Verse 1:
here i go wit these rapping m*,
this song is dedicated to all you s*.
this group is filled wit playas skills,
f* b* is how these n* build.
build to the mountain where we da stars,
when we turn sixteen, we get them cars,
then we get platium, golden and all dat s*,
then you question who is better than this.
(Fat Rob)
Verse 2:
yo, we gun' go down in history,
to be the most youngest rappers gunna be,
famous,rich, bling blingin' s*.
we here flashing gold and platium rings,
now that we're in playin' this game,
you have no chance of goin' to fame.
yo, its fat rob rapping tracks on da mic,
every damn game you play, we'll win da fight.
Verse 3:
yo, here we go again wit our f* anthem,
if you don't pay attention, then we'll rap again.
but then again you can't get sick of us,
cuz we'll give you sumthing to talk and fus.
we're here too late can't stop us now,
we'll beat them all, romeo, bow wow.
i'm white, i don't care, i still could rap,
rapping these m* tracks making mad a* cash.
(Ghetto Eskimo)
Verse 4:
yo, i'm ghetto one, i said, i'm da ghetto one,
i knoe you m* don't want some.
we're here in charge wit no regards,
like i said before, you don't want no more.
i'm here right now, lookin out in the crowd,
listen to this song, sit, don't make a sound.
i'm da ghetto eskimo and i'm heading to fame,
we're here, we're da best, and it ain't gunna change.
Verse 5:
its bruno, and i'm rapping this track all crazy and wild,
there ain't no stopping me, i'm da ghetto child.
like i said before, i'm from belvidere,
after i rap, you'll have to cheer.
we the kings of rap, we the kings of soul,
f* this s*, we da kings of all.
cuz me and my boys be makin' some blings,
cuz these m* rap, f* stupid singin'
(Fat Rob, AznKonRtist, Ghetto Eskimo, Myles, Bruno)
Verse 6:
yo, heres da big break, its now or never,
we performing this s* for all you people.
don't start wit us, or you'll be in trouble.
i knoe ur crying n*, stop f* mumbling.
we got da bruno, da ghetto child,
like i said this playa will go wild.
yo we're the boys from M-A-S-S,
there is no arguing, cuz we're da best.
we're workin to be te next D12, Cash Money, JE,
we'll be here for a while, be here f* rapping.
we hate boybands girlbands and all that s*,
you can't change that, you can't do s*.
we gunna be the next kings of rap,
cuz we ain't rapping boyband crap.
theres no choice right here, you got to cheer,
checking out, peace we outta here.

Lyrics submitted by EvLChiLD1432

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