51 feet away
It hurts more every day
Why do you have to make me stay
51 feet away?

I remember the times we spent together
Holding hands in the bright and sunny weather
But now I'm gone, exiled from your life
I dreamt one day that you would be my wife
But now my hopes are lost in my cries
Thinking of you with my hand in my thighs
Why can't I peep through your blinds?
If you don't tell my PO won't mind

51 feet away
I miss you more every day
I don't understand why you make me stay
51 feet away

I can't believe you followed through with your threat
you have to understand that it's not over yet
why won't you answer my calls?
why'd you taser me those times at the mall?
am I really such a creep
just because I need to watch you sleep?
I try every day to get close to your heart
I guess for now that 51 feet is a start

51 feet away
feels farther every day
it hurts my heart when you make me stay
51 feet away

who's this other guy kissing you?
what gives him the right?
I hate watching him touch you there
why did you turn out the light?
I can't accept that it's over
I know you still love me, too
what are those moans coming from your room?
what's he doing to you?

why do you hate me?
why won't you date me?
why did you mace me?
how could you replace me?

well I know I'm not really out of touch
it's just that I love you so much
but you don't seem to care if
my best friend is the local sheriff
please don't bump me even farther back
please call off your dogs from their attack
but 51 feet is 17 yards
and I just shot your fucking bodyguard

51 feet away
is much too far to stay
why does it have to be this way?
I want to see you today
I need to see you today
I'm already on my way
I'm coming to see you today!

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