He said he said he said
"There was nothing to fear boy"
And he said he said he said
"worthless are your tears boy"
"just realize your senses
And realize your earth
Just realize your essence first"
I'll never be the same again
I want to walk in the sun
I am alive and well again
No more bittersweet
No more good pain
No more
So many of us stand in the middle
Looking back to the worst
Looking forward to the fall
Making weapons of peace for the defense
Of the bloodstains on our
Peaceful sidewalks
You say the buildings got too tall
And they're going to fry your brother
Well I say you'd better walk away, walk
Away, walk away,
And find your mother
No more bittersweet
No more good pain
If I can't sing this song
And tell you all about it
Then I'll just pack it up right now and
Walk away
Don't even doubt it
So when our sherry glass is full
And the day is way too young
You'd better sip today, sip today, sip today,
Before it's done
No more bittersweet
No more good pain

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"Good Pain" as written by Chad David Taylor Chad Alan Gracey

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    General CommentI don't really understand most of Lives lyrics, they are all deep poetry, sadly I suck with poetry!!
    I love the title though "Good Pain" It is totally wonderful!

    *Story time*
    I was listening to Hurt so Good - John Cougar Mellencamp, and my friend was like "How can something hurt good?"
    I didn't wanna go into the whole self harm thing of mine that she doesn't know about, so I said I didn't know. She answered with "He didn't really think about that when he wrote this did he?"
    Uhhh YEAH he sure did!! (Even though that is about love, and I was thinking about good physical pain)

    Anyway I also like the lines "Of the bloodstains on our peaceful sidewalks" Reminds me of Desperate Housewives, at a glance things look good (peaceful sidewalks) but look closer and there are things that are far from perfect (bloodstains)

    Man can I get off the subject.......
    Moo!on October 02, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMissing lyrics near the end:

    There's a line you've got to cross tonight
    There's a line we've got to cross tonight x3
    No more bittersweet
    No more good pain

    No more weapons of peace
    No more good pain
    No more sickening sweet
    No more good pain
    No more family feast
    No more good pain

    As for the meaning, it seems to be about making the most of life in a peaceful capacity. More than that I can't really say.
    PearlJam#1on May 18, 2007   Link
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    My OpinionWe are so good at making negative things in the name of something positive.

    But nothing positive can ever come from a negative place.

    Weapons cannot be of Peace.

    Pain (in a spirtiual and emotional sense) cannot be Good.

    Sweetness can never be Bitter.

    We have every opportunity to be positive beings of love and light in this life, if we just embrace it.
    elraveron May 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI'm just listening to my old Live CDs for the first time in a while. The whole album, Mental Jewelry, is bursting with wisdom and prophecy. Good Pain has always been one of my favorite songs on it. I think the persona in the song (possibly Ed Kowalczyk himself) is recalling that someone changed his life when he taught him that he could overcome worthless fear and sadness by knowing his true self - his essence. Now, he lives life deliberately, with no fence-sitting or ambiguity:
    "I'll never be the same again. I want to walk in the sun. I am alive and well again. No more bittersweet, no more good pain."

    He sings of the destruction humans cause by focusing on pain experienced in the past or anticipating future dangers rather than living with purpose in the moment, and he rejects the oxymorons most humans accept in their collective insanity:
    "So many of us stand in the middle, looking back to the worst, looking forward to the fall, making weapons of peace for the defense of the bloodstains on our peaceful sidewalks."

    The song predates Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" by about 13 years, but Tolle's description of his own suicidal thoughts that he overcame by realizing that his self and his ego are two different things, and his advice to live in the moment and shun the "pain body" are reminiscent of the spirit of this song.
    RetroUltraModernon May 02, 2014   Link

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