Verse 1:
Wats my name? da m* A-K-A,
let me see them girls shake-uh shake-shake.
can u tell me who gots da party goin' on?
just come to my place, party all night long.
you gunna see these girls bending down low,
so i could show them b* how to flow.
these n* wanna knoe? if i'm a thug or a star,
it doesn't matter i'm thug and star.

Whos got da party goin' on? won't you tell me who?
hes right here rapping s* in front of you.
like i said before, you n* don't want some,
cuz i said before, you get f* up punk.
heres the n* wit da gold, heres da n* wit da cash,
all you girlies bend low so i can spank dat ass.
i knoe u scared you f* crying,
u crying, cuz you don't want da thug from da highlands.

Verse 2:
Holla! cuz i'm a m* thug,
spell it out, T-H-U-G, nigga better give it up,
making money making cash is da way i live,
all these things happen, you peeple act like i don't give a s*.
i'm still in school learning about all this s*,
but it will help me later, i will admit.
look at these wannabe playahs, look at these men,
i'm a playah, b*!, playing b* till da end,

Hook 2x's:

Verse 3:
Whos got da party, won't you tell the truth,
i wanna see these girlies introduce their goods.
if you muthaf* get my point you'll under stand,
understand this, i don't play in a band.
i'm a f* rapper rising all the way to the top,
cuz i'm da homeboy still hatin' cops.
i'm da highland thug representin' for my boys,
theres me and them now make your choice.

Hook 2x's:

Verse 4:
whos got da party?
this n* right here.
whos got da girlies?
this n* right here.
whos got da cristall?
this n* right here.
whos got da b*, they got no clothes, wit empty rooms,
guess what? this n* gettin' busy up in the BOOM!(sound effect)

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