"Do It" as written by Michael Louis Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch, Mario Caldato Jr., Mark Ramos Nishita and Marcel Theo Hall....
Like the blackbirds Ima do it fluid
Building rhymes like buildings, like a Stonehenge druid
Step up and get enlightened, educating my mind
I play the tape forward, it's not time to rewind
Step inside the motherfucker and I get my flow on
Amalgamate my style so I got something to go on
Seasons change when it comes their time
Fall brings the winter and on back to springtime
Well, it's the king Adrock and that's who I am
Listen all of y'all I'm not the son of Sam
'Cause I'm thin and I don't grin
But check it out people 'cause I love to go and swim
Caught up on the phone fiber optic distraction
Information super highway got the brain contraction
I'm the kung-fu master versus the sumo wrestler
Got the beats in Manhattan you can hear in Westchester
Well, my mother was born out in Coney Island
Raised on the L.E.S Manhattan Island
My dad camo out from Detroit and they had me
And back on through Ellis Island goes through the family tree
Well, I'm a six-point-seven on the Richter scale
Got rhymes gallore and then I never fail
Like gravy to potatoes, Luke to Darth Vader
I'm a souped-up sucker and I'll see you all later

You see me coming down the block with the funky cuts
You say (hey, Mike D!) and I say mic these nuts
I've got attractions like I'm Elvis Costello
Adam Yauch grab the mic 'cause you know you're my mellow
Well when I get it into the zone
I'm gonna take my mind to a place where I'm all alone
Ah well, I've got my shit and the rhyme style's kicking
My brain is flowing, honest like Abe Lincoln
'Cause I'm the fuckin' rhythm ace with the rhyme selection
Listen all y'all I rap with perfection
Because I got the mother fuckin' old school flavor
That you savor so watch your behavior
Talking other dimensions, levels higher
Why did Billy Joel say "we didn't start the fire"
Take you to another realm, another level
I've got the funky rhymes but I'm not the funky devil
I step from minute to minute, lifetime to lifetime
Step from stage to stage to see it all unwind
Slowly but surely I seek to find my mind
And every wall that I face is ow my own design
Yeah, Glendale Boulevard, a-Boulevard
Glendale Boulevard is where I'm at
It's where I'm at, where I live
Check-it-check-it out 'cause my head is like a sieve and we turn it out

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"Do It" as written by Adam Horovitz Michael Louis Diamond

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    General CommentChrist, this is the illest song on the whole album and not a single comment yet? Criminal.

    This song is like a lot of Beastie Boys tracks, it's a clever self-congratulatory singing telegram addressed to all other rappers. (There's at least one of these per album since Paul's Boutique). Not that any of the claims are exaggerations... Yauch really is rappin' perfection.
    mooglaon October 23, 2006   Link
  • +2
    General CommentI like totally can't think of an earthquake without being reminded of this song.
    OVNSon May 12, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General CommentThe lost Beastie track I never hear anyone talk about. I really liked the other comments here. "clever self-congratulatory singing telegram addressed to all other rappers"- I love this comment from moogla. Very nice way of putting it. The Beasties definitely know how to rub it in a wack MC's face. They do it in such a clever way that it can't be argued with. Plus this song has Biz Markie. Need I say more?
    kanoe13on June 14, 2012   Link
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    General CommentSo agree with Moogla! A This cut should have 50+ comments. MCA is is so rad on this it defies belief:

    'I step from minute to minute, lifetime to lifetime
    Step from stage to stage to see it all unwind
    Slowly but surely I seek to find my mind
    And every wall that I face is ow my own design'

    Guy was a one of a kind genius and is sadly missed RIP
    nickster007on May 27, 2017   Link

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