"Fair" as written by and August Cinjun/tate Tate....
Hey, are you lonely?
Has summer gone so slowly?
We found the ground
And that damage was done
It's cold as you fade into the sun
Where'd you go? To me?

But you're alive!
Well, it's only
Fallen frames, they told me
You stand out, it's so loud
And so what if it is?
It's cold as you face into the wind
Where'd it go to? tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of your work
Is rated again
Where to go ?

And you were somehow the ran thing could allow
But it's all wrong
You're so strong
And this life and work
And choice took far too long
Where'd it go? tonight the sun shall see its light

So what if you catch me,
Where would we land?
In somebody's life
For taking his hands
Sing to me hope as she's
Thrown on the sand
All of our work
Is rated again

When I was sure you'd follow through
My world was turned to blue so thin
When you'd hide your songs would die
So I'd hide yours with mine
And all my words were bound to fail
I know you won't fail
See, I can tell

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"Fair" as written by Cedric Lemoyne August Cinjun Tate

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    General CommentMaybe I'm completely wrong about this, but I always had a movie scene playing in my head with this song -- and perhaps at least one person could connect with what I always seen, these stolen moments printed onto broken reels.

    I always thought that this Guy and Girl had a past relationship at one point -- but were forced apart. Not from broken feelings or knowing that it was over, but because of the wrong situation or something similar. And because it was this, their feelings never exactly died -- and still running strong. Perhaps they had to end it before the summer, when they were both young and had other things clipping their wings.

    "Hey, are you lonely? Has summer gone so slowly?"

    He might have been waiting all summer, and finally decides to talk to her again. "Are you lonely?" Perhaps a question as to whether or not she has moved on or not -- or if she is lonely without him to bring her home.

    "We found the ground, and the damage was done."

    Perhaps when they first met they were in love, but of course something went wrong -- which is why he questions her to begin with. There is this everlasting scar on both of them -- they left marks on each other's hearts as someone they can never forget. The damage is done, and they both realize that this was something special.

    "It's cold as you fade into the sun. Where'd you go? To me."

    Of course at one point she left, for reasons they both already know -- environmental, personal. And because she did she disappeared from his life, and he questions where did she go -- only to realize that she was behind him all along, without him knowing it.

    "But you're alive! Well, it's only, Fallen frames, they told me."

    When she vaporized and faded out of his life, he had no idea where she should reappear. They both attempted to get on with their lives until fallen frames, or forgotten memories (think abandoned pictures), suddenly rushed back to remind him that she was someone he knew at one point. Pushed forth innocent inquiries about general well fare, a faint reminder of a past life that you can't help but question and catch up on. And he realizes, that she's still alive to him.

    "You stand out, it's so loud. And so what if it is?"

    So maybe she finally reappears in his life. She talks to him again, and she stands out immediately. A halo of light always surrounds her figure when he talks to her, shining so bright he can't ignore it. Maybe it's because she was something special to him -- always will be, and because of this, his feelings for her are so loud that he can't help but ignore it. And, well, so what if it is?

    "It's cold as you face into the wind. Where'd it go?

    Eventually something happens, and he's forced to face the wind. It could be she ended it abruptly, afraid of what will happen or what could happen. Perhaps she is still hurt from his last relationship, and she makes him turn away into the storm. And she tries so hard to forget about it, about their love, and she suddenly does. And he's left wondering how something -- their love, left so suddenly. How she could forget about it so easily. Constantly questioning, Where'd it go?

    "(Tonight the sun shall see its light)"

    And this line struck me as the guy finally letting it go. To let the sun finally see it's light again, and to put the thing behind him temporarily.

    "So what if you catch me, Where would we land?"

    He starts to question the possibilities of what would happen. What if she just threw it all into the wind and went with him? But what would happen to them when they finally land off this temporary high? But he does it anyways; he'll scoop her off her feet and take her to amazing places --

    "In somebody's life, for taking his hands."

    And maybe he was too late, she has another relationship. He tried so hard to take the place of him, to take the place of his hands and hold her through -- but because of this they'll only land in his life, colliding and crashing. They'll hurt someone innocent, based on their own ignorance and bad timing.

    "Sing to me hope as she's thrown on the sand."

    He understands, and saves her from the ocean of impossibilities -- of him. He'll throw her on the sand, to her current relationship, and still have hope of what could happen -- of finally flying again. And she'll have to hide from the guilt she feels and return to her life, to the uncomplicated lands compared to the vast ocean of himself.

    "All of our work is raided again. Where to go?"

    And because he was too late, all their effort and relationship that was finally formed is useless again. He wonders where to go, to start something new? To wait for her? Endless questions with no answers.

    "And you were somehow, the rain this thing could allow"

    There's a refreshing feeling when you stand in the rain; it wipes the world clean and gives it a new slate to start over. She was the rain that their relationship could allow -- she had the power to let them start over and live together in their heartbeats.

    "I tried, but it's all wrong. You're so strong."

    See, he had his chance to make this work -- and his timing was off, his choices were bad. The relationship was all wrong; they were left colliding and crashing into someone else's life. But he believes that she's so strong -- that he can put all his faith onto her and she'll make them work, finally.

    "And this life, and work, and choice -- took far too long. Where'd it go? "

    So he makes a choice, to build a new life and work to forget about them. But this choice, it took far too long. He ends up back where he started, this temporary obstacle completely pointless. And he finds himself asking the same question all over again -- where their love went. Where'd it go?

    "(Tonight the sun shall see its light)"

    But he has to see the light again, to put this behind him temporarily.


    And he’ll push her away again, but he knows that they can never escape each other. But she’s so racked with guilt – he’ll do it anyways, and leave the choice up to her.

    "When I was sure you'd follow through, my world was turned to blue (so thin). "

    I always believed at this part, he sincerely believed she would ride the sands and return to her uncomplicated life -- back to her current relationship. To follow through with his attempts to push her away -- and this thought made his world turn into a state of desolation. And he realized how wrong he was to ever put that choice in her head, and force her into a situation. He regrets not taking her for himself and letting everything just be.

    "When you'd hide your songs would die."

    And he remembers when she left, back when she made him face the wind -- and realized when she did, her love for him died. And he knows, every time she makes that choice to avoid him – to hide from the ocean and the skies, from himself – her loves dies, waiting to be resurrected again.

    “So I'd hide yours with mine”

    And he won’t let her, not this time, not this far into the game. So he’ll constantly be there to hide her songs with his – to constantly remind himself that at one point she did love him, and they were in love. And as long as he still tries, their love will still be alive.

    “And all my words were bound to fail. I know you won't fail.”

    But because he tried so hard to make this work, and because every single word of his failed – he’s going to let it fall onto her. To put the decision in her hands – because he knows she won’t fail. And perhaps their love will finally have a chance, because he knows she won’t let him down.

    “See, I can tell...”

    And how strong his faith is --
    arena37con July 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is a great song. i think its about two people loving each other so much but they both know that its not going to work out and they have to expect it.
    annaalambon January 30, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti have no idea what he's talking about
    hoydenon October 13, 2004   Link
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    General Commentbut its a good song anyway
    hoydenon October 13, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI know what he's talking about.
    yourcloudon October 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentreally? what's that?
    hoydenon October 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'm not exactly sure what this song is about, but its part of one of the best soundtracks ever created!

    If you see the movie "Garden State" and then read these specific lyrics:

    "But it's all wrong, you're so strong.
    But this life's work
    and choice took far too long."

    ...it may sort of make sense to you.
    Traumattizingon October 24, 2004   Link
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    General Commentahhh im in LOVE with this song--anyway. i think its about a relationship. the guy is in love with the girl, n she leaves him. then realizes she wants to come back. but it took her forever to make up their mind. and now its might be too late and things might not work out. just guessing thought!!

    ps--its soo amazing how music can give u a feeling that you cant even describe. it just hits the spot :)
    beautiful.disasteron November 09, 2004   Link
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    General Commentfirst off- i think the lyrics are pretty far off. great song though. I think it's about coming back to someone too late, when the damage has been done. I think they had something special, but the time apart has caused too much hurt. I love the line, "sing to me hope as she's thrown on the sand."
    He's calling hope a real person.

    I think the whole idea with "Fair" is more of a sarcastic tone- he was there for her the whole time while she disappeared on him. He was counting on her and she didn't hold up her end.
    tms6879on November 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commentalso, I think the whole point of this song is that even though she hurt him, he's not losing hope and faith in her. Even though it might be too much to overcome, he still believes in her, and that's not fair.
    tms6879on November 16, 2004   Link

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