"Hello Earth" as written by and Kate / Bush....
Hello earth
Hello earth

With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out
Out of sight

Peek-a-boo, little earth
With just my heart and my mind
I can be driving
Driving home
And you asleep
On the seat

I get out of my car
Step into the night
And look up at the sky
And there's something bright
Traveling fast
Look at it go
Look at it go

Hello earth
Hello earth

Watching storms
Start to form
Over America
Can't do anything
Just watch them swing
With the wind out to sea

All you sailors
(Get out of the waves, get out of the water)
All life-savers,
(Get out of the waves, get out of the water)
All you cruisers,
(Get out of the waves, get out of the water)
All you fishermen
Head for home

Go to sleep, little earth
I was there at the birth
Out of the cloudburst
The head of the tempest
Murder of calm
Why did I go?
Why did I go?

Tiefer, tiefer
Irgendwo in der tiefe
Gibt es ein licht

Go to sleep little earth

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"Hello Earth" as written by Kate Bush

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    General Comment"Tiefer, tiefer, irgendwo in der Tiefe gibt es ein Licht" is what is said before "Go to sleep little Earth". It's German for "Deeper, deeper, somewhere in the depth there is a light." (that's what it says on gaffa)
    I don't know what the rest of the chanting is though.
    This song sounds like it's about the end of the world..
    witch babyon May 25, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti love playing this song at night staring up at the sky its my way of telling god that the world isnt what it seems.
    forget_me_noton June 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWow! I didnt think of the songs being connected at all!!! I noticed that a lot Hound of Love songs had pieces in it like ''get out of the water!'' but i thought she just added them for the fun of it. I find that Kate Bush is such a unique creative person and i am so glad we get to hear her songs and see life through her perspective!
    Katebushfan4lyfeon September 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhen I heard this song the first time,i saw a guy who was drowning in the ocean after a storm. His soul goes in space and he watches Earth for the last time. he remembers the last time he was with his cherished love driving his car and she was sleeping by his side. As he is immaterial he can hear radio conversations. And then he goes to the light.
    ThierryFon August 20, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is at the moment the heroine is rescued, but she's too exhausted and "out of it" to recognise what is happening.

    As she is floating the water, completely delirious, she imagines she is an astronaut watching earth and has flashbacks to seeing a light in the sky in her "ordinary life -" this is in fact the helicopter that will rescue her.

    As she watches the storm brew she urges those on the boat to leave, but it has already happened.

    The motif "get out of the waves! Get out of the water" comes in here and I think this is the sign she is being rescued - it is shouted in Waking the Witch from the helicopter. She vaguely hears this coming closer but does not realise what it is.

    However before she can be rescued entirely she passes out. The German lines are a reference to a poem, I believe, but I do not have it to hand.
    TheBon February 27, 2015   Link
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    General Commentit's odd how corny these lyrics can look on paper, but the song pulls them off handily. does anyone know what the chanty-sounding voices are saying -- most evident toward the end?
    neuralstaticon May 21, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthe eerie almost-gregorian chanting throughout the song is from Werner Herzog's film, Nosferatu. there aren't words in it, it's unscripted chanting, and it's used in the film during the plague scenes.
    streeturchinnnon June 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm wrong. the gregorian chant is actually a piece called Tsintskaro. there's various spellings of it.
    streeturchinnnon June 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOnce upon a time I was playing various parts in a silly and serious play that angels were treating me to and in one role I was linked to the earth goddess Ge. I have no idea how it was originally pronounced but they were saying Gee as in gee whiz and I was Baby Ge or Little Earth—dreaming to spare Ge the indignity of being blown up with nuclear weapons. Talk about being out of my league … and the angels would sing this song with me. With just one hand held up high, I can blot you out—I was insignificant and small. They were driving—I was sleeping. We became something bright, traveling fast, moving at breakneck speed, communicating in torrents but not really accomplishing anything that I was aware of. Our storm formed in America and anyone who witnessed the event couldn’t really intervene—angels are exceedingly clever. The admonition for sailors, life-savers and cruisers to get out of the water was a message I wasn’t overly fond of because it suggested that much of what we felt we could do to impede war wasn’t going to work—and face it, who wants to hear that? I liked it even less because it wasn’t clear at all what might work and they were saying, go to sleep little earth—don’t worry about it. Being there at the birth refers to when this began and while we haven’t descended into World War III, things haven’t exactly been calm. So it would have been me asking why did I go? Why even listen to such nonsense? And they said go to sleep little earth. Sounds like a fairy tale so I made it one. From what I understand about life, we could easily blow this planet up and simply say, well gee, we felt like starting over although I personally think it’s a bit strange to think of blowing up home no matter how short the visit. Could be—majority rules and I’m in the minority.
    sillybunnyon August 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentKATE: “The song after that is Hello Earth, and this is the point where she's so weak that she relives the experience of the storm that took her in the water, almost from a view looking down on the earth up in the heavens, watching the storm start to form - the storm that eventually took her and that has put her in this situation…”

    A moving song, full of sad and beautiful imagery… the moon, the heavens, Oneness, ecological interdependence, the cruel sea, the human mind, a baby, safety, compassion, etc…

    The protagonist is alone on the vast ocean surface, gazing at the night sky, and ‘so aware of her situation.’ It’s just her and Nature… “Hello, Earth!… Hello, Earth!”
    (Each of the opening calls is echoed by a voice seemingly lost in space.)

    The song is about how small we are as individuals, how vast and unpredictable nature is, about trust and how everything is connected and interdependent…

    A baby can (playfully) block care-giving Earth out of sight with just one hand (Earth being its mother)… and then make care-taking Earth reappear… Learning to trust and control his/her environment…
    To the mother, her baby is her little Earth…
    The moon is like a little Earth reflecting our insignificance…
    We are all at the mercy of nature and must care more…
    We all stare at the night, tracking vastness and insignificance… and maybe a satellite watching storms start to form.

    Our heroine is now emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted…
    Tired and as helpless as a baby, she cries “Why did I go?” before telling herself to “Go to sleep, little earth.”

    ‘Tiefer, tiefer. Irgendwo in der Tiefe Gibt es ein licht.’ = Deep. Deep. Somewhere in the darkness, there is a light.

    Wikipedia: A different recording of "Zinzkaro", the Georgian folk song performed on the soundtrack to Herzog’s “Nosferatu the Vampyre” (1979), by the Vocal Ensemble Gordela, was used by Kate Bush in the song "Hello Earth" on her 1985 album Hounds of Love.
    Theresa_Gionoffrioon April 17, 2007   Link

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