Appeared as a hidden track on the 'Paegan Terrorism Tactics' album, and also is referred to a "Ode of the Paegan"....
(All spoken)
fingered slowly like the first time you came
the agents of oblivion descend upon the sane
caked with mud and mother's blood
playing death games in the rain
and we wonder how it feels to be free
i thought i heard them whisper mutiny
living room rape scenes
we cut their throats while the slept
dreaming and digesting shards of turtle shell
the television's blaring and the ghost of Hitler speaks
crowned with barbed-wire
i smear my warm semen on the walls of my oppression
i accuse god for the murder of eternity
my everything that is nothing
christian propaganda and dog sperm
the beautiful downgrade
do you remember the first sunrise?
sharpened bone clenched tight in your fist
screaming into the blue
an urge to kill the sky
i can smell the forest like pussy in heat
barefoot i run through the chaos
the assassins of freedom tend the burning truth
as we walk these prison walls
it's maddening, always touching something

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The Beautiful Downgrade song meanings
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    General Commenti think this is the hidden track on paegan terrorism tactics. fucking creepy song. kinda like old skin but a little longer. i don't listen to it............................... i just don't.. fucker.
    Avenge&Revengeon January 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentImplying any self-reference to The Blue beyond the rudimentary is woefully simple minded. If you actually listen to these two songs they do share a thread of commonality, which is to say the thematic element of primitivistic hedonism, sex, death, and murder. Which nearly all Acid Bath songs have to some extent. If you want to say that The Beautiful Downgrade alludes to The Blue then you may as well say that it also aludes to Graveflower whose lyrics are far more closely related. Besides this, Dax Riggs is not the type of lyricist to make hollow self-references in his material.

    This song deals with the inner workings of humanity, largely referring to both shamanistic practices and band-level societies juxtaposed against scenes of modernity and the post-printing press era and the desolation therein. It also consistently refers to man's need to revert to these primitive times and how we've exiled ourselves into a self-imposed prison of sorts. It also makes references to outside forces who ultimately shape the world and whom the narrator blames for these bleak circumstances, namely attacking God, "The Agents of Oblivion", and "The Assassins of Freedom", in many ways these could be taken to represent the Holy Trinity. This may seem like a stretch, and I don't believe that's the inherent meaning of those three entities, but for all intents and purposes it's an apt description because they all serve the same purposes, i.e. the destruction of natural order.

    This piece is ultimately an attack on organized religion in my opinion, the clergy being the "Agents of Oblivion", God's murder of eternity and the Truth which is referred to as the base human assumption and referencing Shamanism. It also makes brief reference to Christ in the form of Hitler crowned in barbed wire. This crown of thorns imagery is very apparent and especially the comparison of Christ and Hitler, two beings that in context shepherd people astray. Ultimately burning Truth and assassinating Freedom, whether of body or of thought.

    Finally, of course, we have The Beautiful Downgrade, which refers to running through the forests and the chaos and shaking sharpened bone at the sky, the vast unknown. Christianity murdered truth in such a way as to perform deicide against the Natural Order.
    Agonisteson July 02, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis song alludes to the song "The Blue", the first song on thier first CD. I guess that implies that all things end just as they begin.
    YayaPon January 06, 2008   Link

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