship. And the fact that she's still holding onto the angel corresponds with the line "i haven't left you yet"

    I'm not sure what "i only have two hands" means. I guess it could mean that she can't pick up all the pieces that her lover and their relationship once was, pointing out that she's only human.

    Idk, these are my speculations and ramblings.. feedback?

    also, Firefox... awesome movie!
    UnreqLove22on August 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI thought it was about her husband leaving her for another woman. She loves him and doesn't want him to leave her. All of the things that he loved about her before, her charms, don't work on him anymore.

    Her and her husband have a child together, hence, "When I kiss the angel, I have a taste of you. When I take the angel, I have a piece of you." The angel is their child, a piece of both of them. I am guessing they have joint custody.

    When she says "I have a piece of you. I have a piece," I think the last line could also be heard as "I have a peace." Of course, you can't write lyrics that way (using homonyms), but I think it's an interesting interpretation. She has a piece (of him) and she has a peace when she takes her child back from him.
    HailArtemison March 14, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti heard this in the movie foxfire too. my first impression of the song was that the "angel" is her child she had with the person who left. i've wondered what else the angel could be, but nothing else seems to fit.
    "I haven't left this step
    And when the lights go out
    I pick the angel up
    I only have two hands"

    perhaps she is talking about how she would run after the one who left
    but she has this "angel" to care for.she only has "two hands" meaning she cant do both.

    Is she here?
    Is she here right now?
    Drive her off; don't bother to call
    I'm checking out today

    this is the only part of the song that confuses me. if the angel is her child then that cannot be the "she" being referred to here. perhaps this is someone her lover left her for. maybe she is saying 'drive off with her, dont call me, im leaving anyway'. checking out of a hotel? hospital? going to commit suicide? just some ideas.
    orangetr3on May 01, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe Hail Artemis is partially correct. (with mistakes about the relationship she had his her son's father).

    My educated guess is that this is about her failed fight to keep primary custody of Dylan, her first son. In interviews she has described this as just about the worst thing that has happened to her.

    Although she had been together with Dylan's father they were never married (although I believe he wanted to be) but when she left him to be with the man who is now her husband he sued for custody. She has said that it was easy to make her look bad in the eyes of the court comparatively. She had a history of mental illness and was a heavily touring member of a rock band, He had a "regular" job and a steady home. Eventually she only got partial custody, with the stipulation that she keep a residence in the New England area that his father lived in, but it was far from what she wanted.

    So her saying that she only has "Me and My Charms" is in contrast to Dylan's father being able to say he had a steady job, home, and family support to use as evidence to claim custody.

    The begging not to leave and the promises that she's still here would be addressed to her son in assurance that she hasn't voluntarily left him.

    I'm guessing that the "kissing the angel" part is a little less figurative than it seems. Kristin often integrates real events and aspects of her life into songs that seem abstract and symbolic but are descriptions of a story she has lived through. So I imagine something like this... There is really some angel figure, like a Christmas ornament or religious figurine, it's something she can keep with her and it symbolizes her son to her. It's probably something special to both her and her son and he knows that she keeps it near to remind her of him.

    The "drive her out" verse is also probably in reference to something that actually happened during the custody battle. Maybe "she" is a court or social services officer that was being difficult... maybe Dylan's grandmother or other relative trying to keep Kristin away.
    SpasticMinnowon February 18, 2014   Link

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