Esu messia ut, du me decantus

Never seen a bluer sky
Yeah, I can feel it reaching out
And moving closer
There's something about blue

Asked myself what it's all for
You know the funny thing about it
I couldn't answer
No, I couldn't answer

Things have turned a deeper shade of blue
And images that might be real
May be illusion
Keep flashing off and on

Wanna be free
Gonna be free
And move among the stars
You know, they really aren't so far
Feels so free
Gotta know free
Don't wake me from the dream
It's really everything it seemed
I'm so free
No black and white in the blue

Esu messia ut, du me decantus

Everything is clearer now
Life is just a dream, you know
That's never ending
I'm ascending

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    General Commenthey they are saying esu messia ut, du me decantus
    bucketowateron February 23, 2011   Link
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    General Commentyeah, like ZidaneTribal said, its the language that yoko kanno uses in many songs. what i didnt realize is that it does in fact sound like wheres youre messiah. odd. never noticed that.
    Johnde08on March 23, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is my favorite of the Seatbelt/Cowboy Bebop songs. Which says alot, because every CD is amazing. i love the choir solo in the beginning. Great Stuff
    TusseyTheTerribleon September 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the most beautiful songs I ever know of, if I die tomorrow I will have this on my funeral.
    WolfGrinon September 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is, according to me the most profound song that has ever been composed for an anime (and the anime series being the best I've ever seen ^^).

    Describing at the first person the death of the character and his ascension towards the blue sky (that is, towards Heaven), even for an atheist like me, it gives one truly powerful and beautiful impression of death ; every time I listen to it, this song makes me feel some kind of awe, by thinking how strong human being's poetry can transmit their imagination... I see myself dying, losing consciousness, and ascending to the blue skies, then to the black space. How great it would be to die, if it was like waking from a dream... And how awful at the same time, as the dream would be ending...

    I was wondering what the lyrics of the choirs might be, and didn't find any right answer. But I think they could be Gabriela Robin/Yoko Kanno's imaginary language, and it seems to be some kind of mixing between japanese, portuguese, english, german, and maybe latin... It could indeed be Kanno's own translation of "Never seen a bluer sky" in her own "hanamogera" (that's how she calls that imaginary language).
    On the live version of the song (from the "Souvenir of Tokyo" video), the choir pronunciation is slightly different, but that might also just be the japanese accent of the choir singer replacing Gabriela Robin. I wonder what Kanno wrote as lyrics, for this substitute singer... Maybe she just told her orally. Here is what I hear (in romaji) : "Ue ju me sa ya unt du mye di kan tus". Some words among those sounds could be found...

    Anyway this is one of the song I like the most singing in karaoke, and of course listening to :)
    Kamikuon May 11, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationIn my opinion, one of the greatest anime end songs ever. Here's something I noticed about this song's lyrics in relation to Spike's words in the final episode:

    "Please, Don't wake me from the dream. It's really everything it seemed."
    -These lines suggest Spike doesn't want to go. Despite struggling with his past for so long, and living in the present like a "dream," he's doesn't want to die. This runs parallel to the words Spike exchanged with Faye earlier: "I'm not going to die... I'm going to find out if I'm really alive." And what Spike ultimately finds out, is that yes, he truly was alive - his life after the syndicate was reality - and it was "dreamy" in the sense in that it turned out better than he could've imagined: he was free in that time, it just took death and coming to amends with his past to realize it.

    Another quote to contextualize the lyrics, this time from the movie:
    "When I was younger, I wasn’t afraid of anything. I didn’t have the slightest fear of dying. No reason for it. I thought that if I die, that’s fine with me, any time at all. But then I met a certain woman and it changed. I started to think that I wanted to survive. For the first time, the idea of death began to scare me."
    -This is an interesting quote in relation to Blue. Going off of the interpretation I made before, this quote further shows how Spike has come to amends with his past. After Julia's death, one might say Spike was no longer afraid to die, that Julia was one of the reasons why he continued "living" (albeit "living" in a "dreamy" sort of state). I'd make the argument that this isn't true, Spike wanted to live - remember the lyrics: "Please, Don't wake me from the dream. It's really everything it seemed." The fact that Spike wants to live at the end, contradicts his past sentiment that without Julia, and shows that he's moved on - conquering his past.
    hfii32on March 10, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a philosophy preached in the show Cowboy Bebop. It is that life is really just a dream. I'm pretty sure the song is supposed to be in Spike's mindset because he believes in this idea. The line 'don't wake me from the dream' then really means 'I don't want to die' because being 'woken' would bring you from the dream that is life.
    All in all this is a song about what life is about. In the beginning of the song, the voice doesn't really know what life is about until he's about to die (that's why he's asking not to be 'woken from the dream'.) He understands that life is a fantastic gift but for now he's free of the dream he never wakes up from and is free in the blue (or heaven) with the understanding of what exactly life is for. He never really tells us, as I'm sure this person believes life has a meaning for each individual. The voice now understands what life is to him, though, and that has set him free.
    Shivan550on August 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentoh by the way guys, the band's name is The Seatbelts. You bunch of shmucks.
    Shivan550on August 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI am impressed with your insightful view of the song, Shivan550. Very nice.
    Czar Peteron April 04, 2003   Link
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    General CommentActually, it's more Yoko Kanno than the Seatbelts. The Seatbelts just perform it. She a wrote most of the music and a few of the lyrics.
    Phosphorescenton April 16, 2003   Link

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