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Soul Kitchen song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is talking about how he doesn't want to leave this state of mind he is in. He wants to stay where he feels good and doesn;t want to return from the metaphysical world. "Learn to forget" is talking about how people need to forget everything they have been brainwashed by society so they can see the true world, not the agreed upon illusion we all live in.
    dynabol17on June 11, 2003   Link
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    General Commentall of the meanings you can think of are correct. it's hardly possible to read too much into poetry. in fact' that's why jim's such a genius: his lyirics can be read in so many ways and mean something different to each listener. if this song had only one meaning (e.g. a dinner),it wouldn't be nothing more than the ramblings of a raveling drunk.

    by the way, patti smith covers this song, highly recomendable
    gomdie1on March 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAll I can say is that this song is awesome!

    "Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen"

    How cool is that? I wonder what the soul kitchen really is? It would be interesting to find out what this song is really about.
    u2elevationon March 23, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThe Soul Kitchen was an all night soul food restaurant that Jim & friends stayed at during the college years.
    AngelDust20on April 09, 2004   Link
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    General Commentgreat song...
    greendaygirl908on February 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthmmm....... for some reason i always thought this song was about sex.... the "soul kitchen" could represent... female parts, the soul is cooked into being in the "kitchen" of the female... weird, but ive always thought it for some reason.
    jim morrison is god!
    LaughingInTheDark13on May 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe "Soul Kitchen" is actually referring to a restaraunt where the band used to go when they were still in their early stages... It was Jim's favorite place to eat. You can read it in John Densmore's book called "Riders On The Storm". A must read for any true Doors fan!
    vipergt196on September 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell , man spending time with a woman , i believe he just feeling very good being with her he feels nice warm , compares her presense to soul kitchen , think kitchen , kitchen is the place where you can smell all flavour , its nice and warm there , in the house I use to love to go to the kitchen sitting there while mum was cooking , talking to her , watching her creating lovely food , smell nice flavours, yes we have nice feelings thinking 'kitchen' , but tehre is also other thought if jim was a junkie then it might b a 'kitchen' where was prepered drug , warming up spoon so on...prefer first interpretaion first is good;)
    jolaon January 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhatever the symbolism behind this song, I dig it.
    Karatepopon April 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's about this cafe he used to go to at Venice Beach in California. I looooooveee this song. It's great to listen to while closing the restaurant I work at... But man...Who hasn't ever felt like these lines...

    "I light another cigarette
    Learn to forget, learn to forget
    Learn to forget, learn to forget"
    FantomeFleuron May 12, 2007   Link

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