He scares easily
It makes him so angry
At me

And his head it spins around
Just like the Exorcist and I
Find it ever so
Hard to resist his cries

But there's nothing more sadistic than an infant
Waving his pistol in my face
He wants me right down on my knees
Crumbling in disgrace

But he underestimates my mind
I know he's messing with my head
My only weakness is
I can't believe the guy could be entirely dead

Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being
Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being
Trigger Happy Jack
You're gonna blow
But I'm gonna get off
Before you go
My Trigger Happy Jack is just a
Drive by a go-go

And after awhile he calms down
And he looks at me like a prince
But I know I better bite the bullet
'Cause it's just another one of his
Jedi mind tricks

But this ain't no headtrip honey
This is a collision on the road
And you've got me feeling oh just like a roadkill
And you know deep down I know


Why do you make me feel like this? (1-2-3-4)
Why do you gotta be such a dick? (1-2-3-4)
Why do you make me feeling like this? (1-2-3-4)
Why do you gotta be such a dick? (1-2-3-4)

And I hate myself
Just enough to want him
But I hate him just enough to get off
But I understand him
Maybe I'm just crazy enough
To love him
Why not? (Why not?)

You can't to a psycho like a normal human being

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Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go) Lyrics as written by Danielewski Conner

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Trigger Happy Jack (Drive by a Go-Go) song meanings
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    General CommentIt's crazy that so many people, myself amongst them, have a personal connection with this song. It's something that Poe is covertly good at.

    I don't feel like this is about abuse, to me it always seemed as if she wasn't even in an intimate relationship with this man. I think we all love "Can't talk to a pyscho like a normal human being."
    She seems to be unwillingly in love with him, and despite all she deals with with him, she enjoys it nonetheless.
    Tipiaon April 15, 2006   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI think everyone has their own opinion, but from my point of view...

    Shes in a relationship with a guy who she cares for, but gets angry with his personality issues. The sexual inuendos I understand, its a mutual attraction that shes staying around for.

    She understands hes just messing with her mind and using her, but shes also using him as well. they both have some sort of issues, his being his personality issues, her being patience and a little understanding.

    I can see this song from both point of views, seeing on how i am bipolar and know many bipolar people and know how hard it is to understand sometimes. and as for the sexual problems, ive been in relationships where its for sexual attraction, but eventually emotional connections are made, then crummbled.......

    so thats my view, have fun disecting it!
    WaitingForOctoberon April 05, 2011   Link
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    General Commentawesome song. she's got a great voice
    pumpkingirlon May 23, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of my xbf from highschool 5 years ago. scary, huh?
    Suzieq19jon August 30, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song. I always thought this song was about dating a really unstable guy, and enjoying it/hating it at the same time.
    Rie-mixon April 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think it is clear to see (for some, anyway, quite like myself) at a point in your life, you get feeling low enough about yourself where you feel like you deserve nothing but the worst... I got kicked out for mine....
    AngelofBradley1on January 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Rie-mix.
    kmk_natashaon January 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree with both Rie-mix and AngelofBradley1. This song also reminds me of my late husband, along with the song "Angry Johnny". But the line "you can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being" really gets to me on a more personal level. I relate to it because I have several personality disorders, and I feel like people need to realise they can't talk to me like I was someone without these disorders. I really like this song and that last line as well.
    MissKilljoyon March 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentreminds me of Ophelia and Hamlet
    karo_roboon June 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song reminds me of my step dad. He is the kind of person if you don’t put something away he blows up. He is also a control freak. I don’t know if it is right or not. That is just my opinion. My mom is currently thinking about divorce. The last line really gets to me because you can’t talk to him when he is acting like a “psycho”.
    Squee0827on July 27, 2005   Link

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