"Le Vent Nous Portera" as written by Bertrand Lucien Cantat, Denis Guy Marc Barthe, Jean-paul Roy and Gay Serge Marius Pierre Teyssot....
Je n'ai pas peur de la route
Faudrait voir, faut qu'on y goûte
Des méandres au creux des reins
Et tout ira bien

Le vent l'emportera

Ton message à la grande ourse
Et la trajectoire de la course
A l'instantané de velours
Même s'il ne sert à rien

Le vent l'emportera
Tout disparaîtra
Le vent nous portera

La caresse et la mitraille
Cette plaie qui nous tiraille
Le palais des autres jours
D'hier et demain

Le vent les portera

Génétique en bandoulière
Des chromosomes dans l'atmosphère
Des taxis pour les galaxies
Et mon tapis volant dis?

Ce parfum de nos années mortes
Ceux qui peuvent frapper à ta porte
Infinité de destin
On en pose un, qu'est-ce qu'on en retient?

Le vent l'emportera

Pendant que la marée monte
Et que chacun refait ses comptes
J'emmène au creux de mon ombre
Des poussières de toi

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"Le Vent Nous Portera" as written by Denis Guy Marc Barthe Bertrand Lucien Cantat

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Le Vent Nous Portera song meanings
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    My InterpretationHey! I'm french, I love Noir Desir and I love this song which may be the most beautiful text ever!

    My interpretation : it's all about a lovestory. A personal lovestory or what the author thinks is the average lovestory. Thereafter, you can have further interpretation about memories, past, present, time and space because of the message of the chorus. I mean, of course, he thinks everything will disappear but we'll still have some memories and we'll still leave a footprint of our existence... but what is really hard to understand is the verses.

    1st verse: beginning of a lovestory, let's say first two weeks or first month (beginning of the road, no fear, everything's alright, we have to taste it, the lines of the body, you know, you discover the body of the other... great times!)

    2nd verse: the lovestory goes further, let's say 3 months, maybe more, everything's good (message to Ursa Major >> maybe they are watching the stars on a bright hot summer night and they take a vow. The snapshot can refer to a photography which means material memories, smthg really important for the couple but in comparison with time, space and the universe, it's useless and nothing. The wind take it all away.

    3rd verse: they stay together a little longer, 6 months, one year, maybe more. The lovestory is balanced between affection (caresse) and conflict, violence (verbal and spychological violence - mitraille). Both are hurt, they start to hurt themselves (plaie qui nous tiraille). Melancholy from the first days (d'hier) and from the dreams of a lifetime with your lover (demain).

    4th verse: genetic + chromosome = a baby? I think it's a baby coming. (en bandoulière could even refer to the baby in the belly - but this verse is very hard...) Tapis volant can refer to freedom. He wonders if he's not trading his freedom for a family life >> a flying carpet for a taxi (or a family size car).

    5th verse: they are together for a long time and they know it's over (our dead years). There is still smthg floating in the air (perfume) but it's over. Infinités de destins on en pose un et qu'est-ce qu'on en retient means that one chooses one girl, one destiny to share his destiny with between an infinity of girl and other destinies. Why choosing this one? When it's over, you really ask yourself the question. And what do you keep from him/her?

    6th verse: the lovestory is definitely over. They keep quarreling about old stupid bullshit. (chacun refait ses comptes means both settle scores). Everything is sad now. Ain't no sunshine, only shadow or even the hollow of a shadow (j'emmène au creux de mon ombre). You have the answer of the 5th verse question about destiny and the other and about what was the point of all that? You keep dusts of the other >> memories. It will be gone with the wind but it's okay cause it's life.

    So, everybody is right talking about memories and so on but I really think that the verses describe precisely the typical evolution of a lovestory. Separately, they are meaningless but put together, they compose a story that goes with the wind.
    To conclude, it's only my interpretation but I think it's quite good. Most french people say it's incomprehensible or meaningless so all of you are very honourable to try to understand it.
    And anyway, even if we don't understand everything, the words and music are still wonderful!
    garveymon July 20, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe most beautiful french song ever. Makes me proud to be french! And proud that english people like it! it's rare!
    Cat77on August 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthere's a more accurate translation:

    I’m not afraid of the road
    We must see, we must taste
    Meandering in the hollow of your kidneys
    There, everything will be OK
    The wind will carry us away

    You message to the Big Bear
    The trajectory of the race
    And instant of Velvet
    Even if it’s not useful
    The wind will take it away
    Everything Will disappear
    But the wind will carry us away

    The caress and the rifle
    This wound that tears us apart
    The Palace of other days
    Of tomorrow and yesterday
    The wind will carry them away

    The Genetic shoulder-belt
    Chromosomes in the atmosphere
    Taxis for galaxies
    And my flying carpet
    The wind will take it all away
    Everything will disappear
    But the wind will carry us away

    The perfume of our dead years
    What can come knocking at your door
    Infinite destinies
    We lay some but what do we retain?
    The wind will take it away

    While the tide rises
    And everyone is counting their dues
    I bring to the crease of my shadow
    Dusts of you
    The wind will take them
    Everything will disappear
    But the wind will carry us
    darwinismon May 10, 2010   Link
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    TranslationI've been working on this for awhile, and this is the best translation I've found, compiled from several sources, then modified to make the most sense (grammatically and symbolically). I even tried to match it up with the French lyrics so that it can be sung in the same rhythm, though it doesn't rhyme (but come on, it's a translation).

    I'm not afraid of the road.
    we should enjoy it, taste it,
    with all it's meanders, pot holes
    There, all will be ok.
    the wind will carry us.

    your message to ursa major,
    as well as the path of our race
    and those moments, soft as velvet,
    they will all lead to nothing.
    the wind will carry them away.

    everything will disappear
    but the wind will carry us.

    the caress as well as the grapeshot,
    even the wound that tears us apart.
    all the palaces built,
    those of yesterday and tomorrow,
    the wind will carry them away.

    Genetics cramped in shoulderbelts,
    the chromosomes in our atmosphere.
    the taxis for galaxies
    and my flying carpet too,
    the wind will carry them away.

    everything will disappear
    but the wind will carry us.

    The fragrance of our perished years,
    who comes knocking at your door?
    infinite destinies.
    We get one but will it stay?
    the wind will carry it away.

    while the tide is rising,
    and each of us counts his expenses,
    I collect in the shelter of my shadow
    the dust of you
    the wind will carry it away

    everything will disappear
    but the wind will carry us.
    Shutyourmouth2on January 22, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is a genuinely one of the very best in the world. It generally talks about what comes after death. We will be dusts and blown away but our souls carry on.
    adrianairdon August 06, 2012   Link
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    TranslationUnafraid of where the road may take me
    We'll see, we'll have to savor
    Twists and turns, the hollow of your back
    It will be all right
    The wind will take them

    Your transmission to the Big Dipper
    And the course of the race
    An instant of soft velvet
    Even if it's no use
    The wind will take them
    Everything fades but
    The wind will carry us

    Gentle kisses and machine gun bullets
    And the wounds which torment us
    The castles of old days
    Of yesterday and today
    The wind will take them

    Genetics in backpacks
    Chromosomes in the atmosphere
    Taxis to the galaxies
    And what about my magic carpet?
    The wind will take it
    Everything fades but
    The wind will take it

    The scent of lost years
    Things that can come knocking
    Infinite destinies
    We pick one and what do we keep?
    The wind will take it

    While the tide rises
    And each one totals up the scores
    I take deep in my soul
    Your remains and ashes
    The wind will take them
    Everything fades but
    The wind will take us
    debruceon June 10, 2013   Link
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    TranslationHere is the best English version I've found:

    I'm not afraid of the journey
    We have to see it; we have to taste it
    The meanders in the small of the back
    All will be well there
    The wind will carry us

    Your message to The Great Bear
    And course the path takes
    A moment of softness
    Even if it's good for nothing, goes
    The wind will take it away
    All will disappear but
    The wind will carry us

    Caresses and hails of bullets
    And this wound that tears us apart
    A palace of other days
    Of yesterday and tomorrow
    The wind will carry them

    Bound by genetics
    Chromosomes in the atmosphere
    Taxis for the galaxies
    And my flying carpet says?
    The wind will carry it away
    All will disappear but
    The wind will carry us

    The sweet smell of yester years
    that might knock at your door
    An infinity of destinies
    We suggest one, but can we keep it?
    The wind will take it away

    Whilst the tide rises
    And as we count our dues
    I take into my hollow shadow
    Some of your dust
    The wind carries it
    All will disappear but
    The wind will carry us

    from muzikum.eu/en/127-11792-154451/noir-d%C3%A9sir/…
    keepawakeon August 06, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI love this song. My french may not be the best but nothing gets me through the day more than a little noir desir :)
    immortalbelovedon May 21, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti totally have to agree...

    and it's definitely more than worth translating it
    tout disparaîtra, mais
    le vent nous portera

    thisboyistocotronicon March 21, 2003   Link
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    General Comment"j'emmene au creux de mon ombre/ des poussieres de toi", qui pourrai reve mieux ? pour moi, cette chanson parle d'un amour inconditionnel, d'une beaute qui reflete l'univers. des meandres au creux des reins qui suggestent un amour a la fois spirirtuel et physique... Cette chanson est des plus belles et je ne trouve meme pas mes mots pour raconter toute l'emotion qu'elle me transmet... I just love it very very much.
    lili puceon July 02, 2003   Link

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