"Groundhog's Day" as written by Les Claypool, Timothy W. Alexander and Todd Huth....
When I woke up this mornin' I felt a pang
I was hungerin' for some apple pie
Stumble in the bathroom, hung my hog a little bit
Washed the sleep out of my eye
Oh yeah, it's gonna be a fine day
Scratched myself a bit
Poured me out a bowl-a corn chex
Closest thing I could find to apple pie
Lingerin' taste of toothpaste
Made the milk go down a bit funny
But you know, them chex they do satisfy
Oh yeah, this'll be a fine day
So, after my mornin' rise-n-shine and eat-n-clean
Had my mind set to hit them streets
Drizzle from the night left cold puddles out
Had my black stomp-boots on my feet
It's my day

Since I was in knee pants my pop had tried to make me realize If I
Set my mind down to it I could be a big man in the public eye So
With my big blue collar on, I set out to find the easy way What an
Ice cold bath it was when I found you had to pay to play To taste
The taste it's a tease that never would subside The taste is strong
But soured by my learned eyes Well, if a woodchuck could chuck wood,
He'd get down on his knees to pray This little snappy boy might see
The light this ground hog's day

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"Groundhog's Day" as written by Timothy W. Alexander Les Claypool

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    General CommentLes's nickname is Snap, or Snappy... if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps a reference to his bass style? I'd be in orchestra or jazz combo warming up with Les licks or Trevor Dunn patterns, and the other cats would accuse me of damaging my bass by "snapping the strings." Insufferable white boy reed players.

    But yeah man, this is my favorite Primus song of all time. There's no celebration of "underachievement" here, because Les, as we all strive to be, was completely fulfilled to play his unique style of music almost twenty years ago, before his "legacy" or whatever. Discipline is a means to an end [Robert Fripp], and I believe that realized creation is said end. It's a shame that many bands view creation to be the means to a vague and soul swallowing end - public and monetary success. Fame and fortune.

    To most people, music isn't doomed, it's dead. And people in Les's position are simply archaeologists.

    Saw Les and Secret Chiefs 3 last night by the way. Fuck yeah.
    Hugh Manateeon March 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis entire song is just one big metaphor. When he talks about a pang and looking for apple pie but can only corn chex he's saying -- "i want to make it big but i cant quite make it." and the part about corn chex being satisfying means that even though i'm not in the limelight and only small time -- I'm still happy. "Had my mind set to hit them streets/Drizzle from the night left the cold puddles out/Had my black stomp boots on my feet" = i wanna go out and make it big(hit the streets), but I'm running into complications(Drizzle from the night left the cold puddles out). But, luckily I'm strong (black stomp boots). Then he goes on to explain how he feels about what he just metaphored. Trashing king bass strumming!
    TheHeckler348on July 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentBest description of te song I've ever heard. Perfect. I personally thing the second, more agressive, part shows when he finds out that he can't make it big and sees the way of the world (the light that is groundhog's day).
    bugmenoton November 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the Primus songs that I don't give a fuck what it means. I love it beacuse it's a great song to get up to. I usually listen to this on my drive to school in the morning.. ha.
    Lino120on December 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYeah, this is my second favorite Primus song, and a close second at that.
    Pvt_Joker7on April 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love how he metaphors it, seeming like the character in the song is just living an ordinary day. But the lyrics are much deeper.
    Chris Ron July 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAll Primus songs have the same use of personal meaning (about them or a place or person they know or knew) and metaphors about the wider world and society, politics or life for example. This song has the metaphor explained, but it's always there as a hidden meaning in other songs.

    Anyway I agree with what has been said so far, but feel it has deeper meanings. There's the theme of repititveness, specifically about daily routine and the song implies how there will always be both good and bad surprises to confuse matters, but these create emotion and let you appreciate when theings are alright. There is also an element of complacency here, confidence earlier on that their day will be fantastic despite minor niggles (e.g. no apple pie) that is dashed, implying that you can't be sure of anything so just enjoy life as it happens and cope with surprises dealt. Finally, the part where the metaphor is explained is a brilliant realisation of what life's really like, and how happy he is to have made that discovery even if it does involve his realising life isn't as smooth running and predictabley good as he had earlier hoped. The happiness comes from realising you have to have bad to appreciate the good, and for all the horrors in the world and the struggle he has to "be a big man" life is perfect for having great sorrow in order to allow people to enjoy fully their happiness when they feel it.
    Baudson August 08, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"groundhog's day" - repititiveness + routine, also apparently the first day of spring - sign of hope or future happiness as his realistation helps him understand life

    "ice cold bath" - pain, sorrow etc.

    "pay to play" - have to go through bad things to attain or appreciate the good.
    Baudson August 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think TheHeckler had the best description for it.

    It's a simple day at first, but it is such a great metaphor. Like TheHeckler said, the only being able to find the corn chex when he really wants some apple pie, it's saying you can't always get what you wanted, but what you get is just as satisfying.

    He has his mind set to go outside, and the puddles are his obstacles. While some people might see it and go "Well, I'll go outside when it dries up" he has determination. He throws on his black stomp boots and he goes outside anyway, unhindered by his obstacles.

    The second part of the song is him saying that when he was yound, like all of us, he was told he could be anything he wanted. So as an average Joe, with his "Big blue collar" on, he gets out into the real world to "find the easy way", and finds that it's never that easy. "What an Ice Cold Bath it was when I found you have to pay to play" It gave him a real wake up call, you have to put as much into life as you want to get out of it. But "the taste" the thought of hitting it big and getting what he wants out of life, it's constantly hanging there and he really wants it.

    "The Taste is strong, but soured in my learned eyes" So far it seems people have been ignoring this line, but it's a very important one. This is where he gets through life and he gets an eye for how the world really works. The golden ideal of the fame and his goals from his childhood of fame and fortune is tarnished. He sees now that this isn't what life is about.

    "Well, if a woodchuck could chuck wood
    He'd get down on his knees to pray
    This little snappy boy might see
    The light this ground hog's day"

    The light that he is to see is the real thing, and not just the common idea of what it is to make it in life. Which brings us back to the begining of the song, the corn chex. It's not about getting what everyone wants, it's about being happy with what you have.
    Slightly_Shinobion April 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell put by those above.

    Also, just to support the idea that the song is about resiliance:

    "This little snapping boy might see the light this groundhog's day"

    Groundhog Day on Feb 1 where everyone waits to see if the groundhog will stay out of his hole in the morning or see his shadow and go back into his hole. If he stays out, spring comes early; if he goes back in, winter lasts like 6 weeks longer.

    So, back to the quote:

    "This little snapping boy might see the light this groundhog's day"

    Les was the "little snappy boy" with an attitude, but he needed to see the light for an early spring to come (perseverance) rather than see the dark - his shadow - and run back into his hole and stop trying.
    goldsacon October 26, 2007   Link

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