A morbid beauty
Glows in resonation
Mercurial signs they read
Make real our minds True fascinations
For now we're rolling
And kinda golden
As time keeps folding We're old when our poor souls depart
Whereas cold cruel jokes now make you cry One day you'll take them in your stride
All of the time we've resided here
You'll see our chalices rise With ever endless tears
And illusions they fly But someday soon will clear
Just sit back and recline I'll guide you through the years
Through the future years
As they'll soon appear
Someday all too near
Now the distance clears
Bad ways which rule all the ways we go
Through black and the gloom
Consecutive days and plain afternoons
The things in life They pass the time While those all around are bored
Though we come down in real demise
Trek through all of the feelings with no tears in eyes
Kept fear veiled so it hides
Life's never forced or dry
So there's nothing inside me I just seem alive
To the future years
As they'll soon appear
Dressed in slacks as we will
So its stars they steer
Just tie a silk sheet round your neck
And twist it till your face turns cherry red
All of the time we've resided here
You'll see our chalices rise
With ever endless tears
And illusions they fly
But someday soon will clear
Just sit back and recline I'll guide you through the years

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Future Years Lyrics as written by Elijah Blue Allman Alec Puro


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Future Years song meanings
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    I listened to this song again today and I suppose I gained a new perspective on it. To me, it seems he's talking about how people change as they get older. Right now, the person he's talking about cries at other people's cold, cruel jokes. However, he says that in time she'll learn to take them in her stride. So, as people get older, they become colder to other people's feelings and their own. Somehow, this as seen as "growing wise" by many people. In reality, they're becoming hollow and ignorant, empty and selfish. They learn to disgard the pain other people feel. He's talking about aging as a process of becoming colder. And maybe this person is trying to escape all of that through suicide, hence the tying of the silk sheet around their neck. Okay, I hope that made sense. Even if it doesn't, or even if it's not what the song is about at all, at least this is a testiment to Deadsy's music that it makes you THINK and people can discuss it to no end. A truly great, forward-thinking band that's making amazing music.
    DeathRockBoyon September 25, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    I looooove this song. I kinda think it's about him loving a girl and saying he'll be with her and guide her through her life.
    AlphaOmegaRXon June 19, 2002   Link
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    This song is an awesome song just like all of Deadsy's songs...
    DeadsyRuleson July 08, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    Note: The guy singing with P Exeter Blue I is Jay Gordon from the band Orgy.
    PExeterBlueDon July 23, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    the song is awsome..but its talking about the future.........yes jay gordon sings with Elijah in a couple songs!
    deadsyluveron July 31, 2002   Link
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    I think this song is about fate guiding us through the future. "mercurial signs they read, make real our minds true fascination". Mercurial spirits are said to rule the Tarot, a system of cards used to tell a person's future. Also, fate alone dictates our future, "Just sit back and recline, i'll guide you through the years", meaning that we should just 'sit back' and accept the future that fate deals us no matter what because we can not change it.
    mouseyon September 10, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    Haven't any of you ever been to a nursing home or know anyone who is a NA? It's a place where you put someone to forget about them...kind of like the oubliette. I named my python cruella by the way.../
    bannor216on June 11, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    Haven't any of you ever been to a nursing home or know anyone who is a NA? It's a place where you put someone to forget about them...kind of like the oubliette. I named my python cruella by the way...
    bannor216on June 11, 2004   Link
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    "one day you'll take them in you're stride." omg, deadsy's lyrics seem so meaningful that you could take one line and make an entire song of what it could mean, not only that, the freaking emotion, or lack of, beaming yet quelching from a point of space in your soul to a point of time in space. "i'll guide you through the years." this is my favorite deadsy song as of this go around. If given the off chance that I could say a couple of things to the things in this band I don't think I could tell them I love them or their music even though I do. I couldn't tell them hawkwind is my favorite band and they (the apt ones) are second if not one in the same. I wouldn't tell them i love them. i wouldn't tell them i love them for their contribution to music and creating/summoning a "style" that will die with them but live on in us their prodgeny. i just don't know what I would tell them. I probably wouldn't say anything, my face would say it all i'm sure. jAy ps. sike out you muther fuking bitchettes I do Love you! AHAHAHHA MMWAHAHAH
    bannor216on March 17, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    i honestly could be wrong, but my interpretation of this song is that its from one persons point of view ( maybe a close friend ) looking on to someone younger and seeing how they are maturing and going through the same things they did, definately maturity through age and how people change through expierience
    Commiion January 19, 2008   Link

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