"Hell Is Home" as written by Kenneth Downing and Glenn Raymond Tipton....
You're looking at me why
Sort of like a leper vibe
Okay for your kind
But it's too good for me

And a hey I know I'm
Never gonna qualify
For all the bullshit
Of your social degrees

Oh look down your noses at me
Hating my identity
Oh but that don't mean a damn thing you see
'Cause down here in Hell everybody loves me

Hey I know I'm anti-social
'Cause you act like I'm infected
With some atrocity

And though I know I'm
Every bit the same inside
My face don't fit
It's like I've got some disease

Oh you keep your face turned away
To strip me of identity
Oh still got my fortune and fame
'Cause down here in Hell everyone knows my name

Hell is home to me
Might as well be
I like it here and nowhere else invited me
Hell is home to me
It has to be ('cause Jesus Christ)
Nobody else invited me

Now I belong
I found my home
'Cause even though I know things won't
Get any better, they can certainly never get much worse

Hell is home to me
Might as well be
I like it here and nowhere else invited me
Hell is home to me
It has to be ('cause Jesus Christ)
Nobody else invited me

Say my whole life I've always been disliked
Ignored unless you're spitting insults at me
And I don't know why you felt so justified
In all the degradation that you dished on me

Oh! Now my status has changed
And you've got yourself to blame
Oh! I'll grab all the attention I crave
Now I'm running Hell, Heaven won't be the same

Hell is home to me
Might as well be
I like it here and nowhere else invited me
Hell is home to me
It has to be ('cause Jesus Christ)
Nobody else invited me

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"Hell Is Home" as written by Kenneth Downing Glenn Raymond Tipton

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    General CommentI don't think it's about a BAD person. I think it's just about a maverick, disliked by society
    IQon October 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this one is about a bad person who knows and aware of that but he likes it, he injoy to hurt people and other people dont like him only the bad people like him to stay with them..
    pain666on February 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe way I see it is, someone who is outcasted and hated by people because of who the subject person is. Then, the subject person finds something, he may become a satanist and start worshipping the devil or perhaps join a cult that might not have anything to do with hell and he finds acceptance, amongst others like him, hence "hell is home to me". Then his "status has changed" and now he has the power to pay them back for all their social degredation.
    But that's just my view.
    Hybrid1492on January 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Hybrid. An outcast that is looked down on by society who finds acceptance in a cult of some sort, and now he has the power to get revenge on them for giving him hell just because he looks different than them.
    It would be a very inspiring song if it weren't for the revenge part. x) I still love the song.
    star tripperon August 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI must admit that this is the song that made me listen to the metal. I was about, lets say, sixteen. I was also - well, let's say disliked in my class. My bet class mates just ignored me, rest of them used violence, called me different kind of words - you can imagine. I was fat, hated any kind of physical activity, so they could do whatever they wanted.

    It lasted almost all high school, with time some teachers started to hate me, because I was not cooperating with the class (for example I never went to a class trip or anything like that, no class christmas, and so on). The thing is, I couldn't leave... or didn't want to leave. My mother wanted me to go there, because it was one of best HS in Poland, and she also went there, when she was young (she was second best there). What would it mean for me if I couldn't just complete the school, even on the last place?

    After three years of being a victim I had completely no self esteem - they could spit me in the face, and I would do nothing, they could call me whatever they desired - i did nothing, I didn't even run away. But then I have heard the song.

    And I decided it has to change. I started to work out, ride a bicycle (20 at first, then 80km every day - it was winter back then), and soon - after four months I was the strongest in class.

    Then there was an incident when we played football. One guy I absoultely hated hit me with a ball, he was two meters away and he used all his strength. I lost my breath for a while (he said "sorry, it was a mistake", but he didn't give a damn), then I lost control. I can hardly recall all what happened next, I had to get revenge. I didn't wait till the guy had the ball - I just run toward him, and hit him with my knee in the liver. He almost cried. He was lying on the ground, holding his stomach, hi friend shouted something like "what the f*** are you doing), I replied - "sorry, It was a mistake".

    They wanted to beat me up in a locker/changing room after a class, so one got a punch in the face, and the second stopped like nothing happened.

    They said i gone insane - one guy for example stole my pen and said that I would get it back if I earn it, so I grabbed hm after the class, and took it by the force. They couldn't understand how it can be - I was always a coward, now i fight for what is mine, and that is why I was insane;) Everyone that raised his hand against me - everyone got what they deserved.

    It's all just like in the song - they created me. It is about people pushed away from the society, who have the power to strike back, not about religion. Heaven, hell, they are just words, sides of the barricade.
    spellbinderon March 31, 2009   Link

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