Uh, uh uh uh
It's big pimpin' baby
It's big pimpin', spendin' G's
Feel me uh-huh uh, uh-huh
Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeah
Ge-ge-geyeah, geyeah

You know I thug 'em, fuck 'em, love 'em, leave 'em
'Cause I don't fuckin' need 'em
Take 'em out the hood, keep 'em lookin' good
But I don't fuckin' feed 'em
First time they fuss I'm breezin'
Talkin' bout, "What's the reasons?"
I'm a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch
Better trust than believe 'em
In the cut where I keep 'em
'Til I need a nut, 'til I need to beat the guts
Then it's, beep beep and I'm pickin' 'em up
Let 'em play with the dick in the truck
Many chicks want to put Jigga fist in cuffs
Divorce him and split his bucks
Just be'cause you got good head, I'm a break bread
So you can be livin' it up? Shit I
Parts with nothin', y'all be frontin'
Me give my heart to a woman?
Not for nothin', never happen
I'll be forever mackin'
Heart cold as assassins, I got no passion
I got no patience
And I hate waitin'
Hoe get yo' ass in
And let's ride, check 'em out now
Ride, yeah
And let's ride check 'em out now
Ride, yeah

We doin', big pimpin', we spendin' cheese
Check 'em out now
Big pimpin', on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin big pimpin' up in N.Y.C.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B
Yo yo yo big pimpin', spendin' cheese
We doin' big pimpin', on B.L.A.D.'s
We doin' big pimpin' up in N.Y.C.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B

Nigga it's the big Southern rap impresario
Comin' straight up out the black barrio
Makes a mill' up off a sorry hoe
Then sit back and peep my scenario
Oops, my bad, that's my scenario
No I can't fuck a scary hoe
Now every time, every place, everywhere we go
Hoes start pointin', they say, "There he go!"
Now these motherfuckers know we carry mo' heat than a little bit
We don't pull it out over little shit
And if you catch a lick when I spit, then it won't be a little hit
Go read a book you illiterate son of a bitch and step up yo' vocab
Don't be surprised if yo' hoe stab out with me
And you see us comin' down on yo' slab
Livin' ghetto fabulous, so mad, you just can't take it
But nigga if you hatin' I
Then you wait while I get yo' bitch butt-naked, just break it
You gotta pay like you weigh wet wit two pairs of clothes on
Now get yo' ass to the back as I'm flyin' to the track
Timbaland let me spit my pro's on
Pump it up in the pro-zone
That's the track that we breakin' these hoes on
Ain't the track that we flows on
But when shit get hot, then the glock start poppin' like ozone
We keep hoes crunk like Trigger-man
Fo' real it don't get no bigger man
Don't trip, let's flip, gettin' throwed on the flip
Gettin' blowed with the motherfuckin' Jigga Man, fool

We be big pimpin' spendin' cheese
We be big pimpin' on B.L.A.D.'s
We be big pimpin' down in P.A.T.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B
'Cause we be big pimpin', spendin' cheese
And we be big pimpin', on B.L.A.D.'s
'Cause we be big pimpin' in P.A.T.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B nigga

Uh smokin' out, throwin' up, keepin' lean up in my cup
All my car got leather and wood, in my hood we call it buck
Everybody want to ball, holla at broads at the mall
If he up, watch him fall, nigga I can't fuck with y'all
If I wasn't rappin' baby, I would still be ridin' Mercedes
Chromin' shinin' sippin' daily, no rest until whitey pay me
Uh now what y'all know bout them Texas boys
Comin' down in candied toys, smokin' weed and talkin' noise

We be big pimpin', spendin cheese
We be big pimpin', on B.L.A.D.'s
We be big pimpin' down in P.A.T.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B
'Cause we be big pimpin', spendin' cheese
And we be big pimpin', on B.L.A.D.'s
'Cause we be big pimpin' in P.A.T.
It's just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and Bun B nigga

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Big Pimpin' Lyrics as written by Kyambo Joshua Timothy Z. Mosley

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    General Comment
    What is all this shit about noboy listening to this music for the lyrics? Hip-Hop is the most lyrical genre out there. Just these dudes aren't always depressed about it, real storytelling, Hip-Hop is about the struggle not just hoes and pimps, bling and things, it has substance and all you fools out there who think it's just a bunch of ignorant dudes getting on and talking about money and shit you need to turn off the fuckin radio and go listen to an album, of course the singles are gonna be stuff to make you wanna dance and shit, that's what a single is for, Jay-Z spits just as deep if not deeper than AFI or any other rock emo bullshit band out there, stop with the hate and actually listen to some stuff that's not being played on the radio 20 times a day. Pimp C hated this beat, I thought that was kinda funny. and Cushi it's only 10 isn't it?
    grayarea9on September 12, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    Most incredible beat rap has ever heard.
    KonArtiston August 30, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    this is a great song i love it
    loser69on May 02, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    this song is about pimpin i bet
    NegativeNeveron May 03, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    dude. why the hell did you comment on the song if you dont like rap? go back to your "deep" emo crap and leave it alone. songs dont need to have "meaning" to them to be good. fun song anyway. makes you want to purchase a fedora.
    Crusty_mabibaon June 10, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    One of the best rap songs ever made. Period. If one wants "deep music", then look elsewhere; but for it's genre, it doesn't really get much better than this: Perfect beat, Perfect lyrics, and Arguably the best rap vocalist alive- "jigga" This is deffinitely a rap Classic "Many chicks wanna put Jigga fist in cuffs Divorce him and split his bucks Just because you give good head, I'ma break bread so you can be livin it up? Shit I... parts with nothin, y'all be frontin Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothin, never happen I'll be forever mackin" Hell yeah! Question: What is B.L.A.B.'s?
    Chriscom83on November 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    i definitely think this song is about having sex with women with big asses. oh, and pimping, too.
    elfrijolon November 24, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    dance in misery, you're a fucking idiot. yeah, i listen to rock too, but I know a good song when I hear one. True, rap songs have little variety to their subject, but same goes for emo. No one listens to rap for its meaning, they listen to it for its groove and dancibility. No one listens to emo, screamo, emocore, what the fuck ever, for meaning despite what they think, they listen to it because it gives that rock feeling. But its even worse because they think these songs have some deep meaning when really AFI, Billy Talent, Thursday, whatever, yeah they have good music (general statement), but their lyrics are rarely outstanding. Want good lyrics? Check out death cab for cutie, neil young, or bright eyes.
    acatinahat22on February 14, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    the gurra suck my cock you faggot... if you dont like rap then get the fuck out or i'll kill you , you fucking piece oof shit... and you dance in misery you can eat a fucking shit sandwhich you fuckin queer.. billy talent is a fag and so are you. if you dont like rap you can get the fuck out also with the gurra you dick ridin faggot .. you got somethin else to say now biatch.. out auddiii baby peace
    steve_c2724on April 04, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    The beat! The song! The lyrics! O H M Y G O D! Who the hell DOESN'T start shaking their ass when this song comes on at a party?! Who the hell DOESN'T starting yelling out the words when this song comes on the radio?! And finally, who the hell DOESN'T drop what they're doing when they hear this bassline!? Are you fucking kidding me!? This is one of the best rap songs ever.
    tahwyason August 25, 2005   Link

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