"Razor's Edge" as written by Alien Jourgensen, Paul G. Barker, Christopher John Connelly, William Frederick Rieflin and Luc Jozef Eric Van Acker....
Never callin', unanswered letters,
How you been, feelin' better?
Never lookin', but you're hearin',
Never speakin', but you're feeling
All the silence, and it's wounding,
You're not healing, just concealing

Play the game, play the game

Oh brother to brother, all the blood runs red
Don't roll over, don't play dead
We're all livin' on the razor's edge

Oh brother to brother, all the blood runs ruby red
We're all victims of the razor's edge

All the rules don't mean a thing,
They're wasting time,
The mem'ries sting
Keep your image, plant that smile,
Answer questions, don't let on
Make up stories all put on,
That's your life, oh,
Your life is gone


You see you're losing, yet you still try
The game just a watches your life go by

You're playin' well,
You're playin' why?
Oh, play the game

You see you're losing, yet you still try
The game just a'watches your life go by
You're playin' well,
Oh you're playin' the game


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"Razor's Edge" as written by David A. Novotny Christopher Jon Dabaldo

Lyrics © CARLIN AMERICA INC , Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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    General Commentthis is a fantastic song i can't believe theres no comments on it
    pompeylad1979on August 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI believe the razor's edge is life. Now, a short yet very encouraging Meat Loaf song, it's cool shit.
    MysticBaton September 10, 2008   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionA) Instead of "never calling, unanswered letters" in the first line, it should be:
    "Never calling, or answering letters"

    B) Instead of "You're not healing; just conceding",
    it should be "You're not healing; just concealing".
    1) People with emotional damage often try to cover up by employing a front or overcompensating.

    2) It actually rhymes with "healing"


    3) in one of the pre-choruses, it says "You see you're losing, yet you still try".
    If he had conceded, he would have given up, and hence not be trying anymore.

    C) Also, I am not sure, but when listening to the song along with reading the lyrics, it just doesn't sound like he is singing "Oh brother to brother all the blood runs red"

    My best guess would be:
    "Oh brother, little brother, oh, the cut runs red" (and add "ruby" in the repeated line). You could use "lil' brother" equally well.

    Criminally underrated song by the Loafster in my humble opinion.
    And from an interesting album too. General online commentary seems to suggest that fans were disappointed by the album (Midnight at the Lost and Found), but, as a big fan of his first 2 albums (and later ones too), I found this a refreshingly different change, that really showcased his voice and passion (this song in particular). Some songs with tongue firmly removed from cheek, that you could actually really get into seriously :)
    Not that I'm in anyway denigrating his original two albums, which were great too, just in a rather different way!

    Having said that, in it's original format, it was a vinyl album (or cassette) of two sides - although I only heard the CD version, and noted that tracks 1 - 5 (from side 1) ranged from good ("Keep Driving", "Promised land", "Midnight At The Lost And Found") to 'right up there with his best material' (Razor's Edge", "The Wolf At Your Door") and side 2 was mostly execrable. Mind you, perhaps I haven't listened to it enough, and obviously everyone will have different views on that :)
    Layman1on August 16, 2012   Link

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