To the.......
To the.......

Karma Hotel lobby, and I'm lookin' for enlightenment
Concierge, where can I go to find adventure and excitement?
Played of all the casinos, bars, and orgies, they bore me
Here's another twenty, now what you got for me?
He stared at me hard, finally dipped in his drawer
Flipped the elevator keys and said "Go to the fourteenth floor"
So in a flash I was there, cold knock on the door
Bombarded by cigar smoke, the smell of Hell and War
And when the fog cleared, the scene was like an eerie nightmare
"Come in, we've been waitin' on you for years"
"You wanted adventure, now you got it boy, don't show me no tears,"
"This is the place where you face your desires and fears,"
In each of his hands was a revolver, forty-five in the left
Twenty-two in his right
Russian roulette's the game tonight
And there's NO escape, so don't try to run
But I'll fill your life with bliss if you're alive once the death wheel has spun
"Choose your gun"
Gimme the forty-five, I said with a smile
"Here's a shiny silver bullet, might as well go out in style"
Put one in the cylinder, spun it, aimed at my dome and slowly clicked it
Now I feel the adrenheline rush that's got me so addicted
Motivatin' me to play, a second time, then a third time
Fourth time I clicked and popped
BOOM! Money shot
Next morning, cops found me, needle stickin' out my arm
Peep the drama, another sad story at the Karma

Welcome to the Karma Hotel
Looks like Heaven but could be Hell
Where pleasant screams transform to yells
And every suite casts its own spell

Peep the gamblin' scene
Gettin' dough as he rambled the fiends
Exotic queens dancin' with tamborines
And the Gambler's theme
One eye open, one eye scopin'
Watchin' his gat, watchin' his back
Watchin' his stack, watchin' his wrap
Watchin' his deck, as people notice like
"OH SHIT! Boy just won a hundred grand!"
"Where? Where? Oh my God, at Table Seven, did you see him yet?"
Look at his chips, all that green growin' like Chia Pets
Two out the handle and he can't stop
The more and more the fans flock, the more the dice out his hands drop
Walk in the room, he's bettin' and makin' money and every table
Women are sweatin' him like he was James Bond or Joe David
Yeah, he's satisfied, he's in his element now
To do this for the rest of his life is how it's goin' down
So it seems like, he got his whole shit set
But his son is gangbangin' in the park, holdin' a rain check
Meanwhile, somehow, somethin' is kinda eerie
About this place that he seems to be payin' a permanent visit to
Every face he sees, expressionless, like a mannequin
He really wants to leave, but stays cool, to avoid panickin'
He's gettin' the same attention, but somethin' seems sorta different
He's wrinklin' up, losin' weight, and his body's startin' to stiffen
Now he notices years have passed in one night
He made more cash than we could imagine, but never lived life

Welcome to the Karma Hotel
Looks like Heaven but could be Hell
Where pleasant screams transform to yells
And every suite casts its own spell

Since we're all trapped in, peace guys, see you later
I'ma go to that red door near the elevator
Triple nines on nails danglin' off the door
Excuse me sir, I didn't notice you before
Pleased to meet you, Macristo's the name
Pretty young thing
Come into my room, I'd like to play a game, it's called "Doom"
Beat the friends and family
Gotta give yourself to me
By the way, what's your name?
Check the scenery
Looks so happy, at the same time
The way they're entwined seems so good it's a crime
Believe in me as I believe in you, live it up tonight
Well fuck it I feel I've got all of my life!
So true, pleasure and pain, transform lust to thrust
One night stands of hot sex, the bottle entrusts
Oooh, invitation accepted, too good to reject it
So I join in unprotected
Expected, one life to live, don't respect it
Respect what?
Ooh, you poor child you've been neglected
Cristo why do I feel so cold?
It's like each time I climax you take a piece of my soul
You could never leave, you made a pact with the Devil himself
Infected in my family of trust, my daughter of lust
So what you're tellin' me is I can't leave!
And I'm trapped here for eternity!

Welcome to the Karma Hotel
Looks like Heaven but could be Hell
Where pleasant screams transform to yells
And every suite casts its own spell

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    General CommentThe song that made me realize that not all hip hop is crap. Who knew that there might actually be some artists on the scene and someone who is not about the bling bling and rollin on dubs up in ATL?

    Just an awesome friggen song, not really a whole lot of room for interpertation but none is needed really. Hoow come noone else has posted for these guys???
    mrtownzjooon March 16, 2003   Link
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    General Commentit's about Macristo being bored with sex, partying, and all of that other jazz. He goes to the Karma Hotel looking for something a little more exciting, and after bribing the the consierge he gets it. The consierge give him keys to a room where they're playing Russian Roulette, so Cristo decides to play. After a few rounds, Karma catches up with him and he's dead, all because he wanted something more exciting.
    vengoon March 29, 2003   Link
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    General Commentit's a great song vengo said it all
    TheHappiestColouron June 25, 2003   Link
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    General Commentgood song, things i've seen is much better though
    dansr20deton April 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIt about how life catches up to you. you can live life dangerously and freely and try to go through the motions living thrill to trill but it will always catch up to you. Things start out fun but by the end its not really what you wanted.("where pleasant screams turn to yells") Its about trying to find the thing that makes you whole but the process is making you die a little inside either actually or metaphorically. These addictions (adreniline rushes, gambling, and sex) are taking over their lives and instead of giving them gratifaction, they just feel emptier inside so the do it again and again.
    musikarmaon April 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWouldn't it make more sense for the guy to be called "Mephisto"? I mean, it's an alternative name for the Satan's right-hand man, Mephistopheles, which seems to fit with the "demonic" theme of the song...
    ThatKidSteveon August 09, 2005   Link
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    General Commentam i the only one who notices the similarity with the eagles' hotel california ?
    MacGon August 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe message of the song is summed up in the chorus:

    "Welcome to the Karma Hotel
    Looks like Heaven but could be Hell
    Where pleasant screams transform to yells
    And every suite casts its own spell"

    Prophet Muhammad stated that towards the end of time the anti-christ will have two stream flowing from him, one will be fire and one will be cool water. He said to drink from the fire, as the fire will actually be cool water, and the water the fire.

    Appearances can be misleading - what can look like 'heaven' can actually be a 'hell'. This is what each scenario explains and demonstrates - things seem to be great, but then turn bad.

    The link to the Eagles song is very interesting! Thanks for sharing that MarG - first time id thought about that.
    arif50on January 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI've been brought on the devils fire, and I can tell you, its fire.

    "Sometimes, to get to left side, you have to go left"
    -Me to myself while playing Fallout 3 (navigation in post war DC is hell).

    Spooks fucking rule, awesome dark rhymes, only hiphop I like.
    Jawson January 19, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationOne of my favourite songs and it's very deep for me because I am not a big hip hop fan but this song gives me the chills. So what is it with the song? The gospel chorus and intro, the link to Hotel California (the guitar riff) and the trinity passage of three different sins (pride, greed and lust) all are a great morality song preaching a message that - in today's social age - is just too common.

    So let's start from the top:
    1) Intro and Chorus: If you have not listened to Hotel California, it's a similar thing - spooky hotel which is a prison - but what is a hotel? Jesus said there's plenty of rooms in his Father's house and he goes to prepare a place for us. Hotels have also got rooms and they are sold to us ready. Heaven and Hell - the final destination of life's journey - I presume, will have a place for us to stay so the Hotel allusion is once you check in, you don't check out (mentioned in both songs) but Karma Hotel is about what YOU do before you stay because once you are in, you're not checking out.

    2: The three residents: All the three residents choose their life in the hotel and what they do pretty much chooses how it stays. Note, all the residents choose something that will make them feel better and they are all led astray by the excitement of what they are doing thus the Karma but, as per 1), it's very literally a choice: a room has been setup for them but Heaven or Hell (as in the chorus) is down to them.

    2a) Pride: "It won't happen to me", "I know what I am doing", the illusion is that just because you abuse your life without consequences is not knowledge or a blessing. He throws in a 20 for something to escape his boredom and goes to the 14th floor (superstitious hotels don't have a 13th floor) , the fog clears (the fog is the illusion of life that we use to avoid/admit a problem - as the voice says, they have been waiting and there's no escape this time), the smell of Hell and War is the knowledge that he's doing something bad and plays Russian roulette (the spinning of a barrel sounds like a clock ticking) enjoys it an dies and ends up discarded and broken, another sad story, yesterday's news and forgotten. In this passage, pride in life (or what they know about life) and the wrong use of money (material means) destroys the man until there's nothing left. The drug ending is exactly the same but a modern parallel especially with the modern age where people are saturated with information and money but lack knowledge.

    2b) Greed: "I need it all.", "I must have it all" - The gambler's greed sucks him in so he forgets about his family and his life and all he has is his money. The addiction is not actually about money, in my view, the greed is the time spent on the gambling. He's not looking for the buzz from the money, he doesn't lose on money but look how lonely the gambler is, he has crowds coming to cheer him, girls to spend time with him at his tables but his son, who might be off the rails, is not even in his mind. He loses weight, since no one cares for him, to keep gambling but he doesn't spend the money but he doesn't have anyone to spend it on and ages in a prison locked to the only "family" he knows. In the music video, a photo burns of his family and he's old and grey. In this day and age, a lot of time is lost in fake relationships, fame seeking and avoiding people who have your best interests, we hoard our time and like the gambler we don't spend it wisely and then, in the end, we are all sad, lonely and dwelling in something not real.

    2c) Lust: "It's love" / "It feels so good." The girl gets led astray by Mephisto (sp?) and ends up a sex slave but its darker since its how the girl gets seperated from her family and friends, doesn't realise they need to respect themselves and becomes dependent on her neglect. The girl is very naive and, from the passage, young - she accepts the invite and joins in unprotected and then gets burnt in the end due to her lust for life. Eve, the first temptation, the first woman but also the first virgin woman too, is a great metaphor because Mephisto doesn't ask her name first because he sees her as property rather than a person. She enjoys the lust in the beginning but then goes cold when it's no longer fun but by then she is dependent on it she can't tell what is right and wrong no more and how to escape. Modern age, seduction happens over the web, sms and chat so much but, like Eve, do they know you or are they seeing money signs? The lust is not from the girl, the lust are from the predators and the predators dress neglect as a game (Doom) and adult activities (drink, sex) as agreeable. The trust from predators that infects you is not the same as family and friends - it's the neglect from their lust that makes you feel empty as it's not real. (Sexually, it's darker still in the age of Aids and STD's since the family you join literally could be a death sentence)
    rubix41117on May 09, 2018   Link

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