"Drive By" as written by and Glen Phillips....
I was the driver for the drive-by of the neighbor's dog
Dad had always hated him so he said "Come on son,
"Get into the Vega now and I'll go get my shotgun"
It was a military holiday and kids were everywhere
I hid behind the steering wheel and tried to disappear
I tried to speak but couldn't, Dad was whistling and drinking beer
And I prayed "Dear God, if You save this dog
"I will never get high, I will never jack off
"I will be all the things that I should but have not
"I'll be a good boy from now on"
We turned around the corner soon and saw the neighbor's yard
Dad lit up a cigarette and rolled his window down
And grinning like an idiot he stuck his head and body out

Well he popped in a shell and took aim with the gun
Then a flash an a bang and the dog it was gone
Jumped up and he ran away
Dad had shot right through his chain
Dad said "Take me to the Dairy Freeze, I want to have a shake"
We sipped them on the benches there and stared out on the lake
And Dad has never said another word about that day
And I hope you're not disappointed, God
'Cause I still get high and I still jack off
And you knew I was lying but you still saved that dog
You're such a good God
Such a good, God damn backwards dog
And I'll be a good boy from now on

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"Drive By" as written by Glen Phillips


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    General CommentThis is not an autobiographical song, but it did happen to a friend of Glen's: Ben Folds.
    toadtwson January 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the death of Glen's father.

    "I was actually with him when he went away; everybody else was having dinner, and they didn't want to bug him so I got to sit with him for a good, long time. It was a very good experience, believe it or not. If you ever want a powerful experience, be near someone you love when they pass away. Try to get all your stuff out of the way before that happens so you're not being all remorseful.... And it's quite incredible."

    -Glen Phillips
    toadtwson January 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAck! I'm sorry, that last post is about a different song. :-/

    Please see "Darkest Hour."
    toadtwson January 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentHa, this song is soooo great. I can just picture him as a teenager about my age, praying to God that his drunken father doesn't kill the dog, and making all sorts of promises that he knows he won't keep.

    Glen Phillips really knows how to word a song.
    Colosimoon June 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAlong with toadtws, when I saw Toad in 2003 at the Vic, Glen introduced this song with it was a true story, but it didn't happen to him, it happened to a friend of his.... but he was the owner of the Vega.
    AngelofBradley1on November 19, 2007   Link

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