Pretty little girl, she shines
Knowing she is young, she smiles
Happy just to be a prize
Happy just to see his smile

Silly little girl, she tries
Thinking she is good, and wise
Doesn't recognise the lies
Pouring from her lips, she sighs:

This is so real,
It's what I feel,
I look in your eyes and lose myself

Silly little girl denies
Every understanding why
Her face is full of sad surprise
Every time she hears him cry:

What do you feel
When you're with me?
I look in your eyes and see myself

But there's no connection,
Just his own reflection
Isn't this the way you wanted me?
(what do you mean?)
In love with you
(what do I feel?)
Do anything
(what do you mean?)
For you

She looked in his eyes to lose herself

And when it falls apart, she cries
Doesn't think to look inside
She just covers up her eyes
Doesn't see her own disguise

And though she feels this sorrow,
It will fade tomorrow
She'll pretend that this was really love
(what do you mean?)
She'll make their fall
(what did I feel?)
Seem beautiful
(what do you mean?)
She won't remember this at all
(what do you mean?)
She won't recall
(what did I feel?)
The truth at all
(what do you mean?)
She wants to fall
(what did I feel?)
(what do you mean?)

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For Love Lyrics as written by Miki Berenyi

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    General Comment
    I get the feeling it's about a naive girl who changes herself for some guy.
    ahartlineon December 29, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    "silly little girl denies" I always thought was "silly little girl - ten eyes", as in Doc Martens 10-eye boots...made sense to me then, and still makes me think of my girlfriend at the time who wore 10-eye Docs.
    Dejah Thorison September 14, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    Mmh... I think I've met this girl once too many times in my lifetime...
    Prometeoon January 20, 2006   Link
  • +2
    General Comment
    I've always loved this song. It's funny though, I used to think the line "She'll make thier fall, seem beautiful" was "she'll make a fool, seem beautiful" So it seemed to me that the song was about that intense teenage crush that this superficial girl projects onto the guy. He seems aware of her obliviousness of her own constructed relationship with him, so she creates the drama of the ending and in typical "wasn't that important in the first place" fashion, she longs for the next crush as she has forgotten the pain of the last. But now that I know it's "their fall"... I'm confused again. Either way it still seems about the selfish girl and her constructions.
    nosoulboy13on February 27, 2006   Link
  • +2
    General Comment
    This is such a perfect Lush song... this album had such a massive impact on my teenage self and completely changed my tastes in music... all of my skateboarding/punk rock friends were all "wtf!?" but the girls suddenly appeared...
    grenon October 22, 2017   Link
  • +1
    General Comment
    She has changed for him and now resents it but he can't understand why she's unhappy...and this cycle repeats itself day after day
    blakebabieson September 13, 2014   Link
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    My Interpretation
    I think it\'s about a girl who\'s doing all that she can to be with this guy who she thinks she loves and then he doesn\'t feel the same way, even though she changed herself to try and be everything he ever wanted and she\'s convincing herself it was love, but she\'s moving on so fast cause she just wants to be seen. it\'s the validation she craves and she\'ll do anything for it—just a thought. I only found this song a year or two ago in the midst of my "silly little girl" era.I guess that\'s why I interpret it this way.
    arianaaon April 19, 2022   Link
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    My Interpretation
    I think this song is about girl who is in a relationship with a guy, and while he loves her, she only thinks she loves him. It’s a facade she’s convinced herself of. She “doesn’t recognize the lies pouring from her lips” and “doesn’t see her own disguise”. This lie doesn’t work, though. The guy knows she doesn’t really love him. He looks into her eyes, and “there’s no connection, just his own reflection”. In the end, the relationship does not last, and neither does her sorrow, as it will fade tomorrow, for it was never really love. She’ll never admit it. She’ll make the fall seem beautiful and tragic, always putting on a show for the crowd, but she was never really present.
    totalBSon May 22, 2023   Link

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