"Nighttime" as written by and Louis Joseph Walker....
At nightime I go out and see the people
Air goes cool and hurrying on my way
And dressing so sweet, all the people to see
They're looking at me, all the people to see.
And when I set my eyes on you
You look like a kitty
And when you're in the moon
Oh you look so pretty
Caught a glance in your eyes
And fell through the skies
Glance in your eyes
And fell through the skies
I'm walking down the freezing street
Scarf goes out behind
You said, "Get them away"
Please don't say a word
"Get me out of here
Get me out of here
I hate it here
Get me out of here"
At nightime I go out and see the people
Air goes cool and hurrying on my way
Glanced in your eyes and fell through the skies
Dance in your eyes and fell through the skies

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"Nightime" as written by Alex Chilton


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    Song MeaningThis is a song about loneliness and the desire to make human contact with someone who is equally isolated amidst the sea of anonymous faces that swim by as the narrator walks down the streets of a big city.
    scottn59con January 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's dream-like to me
    fukkface666on December 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti once spent a little less than two weeks in a small tourist town in italy...i was in high school at the time, and suddenly found myself away from everyone i knew, with no friends who spoke my language and not much of anything to do. the conditions of the place i was staying and the people i was with were far from ideal. it wasn't one of the better vacations i've had, though i did what i could to make the best of it. had i been with different travel companions, i probably would have had a good time. anyway, i found myself listening to big star's "third" a lot while i was there, and this song in particular became a touchstone for me. when alex chilton would sing, "i hate it here...get me out of here," i felt like he was giving voice to my ennui and unease. i couldn't help cracking a smile every time. outside of that context it's still a beautiful song, but i think now it will always remind me of that place and time in my life.
    bonepaperon June 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a beautiful song, I can't believe it doesn't have more comments. I get the impression of loneliness when he sings the ending verse & sort of being unconnected in the world. When he sings, "they're looking at me, all the people to see" It seems like detachment & being alone. It's just such a pretty song overall and it has such a soothing feel to it, almost like a hauntingly beautiful lullaby.
    angelinthesnow22on December 12, 2010   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite big star song.
    TheWrongGirlon March 27, 1988   Link
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    Song MeaningAlex Chilton wrote this song about his girlfriend Lesa Aldridge's first experiences in New York City. Lesa was beautiful and brilliant, but as drug addled and unhinged as Chilton in those days. The song goes back and forth between Lesa's and Alex's perspective. At first she loved the people watching, but as the weather grew colder, she felt that everyone was watching her every move and it freaked her out ... she begged Chilton to take her back to Memphis.
    chicagodanon September 08, 2015   Link

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