Eventually I'm gonna stop
Talking about this
How Most days it is difficult to talk
Or difficult to be judge by
People who do
Words even bold face in blue
Don't capture our essence
Only blurs us like photographs
Telegraphing high speed motion
We are the blips
Winking and pulling our infinity
Towards our infinitesimal
An I for An I
Our Cycle
Makes the world writhe
Peeps peeking veils that peep into us in kind
Orbiting fringes society has deemed habitat
We pray that when we implode
We are corpses that becomes complex
A funny memorable cliché
An I for An I
Our Cycle
Ley lines skin cell construct themselves
Into me
And life is still a language I'm learning
Only underlines
Undermines of current Aqua Vida
The flow of life
Will flood any vessel I dare
To make canal
To breath at
To breath
Seeping out in tiers
That once covered ocean floors
And eroded bedrock
So we smile as loud
As we wish we could scream
There's a beauty to viewing
The world as a silent noun
A person placed in thing
Watching a thing become a place for people
My smile has become weary tread marks
Autopilot airing
Tired trademarks that I copyright
Into the space I need
When I need it
I hold it like affirmation
The ant that colonizes
The surface of an ant
My farm 7 billion people sharecropping
And cropping shares of us
Out of the photo
So we blur at light speed
Falling into intersection
Between crossed eyes
Cross road
Stir fry musings
And watch them steam off
Death is not
Distant guest in my home
So it is often roped into our conversations
Leaves burning lacerations
In our l loves you
And I am learning
To let go of the things
I love before they are ripped away
Death has fanned flames
Riot high
26 Will be my age this year
And death has made my
Life a ecosystem of bridges
Skyscraper high
And from this perch
I haven't seen where fellow jumpers
Have landed
Only the signs of preparation they left
The harnesses and
Whatever they managed
To pull into their orbit
I am living debris
Attempting Gibraltar in this space
Searching for the
Right spot to land
Elysium, Heaven, Nirvana
Etc. etc
Wondering if we all go to the same spot or
If there
Paralleled alternating worlds
Abyss the color
Of sunflowers and cannabis
I see shapes in the fog
And imagine them solid
Imagine them in freefall
Shooting the breeze with death
Because most days it is difficult to live
And most of us are afraid
Heavy Heart humming through fog
Reverberating echoed memories
Into memoriams
Memes for humanity
Sometimes those of us with sober
Stupor strangling
Half-lidded eyes misty
Bloodshot and sleepy
Fill the fog
Hope in the tone of howls
Shakes our ecosystem
Fucking Jericho's it
So we celebrate our revelry into silent scream
Pulling our infinity into our infinitesimal
Quilting our love into heavy heart armament
Our of choice at rest garments
We pray that when we implode
We are corpses that becomes complex
A funny memorable cliché
An I for An I
Our Cycle
Is one of life and death and something else
Sometimes life finds it difficult to create
So it makes fog
Lingering apology
Lovely forehead kiss
Deep expectant hugs
And I do not know when it
Will be my time to freefall
If my scream will be silent or joyous
But I want it to be like fog
As dense as deep unexpectant hugs
As gentle as lovely forehead kisses
As helpful as lingering apologies
I don't know if their is
Ground where I'm going
I've been a bridge walker
Since '94
But when I arrive at the end
Or beginning of wherever
This trail is trailing off too
I hope that my fall is broken by the scarred hands
Sometimes sculpted in my foggy reveries
That after I forget my years here
That my jumpstart is the copyrighted smiles
I came to love
Because sometimes

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Sometimes (Lester Piggott) song meanings
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  • +2
    General CommentIt's about challenging God. He's looking into the eye of the storm, and daring God to strike him with lightning. Beautiful imagery...
    timsakyon October 01, 2008   Link
  • +2
    General CommentI think it is about being consumed by something: death or love. The two great mysteries in life. I just think it might be about a connection with something more; a connection between two people or nature. There is a feeling of wanting to be at one swept away by the water or emotion or both.
    Isy35on March 07, 2013   Link
  • +1
    General Commentthis song is absolutely amazing. ionly heard it recently and i was in my car in the rain driving through glenn coe in scotland and it was like, wow, why don't i know this song? it was such a perfect dramatic song for such a dramatic situation in that place, if yuo've ever been you'dd know exactly what i mean.
    t1nkerb3llon March 21, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentJames singer Tim Booth has mentioned that parts of the song are about his desire to be struck by lightning!!! Some beautiful imagery here in possibly my favourite James song, the Lester Piggot in brackets after Sometimes refers to the driving, racing sound of the music (Lester Piggot was a legendary UK Horse Racing Jockey) although there is also a possible connection to the "Lester Piggot" chant at the end of the original version of Sit Down (1989)
    bobby peruon April 26, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentIt's about the irresistable and destructive allure of forbidden love. It's about a man who knows full well that this love will destroy him, but lets it into his life anyway. In fact he goes further, he invites it in, because he is powerless to resist the feeling, the thrill, of when he meets her eyes and their souls connect.

    I'd guess it's written from the perpective of a married man who has fallen hopelessly in love with a married woman. And it ultimately destroys him. But the world still turns, the rain still falls and fools are drawn to make silly decisions for love all over the world.
    Blunderer2on July 28, 2016   Link
  • 0
    General CommentI love this song........not sure what it means.
    B18CXon February 06, 2002   Link
  • 0
    General CommentSometimes...I can see your soul too...
    Si, fue la vez en que me enamoré de tí...
    javierudon August 01, 2002   Link
  • 0
    General CommentThis is to me, is one of the greatest pop songs ever - a stonking great tune - who cares what it means - its' an amazingly powerfull energy song - I guess its' about love - but who gives a shit with a tune and atmosphere like that!
    Lemonheadon April 01, 2005   Link
  • 0
    General Commentthis is the greatest james song, way better than that overplayed piece of shit "laid"
    rossxon April 06, 2005   Link
  • 0
    General Commentgreat marriage of music and lyrics.

    beautiful way to express his depression that is growing......but Timmy knows her eyes (love) will save him.......i can't wait for the next thunder storm.......when we see the lightning we all know that is as powerful as love. and the only thing worth living for (rainbows= all the bs flash, aren't really there)
    pton July 20, 2005   Link

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