Me and my closest Road Dawg nigga
(To my dog big Mussolini)
Big Syke
Thug Life baby
The return of the mashes
You know how we do it
[Verse 1 ]
Shit, half the times we ball cause trouble
My closest road dawg
It was cool cause I love ya, fuck what they talkin bout
Let me take you back in time, rewind to 89, introduced me to this life of crime
But we was blind, little nappy head juvenilles living wild
No smiles on our faces, thirteen catching cases
Indeed it was misery, driven by my own demons, cause they was killing me
How can I be sure I'll be safe soon?
Catching me dipping to the light, of the straight moon
It's getting deeper now, let me get your mind right
Fuck your enemies, nigga grip your nine tight
Tonight's the night
Murder murder mister Lucifer
Pictures of the Devil, duck when he shoot at ya
It's all political, running from the future, escaping in the fog
Life your life like a hog nigga
Me and my closest road dawg

Every ghetto got a cross road
Waiting on the side with my road dawgs
All alone in this scary place called home
Take a second take a minute they all gone

Every ghetto got a stop sign
Can I trust in you my road dawg hold mine
Even when I'm going through hard times
I still got my closest road dawgs looking out for all mine

[Verse 2 ]
Bring your artillery and role with a nigga
They could never take the soul of an m-o-b souljah nigga
Cowards get rolled up, mob on em, Makaveli
Boy you'se a boss player
That's all the bitches tell me
Even if I died now, I live my life eternally and never lie down
Why cry now?
? ain't trying to hear it
Evil spirits hide in total strangers, your life's in danger
Prepare nigga be aware, cause we ain't scared
M-O-B till I die, when we ride, niggas disappear
Fill them up with pistol smoke
Never forget to blow a hole in his head for leaking information to the feds
The burning pad was the telling sign
Two hired guns busting everyone, yelling everybody die
Why the fuck they fuck around?
We left em in the fog bleeding like a stuck hog
Me and my closest road dawg


[Verse 3 ]
Fuck they feelings, that's what they get for squealing
The pressures of a gangsta, dangerous as drug dealing
See me in physical form, my niggaz swarm
Take the figure of a circle, beating jealous niggaz till they purple
Simon says take they heads homey
And send them phony mother fuckers to dwell with all they dead homies
? is for fake niggaz, observing shake
The only way to see 6 figures, is break niggaz
Me and Mussolini set the ride, ?we high
Big Bulldog got the alibi, homicide, ask us why
Labeled a capo in a mob as big as the globe
To live and die as a million air on (censored - Death Row)
Set to explode, my M.O., is kill em homey
My pistols like a disease, my enemies and foes
Get murdered and disposed of, we in the fog
Makaveli the Don, and my closest Road Dawg

[Chorus 2] 3x

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