Time takes care of the wound
So I can believe
You had so much to give
You thought I couldn't see

Gifts for boot heels to crush
Promises deceived
I had to send it away
To bring us back again

Your eyes and body brighten
Silent waters, deep
Your precious daughter in the
Other room, asleep

A kiss goodnight from every
Stranger that I meet
I had to send it away
To bring us back again

Morning theft
Unpretender left

True self is what
Brought you here, to me
A place where we can
Accept this love

Friendship battered down by
Useless history
Unexamined failure

But what am I still to you
Some thief who stole from you?
Or, some fool drama queen
Whose chances were few?

That brings us to who we need
A place where we can save
A heart that beats as
Both siphon and reservoir

You're a woman, I'm a calf
You're a window, I'm a knife
We come together
Making chance in the starlight

Meet me tomorrow night
Or any day you want
I have no right to wonder
Just how, or when

You know the meaning fits
There's no relief in this
I miss my beautiful friend

I have to send it away
To bring her back again

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Morning Theft Lyrics as written by Jeff Buckley

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Morning Theft song meanings
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    General CommentTo grab your attention... the woman Jeff wrote this about wrote a song about him also but I believe Morning Theft is an answer to her song. The name of it is at the end of this note.
    Some of you are off and some aren't but the reason why Jeff never wanted his lyrics released was because he wanted the song to mean whatever the listener wanted or heard. According to the book Dream Brother, this song has references to two of Jeff's former girlfriends... Rebecca Moore and Liz Frasier. Many of Jeff's songs on Grace are about Rebecca but Morning Theft's line, Your precious daughter in the other room asleep is about Liz's girl. Liz is an astounding singer from the bands This Mortal Coil and the Cocteau Twins whom were some of Jeff's favorite bands. Liz wrote and sang a song called Rilkean Heart which is about Jeff and their romance. You must listen to it. The better version is on the Twinlights EP.
    jrw1980on April 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIt's hard to pin down an exact meaning to any of Jeff's songs. The meaning is conveyed much more in the overall product than in the lyrics by themselves. And his lyrics weave this kinda of web of poetic imagery and raw, abstract, emotion.
    I get out of this that the singer obviously really cares about this woman, but he's fucked things up a few times. He's asking for a second chance or maybe a third or fourth chance.
    "Sending it away" I believe refers to giving himself over completely to her. He's giving her the upper hand because he admits that he does not deserve it.
    GentleDogson December 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is my absolute favorite Jeff Buckkley song. I got lyrics tatooted on my leg!

    Love brings us to who we need.

    That is so true!
    ew78on May 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI definitely believe this song is about Elizabeth Fraser as someone mentioned, especially after reading about her. She has deep regrets about their relationship... as she said she has to learn to forgive herself. Fraser says how she regrets not being there for him, as she was constantly touring and busy. No doubt Jeff must have been wrapped up in his own business ("A kiss goodnight from every stranger that I meet"). Their relationship was described as a very personal intimate relationship--whatever level that may be. And she does have a daughter from a previous relationship. By the time Jeff died, they had drifted as friends. I think Jeff is saying how if he wanted that friendship back, he needed to send away all the things of life, the craziness of the music business, etc. to regain what he had found with her.

    It's such a beautiful song. I am constantly floored at the sheer poetry of his lyrics.
    kookiecutteron February 23, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"and though the meaning fits, there's no relief in this, I miss my beautiful friend."
    Oh shit! I can relate to that so much!
    Little_Baby_Nothingon August 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think Jeff was always underestimated as a writer, he was really good at writing words.
    Jonsion December 11, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis song IS about the strong feelings you develop for somebody who was once your friend...and how difficult it is to return to being "friends" after you are involved. from my understanding jeff is making reference to Liz Fraser, singer for the Cocteau Twins. Both had a mutual admiration for one another and were later rumored to be lovers.

    the lyric "your precious daughter" refers to Liz' daughter.
    costeson May 15, 2006   Link
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    General Commentok ok I have to post this~ Iknow it's sad and just plain WRONG in my opinion that he is gone. But he is only gone in the physical sense. He is still very much here, he live son through his fans, his music, his loved ones.

    He wasn't one to be proudly hanging a lable on himself. "Alt. Rock Boy" "Tragic Beautiful Rockstar" so many I include mysel in that category tend to focus on the sadness and darkness we see in his music. But he was someone who LOVED LIFE!

    Although his life was short (by most standards) I am sure he live done hell of one!
    He did what he loved which was play music. He wanted to move his fans, touch them in any way possible and I'd say he has done that and continues to do that.

    Yeah sure he had issues but don't we all. I am sure he wouldn't want his fans sitting around and thiking about his "oh so tragic" death! He made a bad mistake a really fucking bad mistake. But is that all we remember??

    If any of you have read any books about him you'd know he had a huge heart and loved people, he had a great sense of humor and lived to make people laugh. He loved all types of music, rock, soul, jazz, country, reggea anything! He used music as a coping tool, as toy, as anythihg he wanted and he loved it.

    He got to travel, party, fall in love, play some beautiful music which continues to resonate w/ generations of new fans. I am sure he is looking down right now and is very pleased by how much his music means to people. Just remember he lived his life focus on that!!!

    VIVA BUCKLEY!!!!!!

    ew78on April 07, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHe was complex with his words. I don't think we will ever fully know the secrets in his life. We can speculate the daughter in the next room as his own. The woman he speaks of could be any. There is something almost priceless in not knowing all there is to know about him. It keeps us searching for answers.
    Songenvyon September 25, 2014   Link
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    General CommentWhat a songwriter."A heart that beats as both siphon and reservoir".
    mattsaunderson January 13, 2002   Link

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