Give it up to all da side, North, East, South, West, DA U.S.
it doesn't matter where you from bin laden, we're still da best.
this song goes out to all those f* terrorists,
you and your N.Y. sneak attacks, you f* s* b*.
northside, eastside, southside,westside,
man f* bin laden its my turn to shine.
this song gunna sell this song is f* sick,
if you n* don't agree you could s* my d*.

Verse 1:
here i go, this n* right here,
stop whatchu' doin' listen up, do you hear?(hear what?)
this n* gunna rap, all these obstacles i'm gunna duck,
all s* been happening you act like i don't give a f*.
you need to back up now and let this n* do his s*,
that n* bin laden thinks hes gunna get away wit all this s*.
bin laden's gunna knoe, and someone gotta tell,
if they think they gun' win the war, f* them, they can go to h*.

Hook 2x's

Verse 2:
yo, its me...Da AznKonRtist
and i'm here speaking out for my home da U.S.
before i used to not care of what da f* was going on,
but now that n* bin laden decided to destroy the wrong,
destroy the wrong country and he thinks its fun,
that n* gunna wish he should of never done,
should of never done all that bombing, plane crashing, terrorist s*,
cuz we're gunna win the war, we'll have none of it.

Hook 2x's

Verse 3:
i have my mom, i have my dad,
i have my sister, i have my brother,
i f* lovem, i f* hatem,
all that matters is that i have them.
but i'll never forgive bin laden that son of a b*,
for bringin all this trouble and s* in da U.S.
f* all those f* bin laden followers and taliban,
don't f* wit my home, da United States Of America.

Lyrics submitted by EvLChiLD1432

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    General CommentTHIS IS BY FAR THE WORST LYRICS I'VE READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, the person who wrote this is an idiot that heard his parents cuss at the dinner table and thinks by cussing every line he'll be cool, stick with mcdonalds..you have no musical talent
    chodyon September 24, 2002   Link

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