At the stroke of midnight staring at the phone
For the millionth time I'm all alone
I'm the guy she turns to when her lovers leave
I'm the wild card she's got up her sleeve
But she don't look at me
With eyes on fire glowing like coals in the night
Hungry eyes burning with love and desire

I'm like a long lost brother, I'm closer than a friend
The only one on whom she can depend
She thinks I'm sweet and gentle, she thinks the world of me
But late at night I'm not the one she needs
She never looks at me
With eyes on fire glowing like coals in the night
Hungry eyes burning with love and desire

Don't you don't you see I'm cryin' out loud
Can't she tell I need her now?


She never looks at me
With eyes on fire glowing like coals in the night
Hungry eyes burning with love and desire
With eyes on fire glowing like coals in the night
Hungry eyes burning with love and desire
Eyes on fire Hungry eyes ...

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Eyes On Fire song meanings
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    General CommentI have always thought this song is about a guy in love with a vampiress. She actually loves him too, and will not harm him. In a twisted way, he is jealous of the fact that she doesn't use him for her nightly "ritual"; he thinks she doesn't really need him. (I get the vampire reference from her eyes glowing like coals in the night.)
    internalnoiseon October 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHaving had this experience many times during life, it is simple to spot this songs meaning. It is about a girl/woman delegating you to the 'friend zone', even though you'd like to 'tumble in the hay' with her, and so much more.

    Whenever she breaks up with the latest (and, quite often, lamest) boyfriend, she calls you (her closest man friend...but now that I think about it, I guess it could be a woman instead...hmmm...I don't think that was the original intent, but it is kinda and you spend an hour listening to her crying, asking you over and over, "Why can't I ever find a good boyfriend?" , between sobs.

    You wanted to tell her before she dated the latest loser that you liked her, but it was never quite the right time, and you were worried she'd take offense and possibly mess up the closeness and intimacy the two of you already had by just being friends.

    So, you wait for loserboy to fug up, and now he has, but you can't tell her your feelings now because she is vulnerable, and it is too soon after her break up. So you wait. Then, after a reasonable amount of time to let her heal, and playing out the scene in your head millions of times, you finally sum up all of your courage, call and ask her if she'll be home for a bit, and would it be alright for you to drop by. "Of course, sweety. I've missed you. I've got a surprise for you, too!" Her last words on the phone replay in your mind, as excitedly you grab some flowers and head to her place to, at long last, tell her of your love for her. Visions of the two of you rolling around passionately on her couch, as you try to devour her soul with your kisses play wildly in your head. And, that hot body that she hides under modest T-shirts, and yoga pants will finally be yours to enjoy to the fullest. Heaven awaits.

    You write on the card with the bouquet, "I've got something important to tell you", not so much to inform her, but rather so you cannot chicken out once you present her with the card and flowers. Arriving at her place, you quicly run your fingers through your hair, and use your sleeve to wipe the moisture from your face and forehead, from your nervous sweat. Taking a deep breath, you knock on her door, and, looking like a goddess, she answers.

    You thrust the flowers in her face, and notice she is wearing something skimpy, black and sexy, making it hard to even say hello as she ushers you in. What else could her surprise be, wearing those sexy things? She wants you as much as you want her, it appears.

    She thanks you for the flowers and gives you a hug and a quick peck on the cheek, reading the card as she gets a vase and water. She reads it, and looks up smiling. You smile back, only to realize she is not looking at you, but rather, behind you. More specifically, at a dude behind you, wearing only his boxers, coming out of her bedroom.

    "This is my surprise, hun! This is my new boyfriend, Jeremy. Jeremy, this is my bestest FRIEND in the world, eatbliss."

    He kinda grunts, "Hey, man" at you before telling her to go get him something to eat, then returns to her bedroom.

    "Isn't he awesome?", she coos with a glow, her eyes burning like coals in the night.

    "Yeah, he seems alright.", you reply, lying through your teeth. There is suddenly a heavy weight in your chest and your throat hurts. You can tell no difference between him and the last guy she broke up with.

    "So, I've got to go get him something to eat...But, first, before I go, what is the important thing you have to tell me?", she asks, looking for her car keys at the same time.

    "Huh? What?", you ask back, totally distracted by the sudden change of events.

    She looks you dead in the eye and replies, "You know? The card...with the flowers? Something important?"

    "Oh yeah, that...nothing really. Just wanted to say that I'm glad we are friends, and wishing you the best of luck in finding the next Mr. Right, but it looks like you may already have."

    "You think so?" She smiles that warm, heart stopping smile, and hugs you really tightly to her model-esque body, letting you preview what you will never have.

    "You are soooo sweet. God, I love you! You are always thinking of me and care so much. Thank you. You know, Jeremy and you are a lot alike, well, I mean except for the thoughtfulness, and caring and stuff, but he reminds me a lot of you in other ways."

    You almost feel like throwing up in your mouth a bit, as you break the hug and head for the door.

    "I'll call you when loverboy heads out and give you all the gory details." she laughs. "Alright, sounds good...bye", you say as you look deep into her eyes, in a final attempt; a desperate search for something more. And, for a moment, you see it. She drops her front and for a flash, you see her scared, innocent, and lonely soul beckoning you to stay, and give her the love that only you can, the love she needs. You look into her depth, then she slowly closes the door, as you walk away, in silence.

    So, again, you wait til this loser messes up, as all of them do, eventually, as you plan how to broach the subject next time.

    The truth is, you love her way too much to ever be together with her, in a romantic relationship.

    You just might be 'the one', and she knows it. Regardless of what she says, she is still having fun, scared to death of finding someone like you and settling down to raise a family, like she tells you that she wants. She likes the idea and fantasy because it gives her the security that she craves. It also effectively ends a chapter in her life, and she wants to savor the developing plot, instead of speed reading to get to the end as fast as she can.

    So, does this mean that when she turns a few pages, you will finally become her savior and live happily ever after? No, she'll continue to hold you at arms link, thinking that once she is done having fun with her boytoys, you will always be there, and she'll allow your arms to comfort and protect her, once her youthful charm ceases to amaze and amuse the endless string of boys she currently entertains. However, reality tends to not be so kind to those that tempt it by attempting to grasp the proverbial cake in both hands, while eating it, too.

    The fun finally comes to a sudden close when she gets knocked up by one of the nameless losers she has a drunken, meaningless fling, with. Feeling trapped, she uses all of the last of her youthful exuberance to convince him, but more importantly, herself, that he must actually be 'the one', not you, like she planned. So, she marries him, the two of you drift apart, you find yourself always comparing all future girlfriends to her, but they never make the grade, she divorces him, calls you, but you are in a relationship with some girl that you don't really like at the time, you go to coffee with her, break up with your girlfriend, but before you can get together with her, she gets knocked up again by another dude, you are hurt and get together with a stupid twit that kind of reminds you of her, but isn't even close, then, a couple years later, gets really fat, haggard looking from being a single mom to a houseful of brats, and lets herself go to the point where you can barely recognize her the next time you do see, and avoid running into her because it takes too much of a toll on your emotions.

    Sad, but true. And this song says it in fewer words, without the long run on sentences, and much more eloquently than I, as only Buck and the boys can. Good song, although not one of my favorites by BOC. I wonder why? (wink, wink, nod, nod) And, no, I may still think about her, but I am not going to call her. It hurts too much, and I can never go back. Not that I'd want to, anyway, even if I could. Suck.
    eatblisson June 12, 2015   Link

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