XXX is the sign of my friends,
You know that shit will remain until the end
It's not a sign of mine but it should be a sign of the times
So pump up that vein
You going to hop on that train
You know that shit goes straight to your brain
So watch out with decisions that you make
Because you might find yourself at the bottom of a lake

Slanging on the corner with your bulletproof vest,
You got a slug up in your chest.
You thing your the same you think your like the rest,
you got a slug up in your chest.
And you think your so high and you think your the best,
You got a slug up in your chest.
But now your 6 feet down hangin' with the rest, you got a Slug up in your chest.

I once saw a man with an X on his hand;
Talkin about the 'Firestorm', the 'All Out War" plan.
That's when it hit me the straight edge is with me
Stripped of the corruption's that destroy your society
XXX not the porno type, the straight edge type, the drug free type
You'll be dead soon I'll be here till the end
The thoughts in my head, you can't comprehend.

(Chorus same as the first, but a little bit louder and a little bit worse)

To the D and to the A and to the V backwards E,
You know that's me representing the OCG.
I cant say that I live without sin, but my body aint got no poison.
Living clean living clean, is the way to be,
And this aint no mutha f~~king dream.
What I do I don't fuck with the feds, yo my man Mike.......... I Got Staight Edge !!!!!!!!!!

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    General CommentsXe all the way!
    xTinkerBell138xon August 13, 2002   Link
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    General Commentheh...this song is so funny. such a great sXe song...

    i was playing this song before physics this past year, and this doper girl who listens to mest and good charlotte and thinks she's punk rock asked me who it was...and i replied "one cool guy"..."oh yeah, i've heard of them, what's this song about?"..."being sXe"..."eww god, they suck!"...she never had the experience of an OCG show.

    OCG played the first show i ever went to. i saw them a bunch of times...was too sad they broke up. good to see some of them have new projects now. i saw mike a few months back at a show my friend put on and i helped was funny, as i was wearing an OCG shirt hehe, and i got out of my car and he was right there.

    anyways, good times. great song about being sXe; the only way to go. ocg, we miss you :(
    xnjbrokenheartedxon August 25, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis song's lyrics are so fucking lame. The message isn't what's lame, it's the lyrics themselves. Fucking gay. But the music is pretty good.
    Rocket-Arm Jesuson March 22, 2006   Link

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