"Cigarette" as written by and Waymon Boone....
Got myself a job
Gonna move up that corporate ladder
Follow in the footsteps of all my friends

Have another cigarette

So why you tripping on me?
I can't take all the pressure
Gotta find some way to cope with this

Have another cigarette

And live 'til you die

I'm not afraid
I'm unafraid
I'm different from the rest somehow

Blind to the wind, the news
And the culture
Deaf to the sound that leaks
From your voice
Take a deep breath and pray
For a second one

Have another cigarette

So what do you think of me now?
I'm not here to impress you
I'm not the one who's insecure

Springtime, Jesus, flower, firefly
Sister, Sunday, winter, mother

Start learning to fall

I could never be like this
I could never be like this
Start learning how to fall down
Will you ever believe me?
Will you never be with me?
Start learning to crawl

Springtime, Jesus, flower, mother

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"Cigarette" as written by Waymon Boone

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Cigarette song meanings
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    General CommentAlmost humorous viewpoint from the eyes of a smoking addict. Almost egotistical, until you realize the song is sort of making fun of said addict. In short, song about an addict who knows he's screwed.
    Nythroson January 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI disagree. The main point of this song is far from his own cigarette addiction, if he even has one. It's about doing his own thing as far as "making a living." He's not going after a corporate career to make the big bucks. He ignores all the pressure to conform and find a real job. I thought the line, "Have another cigarette" was a comment to his friends who have the "good life" but can't handle all the stress involved unless they are smoking all the time.....
    giftedmadnesson June 18, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI always thought this song was about having to abandon your dreams in search of a real "job." Like where he says, "Gonna move up that corporate ladder/Follow in the footsteps of all my friends." When was the last time you ever heard anybody (proudly) say they were following in the footsteps of their friends? He's saying that all his friends have sold out to the man, and he knows that sooner or later, he'll have to do the same.
    WalrusManon April 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentGod its so right on. Take it from an ex "after 5" (as in 9 to 5) rocker that's slowly giving in.
    bugmenoton January 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is really great. The chorus is so uplifting. The opening chords are really neat, but you can't find the tabs to them on the internet, but my brother actually learned to play it without looking them up! I think this song is about living a rich life and not caring about anything but having fun. He's just an uncaring individual in this song and he is unafraid of what others think because he knows himself that he is successful in life.
    tigertour02on September 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is abt our struggle in life. The cigarette represents that vice that you need to cope with all the stress of living. He has to give in to "the man", so have a "cig" and wash that feeling of failure away. Everyone is always giving him crap and he can't take it so have another cig and wash that away too. Blind and deaf, the only way he can get by is to shut the world out, pray for the best and of course, have another cigarette. He thinks he will somehow break out of the rat race because he's so sure that he's unique. In the same way everyone think they're different from everyone else and will do their own thing and not conform to society.

    He thinks he's made something of himself and that it's everyone else who has the problem. Then he realizes he has to accept that he is falling. Then he's in denial. I could never be like this! As in, how could I have sunk so low, this is what I tried so hard to avoid. And now, here, at rock bottom, he pleads with someone important to him. And he starts learning to crawl signifying that he hasn't given up.
    mordsithon April 12, 2010   Link

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