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in company respect's shown mutual into it's own, indifference although when i'm left alone
and true feeling's begin to show, honesty overflows in my mind when i try not to cry 'cause
i'm blind and alive, and esteem has no gleam and it can't be seen, i'm so alone, i still
can't understand these feeling's that i'm feelin, you're pullin' me back and forth all that
you're doin' is confusin' me, with this emotional strain, it's drivin' me to the edge
of insanity, you can't blame me for your pain and sufferin'...not keepin on no downlow, i'm
screamin the flow in your face, just like mace in your eyes, like feelin' my bass in your
thighs, it's time to recognize and realize that your ways are not the only ways to lead
your life...low, concerned about what others think right, cause your ego's makin' your core
so weak tunnel vision, you move from .a to .b to .c, that's not the point see, you lived
your life around me....i'm crushed inside, each day i get by, w/ the gleam in my eyes...if
you want me then just try to find me, if you ever need to suck me dry, when you need me you
won't ever see me i've lost respect now watch you cry, touched on me so shortly then just
left me 2 you watched me bleed now you smile, you walked through me while you crushed that
gleam i had inside my eyes.

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    General CommentI think this is another song about Fred Durst.
    "concerned about what others think right, cause your ego's makin' your core so weak tunnel vision, you move from .a to .b to .c, that's not the point see, you lived your life around me"
    I'm sure anyone would agree that Fred has an very large ego and anything to make himself look better he'll do. Fred devoted a lot of time to Taproot. All he cared about was what was going to make him look better, not the band. Then when Taproot didn't sign with him, he started talking shit and they lost respect for him.
    But look where Taproot is now and look where Fred is.
    jealousxpassionon April 27, 2003   Link
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    General Commentyep. Taproot is a fuckin awesome band, Limp Bizkit is not, but mainly because of that fat piece of shit frontman.
    toolapcon December 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commenthow can this be about Fred Durst? this song was written WAAAAY before Taproot met Fred, which was like around 1999... I'm not a Fred fan, nor am I an LB fan, but common sense will tell you that this song is not about him. you guys are just looking for reasons to talk shit and hate the guy.

    anyway, this song fucking rules (hence why I use it as my name) and so does Taproot. I miss their rap-metal days, I wish they would do more songs in this vein... but anyway, I think this song is basically about when you're down because you need help with something, and the one person you try to turn to never fucking helps, and they just tries to bring you down. so then one day you just snap and say "FUCK YOU!" and find inner strength within yourself and try to fix things on your own, without the help of that idiot. that's what it means to me, at least...

    who hasn't been in this type of situation before?
    [lowlife]on June 26, 2007   Link

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