If I walk down this hallway, tonight,
It's too quiet,
So I Pad through the dark
And call you on the phone
Push your old numbers
And let your house ring
Til I wake you ghost.
Let him walk down your hallway
It's not this quiet
Slide down your receiver
Sprint across the wire
Follow my number
Slide into my hand.

It's the blaze across my nightgown
It's the phone's ring.

I think last night
You were driving circles around me.

I can't drink this coffee
Til I put you in my closet
Let him shoot me down
Let him call me off
I take it from his whisper
You're not that tough.

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Your Ghost Lyrics as written by Kristen Hersh


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    General Commentthis song has got the same imagery as everything but the girl -missing "go past your door but you dont live there anymore, its years since you've been there' A person lost and unable or unwilling to move on, keeps checking back to the last place they were happy
    i love the line "i cant drink this coffee til i put you in my closet' the ghost is impairing her ability to sleep, eat and even drink but she thinks she can just lock these feelings away.
    she tries to take away his power by saying "your not that tough"
    it's a beautiful song
    becfazon April 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentEveryone should comment on this song. It's beautiful.

    Michael Stipe of REM does an excellent job helping out Kristin.

    Sometimes the memory of a person you love that has left haunts you.
    sakeboxon April 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAnd how can you get over someone when you don't want to?....
    hellason May 10, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwhen i listen to this song it reminds me of when my grandad died, and i couldn't believe it, couldn't cope with it. and i used to ring his house, because his phone stayed connected for a whole month afterwards, and so i would call to hear his voice on the answering machine. and whenever the phone rang, there was this little part of me that thought it was him ringing, in the first few months after his death.
    so this song just reminds me of losing someone, anyone, and not being able to let go, but wanting to.
    hkbmon April 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI attempted to learn this song on guitar - my guitar playing was so pitiful I gave it up - the chord progression is so strange. It just goes around in circles. The first line is Am- G - D - Am. The second line is G-D-Am-G, the third line is D-Am-G-Am.
    Kind of like the circular madness of the song.
    MamboManon April 13, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"you were in my dreams
    you were driving circles around me,"

    it's a horrible feeling, being unable to shake someone to the point they're in your dreams constantly, and you wake to that heavy feeling of helplessness because there's nothing you can do about how things are... it just adds insult to injury being haunted by someone like that. this song captures that feeling so well.

    hellas, if you find out, let me know. =P
    delialon August 01, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgreat song i have nothing else to say
    meiron July 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely spine-tingling song.
    destroyalltacoson March 03, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"It's the blaze across my nightgown"

    Wow! I see a subtle wind blazing through her dress, like a ghost flying past her. Such powerful imagery.
    Human-beefon October 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWrong lyrics are posted.
    Pagliaroon January 15, 2017   Link

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