Murder tonight in the trailer park
Mrs. Annabelle Evans found
With her throat cut after dark
Her pockets turned inside out
Her dresser drawers turned upside down
Anna's neighbor, Peg, identifies the body
Lets out a hollow kind of sound

Homicide is tying yellow ribbons
Around her silver Air stream
Red cherries slashing up the night
Cutting through that cordoned crime scene
There's been a murder
In the trailer park tonight

Murder tonight in the trailer park
Pack your things Ann Marie,
We're heading west
We're going to make a fresh start
I've been saving pennies,
Been looking forward to this day
No time for questions are you coming
Or are you going to stay

Crosstown at the Watertown
George Evans is sitting tall and tight,
Buying drinks for all the regulars
Bragging about how them bones
Danced for him tonight
There's been a murder
In the trailer park tonight

Murder tonight in the trailer park
Faceless man counting crumpled bills,
Hotel neon fights the dark
TV set in the corner, they're talking murder
On the late-night news
He turns down the sound,
Waits for the sports,
He only wants to know,
'Did I win or did I lose'

There's been a murder
In the trailer park tonight
Murder tonight in the trailer park

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    "Murder, tonight..." talks about the way an act of violence in the periphery of a town, in a trailer park, of no one particularly important, explodes outward in a series of trajectories. Mrs Annabelle Evans is the victim; then we meet her neighbour Peg, who sees the body and "lets out a hollow kind of sound" -- this is a sort of aural cue that the story is going to echo outward.

    The next verse is sung from (probably) a man's point of view. It's got a bullying, hasty tone -- "Pack your things, Anne Marie, we're heading west/ Gonna make a fresh start". Is this narrator the murderer? Why does he want to leave upon learning of the murder? Is it just the last straw in a series of things pushing him out of the grubby town he's in? We don't get any answers, we're just offered a series of reactions or non-reactions, or just-pre-reactions, as in the next verse, where Annabelle's husband George is drunk in the bar of a cheap hotel, bragging and gambling, when "There's been a murder in the trailer park tonight" seems to burst in like a bully, shattering normality and changing George's life, though we don't get to see his reaction: the murder echoes onward through town and the narrative camera changes scene.

    The last verse is also ambiguous. A "faceless man, counting crumpled bills" is in another cheap hotel (or the same one?). Is he the murderer? He doesn't seem affected by the news of the murder, or at least he doesn't want to hear about it. He's a compulsive gambler waiting to learn the results of his bets, but did he get his money from Annabelle Evans' Airstream? We aren't told.

    But this song might be about the way a murder affects everyone around it. The neighbour, the husband, the unknown man who wants to get out of town with his girlfriend, the gambler -- they all represent the world around the murder. "Murder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park" is about death and loss, and the way it changes the living. In its specificity -- the victim and her husband have name and surname, and we can understand Anne Marie's reluctance from the bullying way her unnamed boyfriend is talking to her -- it reminds us that every life has its value and every murder has its effects on those around it.
    antmooseon July 05, 2013   Link

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