"Shine A Light" as written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards....
Saw you stretched out in Room ten oh nine
With a smile on your face and a tear right in your eye
Whoa, come see to get a line on you, my sweet honey love
Berber jewelry jangling down the street
Making bloodshot eyes at every woman that you meet
Could not seem to get high on you, my sweet honey love

May the good Lord shine a light on you
Make every song (you sing) your favorite tune
May the good Lord shine a light on you
Warm like the evening sun

When you're drunk in the elevator, with your clothes all torn
When your late night friends leave you in the cold gray dawn
Just seen too many flies on you, I just can't brush them off

Angels beating all their wings in time
With smiles on their faces and a gleam right in their eyes
Whoa, thought I heard one sigh for you
Come on up, come on up, now, come on up now

May the good Lord shine a light on you, yeah
Make every song you sing your favorite tune
May the good Lord shine a light on you, yeah
Warm like the evening sun

Come on up now, come on up now, come on up now, come on up, come on

May the good Lord shine a light on you
Make every song you sing your favorite tune
May the good Lord shine a light on you
Warm like the evening sun, yeah, yeah

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"Shine a Light" as written by Mick Jagger Keith Richards

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    General CommentIs it about Brian? Is it about Keath? Is it about a groupie? What kind of of questions are these? This may be the most powerful hymn ever written. The lyrics was probably written with someone specific in mind, but the way they come out! It's not a person I think about when this song explodes out of my speakers. I think about hope, I think about faith and I think that "make every song you sing be your favourite tune" may very well be the most beautiful line ever written.
    erik.yefengon February 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentKick ass song. Really though the orgn is what builds this song up to complete amazment, whatever, It's damn cool. I like this gospel
    come on up now
    heyjude55on May 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWow I had always assumed it was Mick singing about Keef. But considering it as being about Brian takes it to a whole other level. Angels beating on their wings in time...come on up now. Starts to make sense. Berber jewelry does sound like Brian Jones. A great gospel rock number by the Stones, even if they did borrow the idea from "Let it Be" even borrowing Billy Preston and his church-tastic tones.
    tenementrockon March 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about Brian Jones. It was written in that time period around his death, but wasn't released until "Exile" came out. Specifically, the parts about the flies, jewelry, and the eyes (it's hard to tell in the studio version, but when Mick sings it live it's "bloodshot eyes") all sound like Brian.
    lilavation October 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI've always though that this song is actually about Marianne Faithfull. First of all, a lot of phrases seem to suggest the song is about a female ("My sweet honey love" and "Well you're drunk in the alley baby"). Also, "getting high" on women seems to be a pretty common theme in Mick's lyrics-- "What a beautiful buzz, what a beautiful buzz" in Loving Cup comes to mind. Finally, it is pretty well known that Marianne Faithfull was more or less a homeless heroin junkie for a few years after breaking up with Mick which fits right in with the second verse.
    Rupertpupkinon May 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me it's very simple.

    Sometimes you may love anybody (girlfriend, friend), and this person may have a lot of problems, or just a big one (like an addiction). But in some point you realize that you can't keep on with the situation. You can't help anymore (you may be tired, without money, or the problem eventually could kill you). Then you take a step aside, and say, hey, you're great, I love you, but I can't give anymore... So, I'm out, but "may the good lord, shine a light on you". May the lord take good care of you, may the good lord help you, may the good lord save you.
    555STion March 20, 2018   Link
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    General CommentI had no idea this was about Brian Jones. It is a beautiful good soulful song. I love Exile. One of my favorite all time records...and as this site goes, goes radio play for it. It is the most underappreciated by anyone out of the inner core of Stones fans.

    I always felt it was a song wishing a good friend well.
    coo2kachooon April 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree, but i read in a stones biog that it was Mick's song about Keith Richards.
    hipshoton January 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBeautiful Song. Underated.
    JosephWolfon February 13, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti first heard this song live, off the Stripped album when i was about 4 or 5. Went and saw them in Sydney on Tuesday cuz Melbourne sold out too quickly. Greatest show ever!
    hawk_er_8on April 13, 2006   Link

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