"Follow My Way" as written by Alain Johannes, Natasha Shneider and Writer Unknown,....
Little one don't be a fool
I'm a wreck when I look mighty
In euphoria I'm bruised
In confusion next I'm lightning
In complacence I am small
Through oblivion I charge

So follow my way
When I'm not leading anyone
Open and frayed
When you can see that I'm unsure
Out on my way
I'm only pure when I get lost
And you're only needing
When you're finding that I'm not

You're just looking for a boy
Bathed in infrared and sunlight
I'm all polish and reward
When I'm confident I'm hopeless
Just like everybody else
Right before they fall apart

So follow my way
When I am falling from your heart
When I'm in pain
Fever and sweet relief in one
Out on my way
Though I'm not worthy of your trust
Follow me down into a swan dive
All eyes closed tightly

Lowly, slowly now I know I like
Where you go when you're gone
Warm you hands inside my veins
I might be contagious
Through oblivion I charge

Follow my way
When I'm useless to your cause
When I derail
Calm in the patience of remorse
Out on my way
Out on my empty open nerves
When all you know
Is that I don't know where we are
When all you know
Is that I don't know
Follow my way

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"Follow My Way" as written by Alain Johannes Chris Cornell

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    General CommentFrom what Chris has said about this song I think it has more to do with strength in weakness. And just the idea that when we look at someone who we might see as a role model or a hero we shouldn't necessarily look at how they react to the good times, but instead how they get through the rough times. It's easy to be confident and a good person when everything's going right and just the idea that only when you're pushing through pain can you actually see a true reflection of yourself.
    onemoreshoton December 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's Chris dealing with his fame and reminding people that he's human and as a human he is capable of dark clumsy stupid hurtful actions. It's easy to profess love and commitment to someone viewed as beyond ugliness but a love of value is a love that withstands those illusions. Being a pop icon, reduced to a caricature of one's self, is certainly an exagerated expression of this but we're all capable of (and susceptible to) this situation. This is poetry of a calibre almost unheard of in pop music. This is Octavio Paz set to a Beatles melody!
    sethx9on May 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about how we look at people like Chris, who seem kind of superhuman in comparison with ourselves. At every point in this song he is perhaps trying to persuade us that his way of life is actually less rewarding than lives led by ourselves, which we may think are rather dull in comparison.

    "Little one don't be a fool, I'm a wreck when I look mighty " The way he refers to us and him is ironic. He addresses us in the way we would expect of somebody much higher up than us "little one". He says do not to be fooled because when he looks his most mighty, he may be extremely stressed or depressed as a result of the pressure.

    "In euphoria I'm bruised" - Euphoria means bliss. We associate blissful things with pleasure alone. In what we see as his blissful way of life he tells us he is actually extremely hurt by it.

    "in confusion next I'm lightning" - To me this refers to his state of mind when we'd think he's at a 'high point'. He will jump from confusion in every day life to extreme productivity in his work very quickly. So perhaps he is torn apart by his obsession with performing and the time he spends working on it. Yet to us he seems to have it all made, because we only ever see the finely tuned performance.

    "In complacence I am small, through oblivion I charge " - In his own pleasure (his complacence) he has nothing. Through what we see as his brilliance he is soaring. Yet he sees this 'brilliance' as his oblivion. Suggesting that he believes he cannot escape it, so has to keep charging forward into it.

    "You're just looking for a boy bathed in infrared and sunlight" - He is telling us that all we really want is a rockstar and a stage full of artificial lights.

    "I'm all polish and reward, when I'm confident I'm hopeless. Just like everybody else right before they fall apart" - He is polished and has rewards to us, yet he feels very hopeless. So hopeless that the only way he can describe it to us is by saying "I feel like what you'd feel like when you finally fall apart."

    "When I'm the pain, fever and sweet relief in one" - When he seems to be in pain, because maybe an album didn't do well or his 'fans' have rejected him - he feels a bit hurt by it, but it's actually a relief to escape it.

    "So follow my way when I am falling from your heart"
    "So follow my way when I'm not leading anyone. Open and frayed, when you can see that I'm unsure"
    "Out on my way I'm only pure when I get lost and you're only needing, when you're finding that I'm not"

    - He is trying to tell you that you'd be better off following him when he seems 'lost'. We assume that what he means by 'lost' is to have no preconceived goals - and therefore to be free. He is telling us that only at this point would we see the real person, yet we carry on wanting 'Chris Cornell' 'that cool singer guy'. It seems that he wishes that we'd love him for what he wants to be (free) rather than what we want him to be (a rockstar).

    "Though I'm not worthy of your trust. Follow me down into a swan dive, all eyes closed tightly" - He feels guilty for living out this fake and materialistic rockstar image. Yet wants you to let him take you on a journey of what he really is. He may or may not know who he is and we certainly don't. Therefore it will be a leap of faith.

    "Lowly, slowly. Now I know I like where you go when you're gone" - In one way it could mean the people who didn't follow him into the swan dive. After going on the leap of faith, he likes these people now that their gone, out of his way, out of his life.

    "Warm your hands inside my veins. I might be contagious" - It seems like a bitter and sarcastic remark. He is telling us if we love his rockstar life so much then go and kill him with it and take it upon yourself. He thinks of it as a disease, so it is possibly a contagious thing.

    "When I derail. Calm in the patience of remorse" - He thinks that when he steps out of the rockstar life he lives, he feels calm but also has a strong sense of remorse for what he has done with his life. He could be telling us to enjoy the calm while he is dealing with this remorse.

    "When all you know, is that I don't know where we are. When all you know, is that I don't know. Follow my way" - He is saying perhaps that he is only worth following if he is living as a free man. To him, being a free man is perhaps not knowing what comes next. Just taking it as it comes.
    dartfon October 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love this song, the imagery is sooo good. I'm only pure when I get lost is one of the best lines ever.. To me it makes perfect sense, your lost stumbling in the dark, and the light comes from inside to show you the way.. Lost and pure makes sense to me. Chris Cornell is amazing..
    xinniefulon January 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commentuhh i just scanned it through quickly...i think it means love me no matter what?
    reimeion April 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentBe with me when I'm down because that's when you see the real me.
    Broken_Gifton October 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthrough oblvion I'm charged!!! it's about being lost and hopeless and thats when you feel at place because you're so used to it, and you feel awkaward or just out of place when you're confident, but when your oblivious that's when you seem to get the right results. loves it man
    licoricehareon December 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful. It is about having someone love you when you know your worst then them or you know deep down you are unworthy of such affection. It Cornell's lack of confidence to his true self. He is a rock star he has been given almost a God image to most people.
    ToBeHumanon April 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentEveryone who has commented here is right.
    Supah Dudeon November 06, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretationyou can say it's rare to find a non-depressing song of him, and in this song he says that his way will only lead us down.
    I think the first chorus is about the songs he writes are therapy for him. in most songs of his he shows us a weak confussed and pour guy who can't find joy in life. in the first chorus he's tellind his audience how lost he is, how uncertain and scared, so why would anyone will ever follow his way? he weote by my opinion 'follow my way' and meant by it to the people who want to destroy themselves.
    "when i'm confident i'm hopeless" might be about when you're happy and you're so sure in your place.. then it collapses under your feet and you find out nothing is so sure and permanent as you thought it is. only when you're lost you're realistic, you can spend a lifetime with the feeling of wanting to kill yourself and in a light or heavy depression with no noticible ups in your life. like a straight line which lasts his path. when you're feeling so happy you're clearly before a crisis that will blow it all.

    "Warm your hands inside my veins I might be contagious" talks about the melancholy his songs might bring with them and that all the shit he's breathing might spread to your veins too.
    nati1271on September 26, 2010   Link

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