(She lives like russian roulette. Barrel up to the head. Where every sweet young move is belonging to a sickness.) Now enter special things to detour all the pain, like a brand new, solid mess. But nothing seems to last... It strikes when you've thought you won. It's self destruction. It strikes when you've thought you won. And the delicate balance won't survive the turbulence. Now, enter the escape from everything you've made. Cause something wrong inside won't let you live your life. It strikes when you've thought you won. It's self destruction. It strikes when you've thought you won. And down you will go, with a tail of flames stretched out behind you. The cold wind will blind you. And in all that you can't see. The simplicity is beautiful.

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"Russian Roulette" as written by Edwin Cole Mc Cain

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Russian Roulette song meanings
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    General CommentDidn't Alkaline Trio also do this song?
    $16on March 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthey, good song yeah!
    i am not sure exactly what if my opinion on it is what it is about but hey, here goes . .

    I know a rather popular subject for bands to write/sing about is the manson family led by charles manson. (Charles Milles Manson is a person with an unusual ability to dominate others. He assembled a destructive, doomsday cult around himself, which the media later called The Family. At one time, it numbered in excess of 100 individuals at the Spahn Ranch some 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles CA. Manson was referred to both as "God" and "Satan" by his followers. As the family's guru, he claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. ) Of which artist like the beatles and alkaline trio have wrote and released songs about certain members(sadie by alkaline trio . . .check it out). I think this song may be reffering to a particular incodent involving family member John Philip Haught (AKA Zero).

    On November 5, 1969, Haught allegedly killed himself playing Russian roulette. When police arrived, family members Catherine Gillies, Bruce Davis, Sue Bartell, and Little Patty were present. According to Little Patty (who's true name was Madaline Joan Cottage), she and Zero were in bed, when he picked up a .22 Caliber Iver & Johnson revolver. After Patty told Zero that there was only one bullet in the gun, he spun the cylinder, placed the muzzle against his head, and shot himself(She lives like Russian Roulette. Barrel up to the head.). The police ruled the death a suicide, however there are certain facts indicting that Haught might have been murdered. Not only had the revolver and the holster been wiped clean of fingerprints, but also the gun had been fully loaded.

    I am not going to apply the whole song to the situation because it is pretty self explanitory. It is a good incodent to write about, i am not weirdo but it is pretty interesting too. I also have no idea if i am right and just going of and inclinng along with my intrest in them matter. Any ideas? xx
    alkaline_olivia777on July 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentsounds like he wrote this song after watching "the Deer Hunter", or maybe i just read it after watching it..."It strikes when you've thought you've won, And the delicate balance Won't survive the turbulence. Now, enter the escape From every thing you've made, Cause something wrong inside Won't let you live your life." either way, doesn't matter. It about self-destruction. It doesn't have to relate to a particular story, etc. Its a universal idea...
    kul59on June 21, 2006   Link

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