last call to wake me up and stumble to the street don't know if i'm coming or going (one more drink) so called friends long since departed in the night tomorrow morning they'll exaggerate and tell me varied lies if they only knew what i have seen and what i have been through the truth is bottled up inside 100 proof another weekend spent alone time passing by too drunk to pick up the receiver feeble attempts to help me go ignored don't have the energy or will power to make it anymore if they only kew what i have seen and what i have been through the truth is bottled up inside 100 proof

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    My InterpretationI believe that the song is about an alcoholic that once had probably had fun going out with friends to get drunk, however this person would not be able to stop drinking and go home for the night like his "so-called friends". They might be referred to as "so-called" because the alcoholic is most likely drinking to excess in order to "get away" from painful memories from the past and if they were actually true friends who cared, then they would try to help this person with their blatant alcohol abuse by talking to them about their problems instead of leaving them to get even more plastered and most likely be put into an even more hellish state because they would end up hammered, alone. The latter part of the lyrics would have to do with not being able and/or not wanting to even bother trying to function in a public setting and are more comfortable drinking by themselves, and they have probably also lost touch with their friends that they used to drink with socially. I can relate on an addiction level, doesn't really matter whether it's alcohol, drugs, or any other addiction.
    Syr1ngeon October 17, 2012   Link

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