I've been searching for my dream
A hundred times today
I build them up, you knock them down
Like they were made of clay

Then the tide rushes in
And washes my castles away
Then I'm really not so sure
Which side of the bed I should lay
I should lay

You keep looking for someone
To tell your troubles to
I'll sit down and lend an ear
Yet I hear nothing new

Then the tide rushes in
And washes my castles away
Then I'm really not so sure
Which side of the bed I should lay
I should lay

Blackbird sitting in a tree
Observing what's below
Acorns falling to the ground
He'll stay and watch them grow

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And the Tide Rushes In Lyrics as written by Ray Thomas

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And The Tide Rushes In song meanings
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    General Comment
    I interpret this song as frustration with a lover--they're having little fights he's having. But the "tide rushing in" is him realizing how silly the little fights are, washing away the 'castles' we build around ourselves when we argue and fight. But after the fight, he doesn't know what to do. The line about the blackbird is odd, but I assume it refers to relationships too--love takes time to grow from something small like the acorn to something great and strong like an oak. To me, the lyrics could have been whiny if done with less restraint, but the gentleness of the music makes it into an experience anyone who has been in a relationship can agree with.
    ProfessorKnowItAllon October 13, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretation
    "I've been searching for my dream a hundred times today." Somewhat obvious; this speaks to me of the constant, daily struggle to realize one's dreams. We all know that construction, or constructiveness, or constructive actions, are far more difficult to realize than destruction/destructiveness/destructive actions. It's in the same vein as positivity and negativity; many people can agree that the latter comes more easily than the former. You must be constantly vigilant in order to banish negative thoughts and stay positive; the minute you let one slip through, the floodgates are opened, and you slide down that slippery slope into sadness. "I build them up, you knock them down, like they were made of clay." When you go to your significant other, or someone you care about, you want comfort. You want support. Sometimes, it's simply not there to be had. Sometimes that person is in the wrong state of mind, or they're dealing with their own issues. Sometimes, this isn't obvious, and your desire for affection and consolation is badly timed and can be misconstrued as neediness or clinginess, which can aggravate a negative state of mind. Your significant other might turn on you and lash out at you, whether you deserved it or not. I have experienced this in the past, many times. It is a deeply painful feeling, like being kicked when you're down, or stabbed in the back. You can't prepare for something like that; it always comes as a painful shock that drains you, and makes your entire body feel like a massive lead weight when it's all over. "Then the tide rushes in, and washes my castles away..." If the shock is bad enough, it can magnify your sadness and bring about automatic negative thoughts, like you're struggling for nothing, like you've accomplished nothing, that you're worthless or a failure, or that you're a bad person for feeling the way that you do. Any progress you made improving yourself or your life can be washed away as quickly and regularly as a sand castle in the tide, by waves of negativity, if you're not careful. "And I'm really not so sure, which side of the bed I should lay." When you're going through rough motions in your relationship, you might feel nervous about being near your significant other. You're afraid you might do something to set them off and make them angry at you. You're not sure what you should do, or what you even can do. And it can be as something as simple as lying down on the wrong side of the bed that sets off another painful, exhausting, hours-long shouting match. "You keep looking for someone to tell your troubles to. I'll sit down and lend an ear, yet I'll hear nothing new." I think this is pretty obvious, and anybody who has seen hard times can relate. You've lived, seen, and heard all about the worst life has to offer, but you politely listen because you remember how badly you wanted someone to just listen to you, someone to commiserate with. Maybe you think this will help put yourself back in the good graces with your significant other after a falling out. Sometimes it does. But sometimes, the tide rushes in, and washes your castles away. And then you're not sure which side of the bed on which you should lay. Maybe you're just better off sleeping on the couch. "Blackbird sitting in a tree, observing what's below. Acorns falling to the ground, he'll stay and watch them grow." Regardless of the insignificant troubles of one or two people, life goes on. Time passes. The acorns fall, and the blackbird watches them grow. If there's a deeper meaning to this particular verse, I don't see it. To me, it's a bit of artistic non-sequitur.
    michaelshepardon June 13, 2014   Link
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    Lyric Correction
    I don't think it's "When side of the bed I should lay" but rather "What side".
    Wustenfuchson July 01, 2012   Link
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    General Comment
    it's all about man-woman relationship after.....6 months!
    rezdvdon August 29, 2012   Link

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