My brother finds comfort in calculators
He assigns every number a name
He believes that they add up to certainty
And he is upset with fractions that remain

So I examine these maps with my eyes and at best
I can trace with my finger all the way
To that town where she went an attempt to forget
The cracks and the lines of my face

So Jetsabel cleaned out the closets for me
And she piled the boxes in the hall
Tomorrow when she wakes she'll come take them away
And they will never haunt me again

But it is still hard to sleep with the moon's heavy beams
I run barefoot to the backyard
Just to freeze in my place by the rod iron gate
Too afraid and ashamed to advance

Today I walked through the snow and found a field of headstones
They were in rows like the weeks on calendars
Where each box is a day that you can ever escape
Without pills for your poisonous sleep

These memories leak from these faucets that weep
Hot tears splash against the shower floor
And I stand in the steam as if inside a dream
I can see her again by the sink

From behind the bathroom mirror she pulls a thermometer
And placed it underneath my tounge
She said, "You are as pale as a sheet, you look awful my sweet
Lay down and wait for the sun"

So I stayed in that bed, she brought me water and read
Each night from a volume out loud
She whispered soft poetry, her favorite was Anabel Lee
And those words, like these drugs, comforted me

But the clocks kept waving their hands and she could not understand
Why my temperature would never drop
And although she promised with tears that she would always
be here
I heard truth like the sounding sea

I said, "My Arienette, oh, how soon you'll forget
This house will never be your home
And you will leave in the fall when the trees become graves
And their color lie dead in the grass"

Gold and green torture me
Like the lies I believe too easily
Oh my Jetsabel, look at this hell that I have made
If you want maybe drop by sometime
Put some flowers on my grave
So that I will look beautiful in my silent sepulchur
Yeah, that's fine, throw those dresses away
I don't want anything of hers

For the moon never shines
And the stars never rise
Without bringing me dreams

Haunted by the ghosts of those bright eyes

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Jetsabel Removes the Undesireables song meanings
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    General CommentFirst of all YEAH!EDGARALLENPOE

    Second, I love this song.

    Third, I can picture Conor writing all of these songs that don't actually have as deep a meanign as we think and he just sits there laughing as we try to explain things we don't understand.
    HeathroBonkon March 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThere are a lot of references to Annabel Lee in this song, not just the one lyric where he specifically mentions that poem.

    The last stanza of Annabel Lee:
    "*For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams*
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
    *And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes*
    Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
    And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
    Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,
    In the *sepulchre* there by the sea,
    In her tomb by the *sounding sea*."

    Some lines from this song:
    "So that I will look beautiful in my silent sepulcher"
    "I heard truth like the sounding sea"
    "For the moon never shines, and the stars never rise without bringing me dreams haunted by the ghosts of those bright eyes"

    Annabel Lee is about a man who loves a woman, but then she gets sick and dies. Her body is placed in a sepulcher by the sea, which he lays down beside each night. He blames her death on their love, saying that even the angels in heaven were jealous, so they took her from him.

    In this song it's the man who gets sick and dies, and the love between the woman (Arienette) and him wasn't as strong. She ended up leaving him because, try as she might, she couldn't make him better, and she couldn't bear to see him suffer.

    In "The Joy in Forgetting/The Joy in Acceptance" he says "And you speak of a fever that burns you inside as you explain to your mother how you have wanted to die... And you will be happy the minute you try, so won't you try?" In this song he also speaks of a fever, so I'm thinking that maybe he wants to die, or at least sees it as inevitable, so he won't even try to get better. Arienette says that she'll never leave, but he claims to know that she will eventually. He thinks that her leaving him is an inevitability, just like his death. This mindset could be what drove her away, along with not wanting to see him suffer.

    But, like the man in Annabel Lee, he can't get over her after she leaves. He dreams of her every night and sees her all the time. He wants Jetsabel to get rid of her things because he can't stand to be reminded of her all the time, but it probably won't work.

    One thing I don't understand is when he says "like the lies I believed too easily." At first I thought it meant that he believed Arienette when she said that she'd never leave, but obviously not, since he says that he knows she will. I don't know what other lie he could be talking about, though.

    One more thing. "Just to freeze in my place by the rod iron gate" - That should be WROUGHT iron gate. ;]
    alyssarcasticon July 28, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song is too deep to even try to explain... i can't believe it hasn't gotten any comments i love it! i love conor!
    emogreenon August 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentconor is so cool, someone needs to just put him outof his misery
    bitterbuffalo101on August 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI adore this song, it's so utterly downcast, every word flows like a stream, in waves of poetry and beauty. Maybe slightlyself-absorbed, but it's so fun to listen to, in a way that's aprt of why it's so good. The simple yet effective accompaniment is subtle, and unobtrusive. Gorgeous. Why he didn't put this on Fevers And Mirrors is unfathomable. Anyone know, cos it was on the Japanese version, I think. Why not the UK or US one??
    Potassium_Nitrateon September 24, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think bright eyes is like a modern jim morrison. the lyrics are mostly poetical. and the songs are timeless.
    xxbrybryxxon September 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentout of all the effective lyrics conor has written, this has to be the most perfect.
    Today i walked through the snow and found a field of headstones. They were
    in rows like the weeks on calendars where each box is a day that you can ever
    escape without pills for you poisonous sleep. These memories leak from
    these faucets that weep. Hot tears splash against the shower floor and i stand
    in the steam as if inside a dream
    beautiful, absolutly beautiful.
    xbrghteyesxon April 08, 2003   Link
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    General CommentYay! Edgar Allan Poe!
    and come on Conor is much better than Jim Morrison...he's a poet, Jim was a wannabe poet (just my opinion sorry...)
    is he coughing in the background, to keep with the whole poe-ish romantic poet with TB thing (not that Poe had it, but it's the same kind of atmosphere) or he's moving chairs???
    dorareeveron April 16, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think that a ghost is singing the song, and that he doesn't know that he is dead. The song mentions that he is sick, and that he doesn't get better. Maybe he thinks that she is deserting him when really he is dead and she has to leave.
    Jetsabelon June 12, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwow I really like your interpretation jetsabel!
    dorareeveron October 06, 2004   Link

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