Menacin' methods label me a lethal weapon
making niggas die witnessin' breathless imperfections
can you picture my specific plan
to be the man in this wicked land,underhanded hits are planned
scams are plotted over grams and rocks
when undercover agents die by the random shots
we all die in the end, so the feds we swore
I was all about my ends, fuck friends and foes
me, a born leader, never leave the block without my my heata
got me a dog get nigga Mobb bitch nigga eata
what could they do to me that little brat
shit them niggas shot me and still terrified, I'll get their ass
how can I show you how I feel inside
we outlawz motherfuckas can't kill my pride
niggas talk a lot of shit but that's after im gone
cause they fear me in physical form let it be known
I'm troublesome

tra la la la la la all ya niggas die(several times)

trouble shit
gutter ways my mentality is ghetto
we're guerillas in this criminal war, we all rebels
death before dishonor bet on bomb on them first niggas do
we came for murder, pullin' up in a herse
westside was the war cry bustin' all freely screaming fuck
all ya'll niggas in Swahili
pistol packin' fresh out of jail, I ain't goin' back
release me to care of my heartless strap
say my name three times like Candyman
bet I roll on your ass like an avalance
a soul survivor, learned to get high and pull drive bys
burned my folks, can't control my nine
hearin' thoughts of my enemies pleadin' please
busta ass motherfuckas tried to flee
picture me lettin this chump survive
redin' up on his ass when I'm doped and died
cause I'm troublesome


murder murder my mind states shit ain't change since my last rhyme
the crime rate ain't decline
niggas bustin' shots like they lost their mind
like twenty-five to life never crossed their mind
tell me young nigga never learned a thang
dead at thirteen cause he yearned to bang
sniffed a lot of flowers, but how can I cry
try to warn the little nigga either stop or die
mercy is for the weak when I speak I scream
afraid to sleep in havin' of crazy dreams
vivid pictures of my enemies and family times
God to forgive me cause it's wrong but I plan to die
need to take me in heaven and understand I was a sheep
did the best I could, raised in insanity
or send me to hell cause I ain't beggin' for my life
ain't nothing worse than this cursed ass hopeless life
cause I'm troublesome

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    General Commentthi song means to me that hes tellin everybody to watch out,cuz he don't care and hes takin everyone with him when he dies.This song shows to me the real Tupac,my favorite part of the song is"did the best I could, raised in insanity
    or send me to hell cause I ain't beggin' for my life
    ain't nothing worse than this cursed ass hopeless life ",that just shows how much pain he was in when he was here,R.I.P. Pac
    Dan33185on August 22, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti dont think it has anything to do with him telling people to "watch out". i think he's rapping about and for the people that he describes in this song. for himself also, but tupac was no killer haha and the only time he was in jail was for like one day on some bullshit. and you cant say really he was in pain when he was here atleast when this song came out, the mother fucker was rich and plenty of his songs dont really have anything to do with the mentality described in this one. anyway, the song is really good and i will agree with you on the fact that that is the best line in the song. did the best I could, raised in insanity or send me to hell cause I ain't beggin' for my life ain't nothing worse than this cursed ass hopeless life.

    maybe he was in pain who knows fuck it this song is good and that line rules..
    retardotyleron June 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLove this song! but does anyone know what "Swahili" means its mentioned in the second verse?
    MillionDollarBabyon August 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentSwahili is an african language.
    Seven1on September 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commentimmense flow, cant be beaten
    his style was so natural
    myusernamewasstolenon January 13, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti can feel from the lyrics and his style that 2Pac put a lot of heart into this song, the way he spat his rhymes makes u feel how it is in his place. He spoke the truth and didn't lie about how things rolled in his life. 2pac is raw with his lyrics and is considered one of the best in the rap world
    urbestlatinloveron April 02, 2007   Link
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    General Commentin reply to "retardotyler" your wrong in more than one way. it doesnt matter whether pac or not was a murderer. (and as for jail comment he was in n outa jail for way more than a day) and of course than caused him pain, having just released "me against the world" and incarcerated during its release thats torture, it went top of the billboards. but he wasnt rich. not during one period of his life did he fully get to enjoy his stardom. he was in debt to suge night of deathrow records to the day he died (he still owed him albums) cos he put up the bond to release him. The song Troublesome is 2pac warning the authorities that the state of mind he was in during this song, is what the poorer communities and minorities of 1995 los angeles were being forced into due to issues such as poverty and war. "since my last rhyme the crime rate aint declined". "like 25 to life never crossed their mind"= people are so frustrated that jail isnt an issue for them becoz they already feel trapped out on the streets. "scams are plotted over grams of rocks"= people killing eachother for drugs. "were guerillas in this criminal war'= the country is at war but they are the minority, like a group of guerilla fighters. its a warning of the troublesome state of mind that people were in and that it needed to change before mose people die. and as for the best line, thats by far "never leave the block without my heater, got me a dog i named him my bitch nigga eater"= the dog is hig gun, also refered 2 in 'picture me rollin' as a rotweiler that he feeds led.
    TinTin37on October 08, 2009   Link

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