"Member's Only" as written by and Sheryl Crow....
Uncle Larry's hooked on ice again
He seems to be stuck in the 80's
He wears his "members only" jacket
'Cause he thinks it turns on all the ladies

And all the white folks shake their asses
Looking for the two and four
I'll have mine in Martini glasses
'Cause I can't take it anymore

These are the days of empty kitchens
The rise and fall of Mary Ellen's hairdo
I think she's found a new religion
Studying the Kabalah in her J. Crew

And all the rich kids shake their asses
Looking for the two and four
Well, I'll have mine with Blackstrap molasses
'Cause I can't taste it anymore

No, 'cause I can't taste it anymore
My friend Gregg says it's all good
As the eastern seaboard's blown away
Now everything is going half-price

So look at all the money we saved
And all the politicians shake their asses
Looking for the back door
I'll just be hanging out with the lasses

'Cause they don't like the boys no more
No, and I can't take it anymore

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"Members Only" as written by Sheryl Crow


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    General CommentI think that this song is about being sick of men in general, and possibly a little of liberation thrown into the mix of well. Kabalah is also Madonnas religion of choice?

    "These are the days of empty kitchens
    The rise and fall of Mary Ellen's hairdo
    I think she's found a new religion
    Studying the Kabalah in her J Crew"
    deanboon March 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe there's only one comment. Anyway, I heard this song from a movie and now I love it!
    wayla1234on November 09, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIce is crystal methamphetamine, which rose to popularity in the 80s. Members Only is a brand of jacket, which during the 80s showed you were chic. Saying Uncle Larry was stuck in the 80s is an understatement.

    White people (and rich people for that matter) are stereotyped as not being able to dance, as much dance music is based on emphasizing beats two and four.

    When I hear the name "Mary Ellen", I think of the 70s hit TV series "The Waltons". Mary Ellen was the rebellious tomboy who grew up to be a doctor. If this line is about that Mary Ellen, I'm scratching my head, because she was never the housewife or the trophy wife. She was always her own person. So, her hairdo never rose, per se.

    But in any case, the lines about empty kitchens, hairdos rising and falling and her studying the ancient religion of kaballah in a popular clothing brand J. Crew seems to talk about women being liberated from traditional roles and now setting their personal course in uncharted territory.

    I'm guessing the verse with optimistic Gregg is a combination of things. The eastern United States is regularly buffeted by hurricanes. There is irony in saying one has "saved" all this money when they spent it all on half-priced items.

    The line about politicians looking for a back door makes me wish the line above said they "cover" their asses rather than shake them. . . . The line about the lasses not liking the boys anymore points to a repeated disenchantment women had with men from the 80s on.

    "Hanging" with the lasses conjures an image of a bar (Coyote Ugly, maybe?), which, tied into the references of martini glasses and blackstrap molasses, pretty much says the state of the world, both personal and in general, can drive on to drink.
    cvcjr13on February 01, 2016   Link

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