"Sacrificio" as written by Dino A.m. Cazares, Raymond Herrera and John Lepe....
Buscos pendejos, virgenes, why gueros
Cirujia con un machete
La table te espera,
Para maltratarte con fieros
Brjueria con velas why sangre
Misas negras pa el placer del brujo
Resando ante
Sacrificio de sesos para satanas
Una partida pa abrirte la pansa
Si quieres salir de la mesa de muerte
S de sacarte la mente
El machete no se quebra cortando huesos
Te saco las tripas con mis hunas filosas
Me pelas la verga con tu culo
Espero allarte en mi mesa

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"Sacrificio" as written by John Lepe Dino A.m. Cazares

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Sacrificio song meanings
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    General CommentTranslation:


    I'm looking for dumbasses,
    Virgins and whities
    The table awaits
    To mistreat you with metals

    Surgery with a machete
    Sacrifice of brains for Satan
    Witchcraft with candles and blood
    Black masses for the warlock's pleasure

    Praying before I remove your mind
    If you want to get out of my death table

    A slash to open your belly
    The machete doesn't snap cutting bones
    I take out your guts with my sharp nails
    You peel my dick with your ass

    I hope to find you in my table
    Eliminationon November 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNotes on the translation: "fierros" (translated as "metals") literally means to plural for any kind of metal, but as slang can mean a gun in certain places, and likely means something sharp in this one.

    Also, "brujo" as "warlock" as how most translation sites and dictionaries have it, but there's really no equivalent in english to what this word portrays. In english, "warlock" sounds fictional, in spanish, "brujo" is a feared word, as it has deep ties with obscure religions/cults such as those related to the Yoruba mythology, and occasionally, in spoken in a context of "healer" or "shaman."

    And lastly, "pelar" or "peel" as I translated it, refers to retracting the foreskin or prepuce of the male penis. This is slang commonly used in Mexico; for example, while in American english you can be playing video games with friends and taunt them with "I own you", in Mexican spanish one would say "me la pelas" ("you peel it [off me]"). It is also generally used to describe how one can overcome difficult situations and the like, in the form of "ese ensayo me la pela" ("that essay is a piece of cake", to use a rough equivalent to the context).
    In the song, it's quite literal, of course.
    Eliminationon November 01, 2008   Link

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